“This place is beautiful” A boy of medium height walked out of a metallic door in awe.

His hair, a pale shade of gold glittered in the bright sun.

He raised his hands up to the sky as he twirled around but before he could continue his blissful dream.

“Out of my way!!” A firm palm pushed him off down the escalator of the vehicle. Emerald eyes sparkled as pure white hair moved in the breeze.

He walked down the stairs and stood with his hands across his chest deeply gazing into the city.

Very soon the rest passengers came down from the vehicle.

“Hey, Siera how is he?”

The boy who was pushed down jumped up, dusted himself while muttering curses against the one who pushed him and walked in the direction of a young girl.

With her icy stare, she looked at him

“Kade, why don’t you check him out yourself and stop bothering me” The girl said as she turned around in annoyance. The boy has been like a little fly constantly buzzing around her ears.

“Hummphh, I’m sure she just left there so why doe
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