The Rise of the Urban God

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The Rise of the Urban God

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Ulmer’s hope for life gets wrecked by the most important person in his life. When everything seems gone for good, he gets hold of a system that renews his spirit. It’s now time to not just hope for a better future but to build the best one possible. Witness the life of a fiddling young man becoming a god that no one can dare to go against!

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“Brother, I’m telling you the truth, so listen to me,” Kristy said, yelling and pleading simultaneously. “Look at that woman’s hand carefully. She has all her nails looking sharp fine, except the middle fingernail. Do you know why? That’s because she definitely masturbates. That’s what women do. One of my friends does the same! So, your girlfriend isn’t as pure and holy as you think!”“You’re lying!” Ulmer refused to believe his younger sister’s words. “Brianna would never do such a thing! You’re just trying to separate us because you’re jealous!”“Huh? Why would I be jealous?”“Because she’s beautiful!”A few months after the siblings had that conversation.On a dark cold night, at around two o’clock, the 23-year-old Ulmer was standing on the bridge, crying and feeling more pain than a man with many bullets in his chest.“You were right, Kristy,” Ulmer’s eyes were clouded with tears. “You always mocked me, so I thought you were trying to break my bond with Brianna, but what you said
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Inside a prison cell.The officers had tortured Ulmer a lot to get answers out of him, but to their shock, they couldn’t make Ulmer utter a single word.After beating him 258 times with a stick, they took a break.Ulmer was now tied up to the ceiling with a rope. His hands and feet were tied above him, and his face was downward, with his body parallel to the ground and hanging in midair.He was bleeding from his bottom as they had shoved a metal rod through his anus multiple times.The pain he felt all over his body was indescribable, but it still was nothing compared to the loneliness and hurt he felt inside.As much as his parents and siblings scolded him, they were still his family. With all of them gone from this world, he now felt truly alone.At this point, Ulmer didn’t care about his life or anything anymore. Like a caged animal awaiting its death, he shut off his heart and even began to breathe very sparingly.At the same time, the head officer of the police station was checki
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Ulmer was not new to fighting. He used to fight his classmates a lot back in school and college days.In fact, Ulmer and Kale also fought each other multiple times in the past, and Ulmer had the edge against Kale most of the time, but right now, Kale caught both of Ulmer’s fists effortlessly.“You just came out of the station,” Kale snorted, “but you are so eager to go back into custody again.”“Shut up!” Ulmer tried to pull his hands out, but to his shock, he couldn’t do that. Kale’s strength was much higher than expected. Kale was still sitting,but he was able to bend Ulmer’s arms against his will. “Ugh…”“You shouldn’t have come home, Ulmer. Now you’re forcing me to kill not just your family but also you,” Kale uttered.Ulmer’s heart ached after hearing Kale’s words. His blood rushed with extreme anger that peaked all of a sudden. “K~A~L~E!”The bird locket on Ulmer’s heart shone and resonated with his feelings.“Hahaha!” Kale wickedly laughed. “All you can do is shout. You can’t k
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Ulmer’s grandmother, Mollie, was the mother of Ulmer’s dad. She was the one who raised Ulmer when he was young.Ulmer had diarrhea issues until he was four years old, so his mother never really took him close and put him in her lap. And it was Ulmer’s grandmother who tend to him and showered love on him unconditionally.From her perspective, Ulmer was her first grandson, so she adored him a lot.But because Mollie told her son about the affairs his wife was having with other men, Ulmer’s mom never liked Mollie and always made her like difficult. Over the years, she manipulated her husband to send Mollie out of the house.Mollie was now living with her second son who was a decent man, but his wife was much worse than Ulmer’s mom. She always verbally tortured Mollie, but because Mollie had nowhere else to go, she could only swallow the shame and stay at this house.It had been three months since Ulmer last saw Mollie.After burying his parents and siblings, Ulmer set out to meet Mollie
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Forty three days later.In the middle of an ocean beyond the pacific region, outside the scope of the current map of the modern world, in a parallel dimension, a giant python was fighting something in the sea.It was rolling and spinning hastily, trying to kill its opponent, but in the end, a bright line shone under the waters, and its head exploded into bits.Pretty soon, the rest of the python’s body floated on the surface of the waters.Moments later, Ulmer swam to the surface and climbed up the python’s body, sat down on it and sucked in deep breaths. He then pulled a blue crystal from the python’s forehead.“You did well, Master Ulmer,” Dove sounded pleased. “You are at level 81 now. Your progress is much better than I expected.”“Are we at least ready to go to this place you’re talking about?” Ulmer asked without any expectation because Dove always kept telling him he’s not strong enough. “Please don’t give me the same answer because I just defeated a serpent that’s bigger than
