He walked straight into the market heading for the stall he last exchanged his gem. He went straight for the stall.

“Hello sir” He politely greeted the shop keeper.

The old man instinctively turned around and his face went white

“It’s you” The man said as he pointed his trembling finger at Roshan’s face.

“I see you have missed me sir” Roshan smiled showing a pair of glistening white teeth and moved the finger of the man slowly out of his direction of sight.

“I brought somethings for you, I would like to sell these” Roshan said with a flick of his hands, the 16 gems appeared.

Forgetting his previous fright, the man looked at the gems carefully and his eyes bulged out.

“le..level 13 and 14???.. how did you get these” The man asked as he silently pressed a button below his desk.

‘What priceless gems. This boy must have stolen them. How would these kid kill all these beasts. I have to contact the authorities. I may even get some of these free of charge when he is arrested. I would be rich
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