Dimensional Hunter System

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Dimensional Hunter System

By: Frozen Cloud OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After his father's disappearance, Dylan Edward was left all alone in this world. In a world where strength is everything, Dylan was powerless as he had no cultivation talent. In this world where everyone continues to become stronger with each passing day, Dylan had no way of becoming stronger. However, everything changed the day when he accidentally got involved with a Bandit Gang. When he opened his eyes again, he was bound with the Dimensional Hunter System. With the help of the system, he can visit different dimensions and hunt skills, talent, cultivation techniques, spells, bloodlines, special physique, and many other treasures. He quickly rose in power and become the one and only Dimensional Hunter who not only hunts in other dimensions but can also control those dimensions.

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  • Carefree Dream


    Story is interesting. The plot armor is also good. I like this type of system that could bring MC to different worlds. Let's see how the story will develop!

    2022-12-26 00:40:13
  • Kasmin Unos


    Story line is good although to many main characters as a starter not just a person. From the comment of readers it seems the author didn't update this book for a very long. Please pass it on to the other authors to complete it if the original author is dead.

    2023-06-03 02:30:06
  • Regulus Aurum


    the plot story of this book is simple but great. the only thing that bothers me is that the author kept emphasizing that the MC has not killed someone. especially in episode 5 wherein he needs to kill the son of the city lord. but in the previous episode the MC has already killed someone.

    2023-04-07 21:12:24
  • Master of Shadows


    Nice one. I've enjoyed reading it till now. But there are very few chapters. I hope the author will update fast.

