Roshan went through the forest and he stumbled upon a Rock Giant. It had killed a beast before and it was digging into its body obviously searching for something.

“Crystal Iris”

*Name: Rock Giant

*Level: 10

*Attribute: None

*HP: [500/500]

It was a Level 10 beast but it still had a very high HP

“Its defence must be very good” Roshan thought as he looked closer at the beast.

He knew the Rock Giant was definitely looking for the dead beast’s gem and he couldn’t let that happen.

“That dead beast is a Level 8 beast. If I get my hands on it. I could easily level up and the Rock Giant’s Gem would be a great helper too but I need a plan quick”

Due to the Crystal Iris, Roshan was able to see where the beast Gem was located and he realised the Rock Giant was getting closer to it.

“Gauntlets” he thought in his mind and a bright light covered both his hands.

He checked his status to see if something had changed

*STRENGTH: 27(+20)


*SPEED: 27(+25)


*DEFENCE: (+15)

His status had increased.

He formulated a plan immediately and went behind the Rock Giant.

Taking a breath, he leapt onto the back of the giant and used his legs to tightly hold on.

The Beast was infuriated. Who would dare sneak up on him.


*Energy Absorption activated*

The beast began to sway.

Roshan’s smile was growing wider because of the screen above him

*New attribute obtained

*2 free stats obtained

*2 free stats obtained

*2 free stats obtained

*2 free stats obtained

“Maybe absorbing energy would give me free stats” He smiled as he thought of that.

When he realised that the messages had stopped coming in. The gauntlet glowed green and a deadly amount of poison seeped into the beast despite its defence ability.

With its energy fully absorbed. The poison acted faster and it collapsed breathing faintly.

“That was quicker than I thought”

*Level 10 beast Gem obtained*

*Would you like to absorb?*

“Yes of course”

*Energy Absorption activated*

*Defence: +15

*2 free stats obtained

*Energy Absorption Completed*

“Wow, it looks like absorbing a gem of a beast that specialises in defence will really help me”

Roshan savoured the energy coming from the Gem, it was intoxicating.

Time to recheck his status but before that, he moved to the location of the dead beast

Using his crystal Iris, he dug out the gem.

*Level 8 beast Gem obtained

*Would you like to absorb?*

“No…not now. Maybe I would check if it had any other important uses” Roshan said as he kept the gem in his Infinity Pool.

Now he could check his status.

But before he could say anything. He heard a scream coming from the deeper part of the forest.

“Sounds like someone is in trouble” gathering his speed, he ran to the direction of the sound.


Roshan ran to the direction of the sound and saw a boy struggling for his life with a beast.

The boy had a huge cut on his waist and blood flowed from it. He was fighting a huge beast with the thick skin and the tail of a scorpion.

The Arachion moved its tail targeting it at the weak point of the young boy who was desperately trying to block the beast.

From the look on the boy’s face, he was pretty scared but he was still trying as hard as he could.

Roshan’s eyes moved to spot a dead beast by the corner. The boy must have killed it and the Arachion must have happened to be passing by and needed a free meal.

*Crystal Iris Activated*

*Name: Arachion

*Ability: None

*Level: 14

*HP: [350/600]

*The Arachion’s skin is pretty tough and has a very thick defence. Its gem would be the right material in making an armour or a gauntlet.

“This guy must have been fighting for a long time but I guess he must be very weak. That beast’s gem would be very useful in upgrading my gauntlet” Roshan thought as he readied himself

He waited till when the beast was about to land a strike on the boy. Then at the right moment, he ran forward with both his hands above his head and slammed them on the head on the beast.

Shocked by the appearance of the intruder and the devastating pain it felt, the Arachion let out a loud, angry howl.

The boy who was fighting with the beast let out a breath and moved slowly to a corner with his hand on his waist.

“Phew, with this guy fighting the beast, he will be able to reduce the strength of the beast and probably weaken it before he dies. He is just a level 15 fighter. This Level 14 beast is comparable to a Level 20 human. When this boy dies. I would be able to get the beast Gem when I recover half of my strength” The wounded boy smiled faintly as he thought out a plan.

Roshan didn’t even look at the boy. The only thing on his mind was to get that gem.

When his fist had slammed on the beast, he released a great deal of poison.

The Arachion felt an unknown presence in its body gradually affecting its life force and the pain was excruciating.

It went berserk and started swinging its tail in anger at this annoying intruder.

Roshan dodged the attacks while landing an attack of his own at the beast.

With a punch to the side of the beast, he moved quickly and landed a punch on its leg breaking it in the process.

Not giving the beast a chance, he kicked the beast into a nearby tree destroying some trees in the process.

The poison and repeated beatings was making the beast become dizzy and rapidly lose consciousness.

The wounded boy by the corner had his mouth opened in shock because his plan was destroyed right in front of him.

Roshan landed on top of the beast

*Energy Absorption Activated*

*2 free stats obtained

*Strength: +5

*Speed: +5

*Stamina: +3

*200 exp points gained

A smile appeared on his face as he punched the middle of the Arachion’s head breaking it and pulling out the gem.

“Finally, that beast was a bit hard” he said as he tucked the gem into his pocket.

He was about to leave as he had gotten what he needed

“Hey, that’s mine” a hoarse voice sounded into his ears.

The wounded boy was pretty annoyed. His whole plan had just gone down the drain and he made another plan.

He would extort the gem with another means after all he found the beast

“That gem is mine” he said again

“Hmmmm?” Roshan furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the boy. This was the first time he actually paid attention to the boy. He had dark brown hair and tiny specks on his cheeks. His eyes were the deep colour of brown.

He just saved this boy’s life and the boy wanted to take the gem back. He killed the beast and the gem was his reward.

“But I killed the beast, so what are you talking about” Roshan said as he scanned the boy.

*Name: Logan Square

*Level: 17

*Ability: Earth

*HP: [250/600]

“I weakened the beast and without me, you wouldn’t have had any chance to kill it” The boy said as he groaned in pain

Roshan looked at the boy for a minute before bursting out in laughter.

“Buhahahahha…….if I wasn’t here, you would be dead. Hehee…. I saved your life and you still wanna steal from me. Do you not have any dignity” Roshan scoffed as he looked at the boy one more time before turning away. He wasn’t going to succumb to anyone because of their strength or level.

He would never allow himself to be treated like scum.

He just saved a person’s life and the person still wanted to extort him. He wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Logan clenched his fist as he watched Roshan flash away from him.

“Bastard….you are just a weak level 15. Better hope you don’t meet me again”


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