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The waiter’s eyes broadened, and he quickly shouted, “M-Manger!” And then he ran away.“Mm? What’s wrong?” Ulmer wondered.The people who saw the crystal were also almost gasping.“I-Is that the energy crystal?” one man asked.“Ah… yeah,” Ulmer answered.“W-Where did you get it?”“Somewhere far away from this place,” Ulmer said.“Will you sell that to me?” one man asked.“No. Sell it to me,” another man said. “How many gold coins do you need for it?”“How many can you give?” Ulmer asked. He was trying to see how much this inch-big crystal would sell for.The manager quickly rushed over to the table and said, “Sir, I will take it. Please give that energy crystal to me. I will give you the gold, and you can also eat freely in this hotel today and for another week if you want.”“Oh… I like that offer,” Ulmer said and then put the crystal in the manager’s hand. “Give me a fair price. If I know that I’ve been cheated, I will make you pay.”“I would never cheat on a VIP customer, sir,” the
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Ulmer never kissed a woman before.Not counting his family members., the only woman who ever kissed him on the cheek was Brianna.So, right now, Ulmer was goggle-eyed when a strangely pretty woman not only pushed him down to the ground but also gave him a very hard kiss that made both of them exchange each other’s breaths.On top of that, she did not get up but just kept staring at him with mild shock in her eyes.Ulmer could see that she was a bit embarrassed and shocked by what happened.“A-Are you going to get up?” he asked her.“U-Um, I’m sorry,” she quickly got up. She had a long ponytail, and she was wearing loose jeans. Her hair was so dark, shiny, and long that it naturally caught his attention. It’s not a fake wig, right? Because he had some women fool men with wigs.“It’s okay,” Ulmer got up to his feet. He was four inches taller than her, who was 5 foot seven inches.“No, it’s not okay. We kissed each other,” the young brunette said rather innocently. “You should marry me.”
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Ulmar’s POV:A few hours passed since I stepped foot in the Revers family house.And now I found myself watering the banana plants. There were more than a dozen big banana plants, and I must say that the bananas tasted so damn good.I water the plants not manually but by just operating the water pipe systems that were neatly arranged to automatically pour water to the plants.Kale was observing me from a distance. He was 14 years old, and he was yet to speak a word with me. He had the same name as one of my friends, the one who attacked me not long ago. So, it feels a bit weird that he has the same name, though I’m not thinking much about it.After finishing my job, I sat down on a stone bench under a custard apple tree and looked at the evening sun.“Is the sun I see real, or is this some kind of an illusion?”[It is real.] Dove said. [Though, it’s somewhat like a hologram.]“Huh? How can it be real if it’s a hologram?”[Well, I will tell you more about it when you’re ready.]“Anywa
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Ulmer got married that same night.He never even expected this before coming to this city, but he ended up marrying whom he believed was the prettiest girl he ever met. He just didn’t want to miss this opportunity, and so he changed his mind and did not run away.The marriage didn’t happen grandly, but it wasn’t boring, either. The Revers family called those they were close with, and the wedding happened in the presence of about fifty or so guests in the backyard itself.The one thing that Ulmer was not able to forget was that the groom had to personally serve guests fruit wine and sweets.It was a custom followed in the city to humble males during the marriage.But what disappointed Ulmer was that he didn’t get to kiss Ayana during the wedding because kissing on the lips in public was actually seen as obscene in this city. So, everyone was expected to keep their romantic and sexual life hidden from the public.And last but not least, Ulmer wished his grandmother was with him to see h
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“How can you betray me like this, Ayana?” A loud voice reached everybody’s ears.Ulmer was very surprised to hear those words, but he also saw that everyone else at the table looked even more shocked and anxious.Many men entered the house, with a short-haired, long-bearded man entering the house first. He was wearing a brown uniform with star-badges, making Ulmer wonder if he was some sort of military or police or something.And he began to look at Ayana and Ulmer and saw that both of them were wearing the same golden rings. And his blood boiled immediately.“What is the meaning of this?” he shouted.“Senior Henry,” Dustin tried to calm him down. “Please don’t do this in front of our son-in-law.”“Don’t do what? I’m supposed to marry Ayana!” he shouted.“What do you mean?” Ulmer asked.“Don’t listen to his words, Husband,” Ayana quickly said. “He’s been chasing after me for years, trying to marry me, but I rejected him because he’s a pervert. If he wasn’t an officer, he would be in j
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