    2023-01-08 00:14:28
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57 chapters
Ch 1: Dylan
"Dylan, you trash, obediently lie on the ground." "Hah! Boy, even your father doesn't want you anymore." "Useless brat. You don't have the talent to cultivate. No matter how hard you try, it's useless. You will never be able to become stronger. Hahaha!" Mockery, ridicule, and disdain came out of the other children's mouths. They were laughing at a handsome boy about sixteen years old. He stood in the middle and stared coldly at the people who mocked him. He could not help but shout, "My father will definitely come back. My dad said I'm not trash but a genius." "Haha, genius? It is so funny. you can't even cultivate, what sort of genius are you?" "Everyone, let this genius have a taste of strength. Let him clearly recognize what kind of useless trash he is." "Beat him up! Let him know his true status!" As they spoke, a group of people rushed over and began to punch and kick the boy in the middle. Right at the moment when that rain-like fist landed on his body, Dylan's body shook
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Ch 2: Demon Abyss
Ka-cha! Dylan broke his opponent's neck. The man collapsed to the ground like a deflated balloon. Dylan had no cultivation base and couldn't cultivate or absorb the spirit energy. However, he was hardworking, thus making his body stronger. It was not a problem for him to kill an ordinary villain, not to mention it was he who sneak attacked. Also, his opponent was too weak, only in the first stage of the Body Tempering Realm. "What's going on over there?" The people on the other side seemed to have noticed something and asked. Dylan's face changed, he had a sudden insight and hurriedly lowered his voice, saying, "It's okay, I stepped on a dead mouse." "Oh! So that's how it is!." There was no doubt in the other party's tone, and Dylan heaved a sigh of relief. However, this place had already been discovered. If the person he had killed didn't arrive soon enough, it would still arouse the suspicions of others and reveal his target. What should he do? Run? In the dark, Dylan did no
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Ch 3: Dimensional Hunter System
Dylan, who was mixed in with the crowd, was a little depressed. He had never heard of Demon Abyss hiding treasures. If he had not been unable to find an opportunity to escape, he would not have come here impulsively to meddle. What he could not understand was, exactly what is the treasure that attracted this gang of thugs here. Moreover, they were also talking about some kind of mission previously. Could it be that the mission of this group of thugs is to obtain the treasure hidden in the Demon Mountain? "BOOM!" At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck down from the sky. Everyone's hearts could not help but tremble, and immediately after, something happened that no one could believe. The blue sky that was clear a second ago suddenly blew strongly. Countless black clouds immediately gathered in the sky above the Demon Abyss. The thick, black clouds gathered together and began to rapidly spin. Bolts of lightning streaked across the clouds like a ferocious electric snake. The clou
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Ch 4: Lord Lucas
There were also many questions in Dylan's heart. For example, what is this Dimensional Hunter System? Why was he transported to this world of magic? Would he ever be able to return to the original world? There were many such questions in his mind. "What exactly are you?" Dylan muttered in his heart, thinking about the Dimensional Hunter System. Suddenly, he heard another series of mechanical sounds. [Ding! Replying to the host, I am Dimensional Hunter System. I can teleport you to many small and big worlds so that you can hunt down magic, cultivation, skills, and other such things. After hunting down magic, you'll be able to use magic whenever you want, even back in your original world!] Dylan was surprised when the system actually answered his question. Curious, he once again asked, "Can I go back to my original world?" [In every world, the host can only stay for twenty-four hours before returning back to the original world. The time difference between the original world and o
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Ch 5: The First Hunt
After that person stopped laughing, he shook his head and spoke, "City Lord only has one son and he loves this son too much. Also, Lucas is already a Level 7 Magic Apprentice and is said to have the talent to become a Magic Lord in his lifetime. This again gave City Lord a reason to love his son even more. Because of his love, no matter what wrong his son has done or would do, City Lord would never punish him. Instead, he'll threaten the complainer or victim using his status and power." "Magic Lord?" Dylan nodded his head in understanding but there was one thing he wanted to ask. He said, "City Lord's son only has the talent to become Magic Lord in the future, isn't this talent too low? There are still many stages of magic above Magic Lord!" When the person heard this, he laughed heartedly and said, "Hahaha, you are one funny kid. You might not know, but this city is only a small city. In this city, you can not find a single Magic Lord Mage. Even the City Lord is only a Ninth Level
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Ch 6: First Time Use Of Magic
The way Dylan was feeling currently, he had never felt like this before. He felt his body grow stronger. At the same time, he felt as if he could do something that was impossible for him to do before. "What happened just now?" Dylan muttered and tried to understand the situation of his body. But suddenly, a light screen appeared in front of him. [Host: Dylan. (Name yet to be given by Host): None. Level: 0. Cultivation: None. Magic: Level 2 Magic Apprentice. Skills: Blood Burst. Spell: Electric Surge.] Dylan immediately became extremely excited when he saw this. He actually became a mage in just a few seconds after killing the Blood Wolf. This was something he had never thought of. And unlike what he had thought before, after killing Blood Wolf, he did not feel anything. Instead, he felt as if it was normal for him to kill the Blood Wolf. He looked at his skills and tried to see what this Blood Burst exactly was. In the next moment, another interface appeared before his eyes
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Ch 7: Level 5 Magic Apprentice
Dylan took out the small dagger and once again stabbed it into the neck of the magical beast. He repeated the same thing four to five times more. He was behaving as if he was not in his right mind. After that, he lost consciousness and fainted. It was also the time when a series of prompts sounded, but Dylan could not hear them. [Congratulations to the host for killing a Level 1 Magical Beast.] [The host has hunted down 60% magic of the magical beast.] [Host has hunted down a Level 1 Skill, Slow!] ..... At some unknown time, Dylan opened his eyes. He felt his head heavy, so holding his head, Dylan stood up. He tried hard to open his eyes wide and look at the surroundings. His eyes, which were blurry a moment ago, soon started to see the surroundings clearly. The heaviness in the head he was feeling also subsided soon after. Dylan finally took a deep breath of relief, and then shifted his gaze to the corpse of the magical beast. The magical beast was already dead. Dylan pulled
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Ch 8: Mystical Magic Academy
The old man laughed as his gaze swept across the alarming gazes around him. Shaking his head, he replied, "Although I came earlier than the rest of you, I didn't take the treasure.""Is that so?" The man in black rubbed his chin, deep in thought. Then he asked, "Then who took away the treasure?""It seems to be people from the Violent Wind Gang." The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a broadsword behind his back."Violent Wind Gang, hehe, this time they're all dead.""Vocas?" Landre cut him off and said with a serious face: "When I just arrived, there was an expert who left from here."Expert?All the experts around were stunned, the black-clothed man replied with interest, "An expert? How strong was he? Is he stronger than you, Landre?""Very strong." Landre was still serious, a tinge of fear appeared in his muddy old eyes. "Even though I didn't see what she looked like clearly, I'm sure that she was a woman."Everyone furrowed their brows, and Vocas retracted his playful expr
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Ch 9: The Pendant
Spells were not allowed to be taken out. Only copies of a spell can be brought outside. Even though there was no one inside the Spell Pavilion, Thomas knew a powerful elder is guarding the Spell Pavilion while hiding in the dark. Whoever dared to violate the rules of this place, if they were caught, the consequences would be dire. Thomas started choosing the spells. It took him about two hours to select the spell he wanted to practice and left the Spell Pavilion after registering at the counter. He wanted to practice these spells and then go out to experience the world. He had yet to leave the magic academy because he was waiting for someone. Well, even he doesn't know the person he is waiting for. It is just that about a week ago, a letter was sent to him by someone. In that letter, it is explained about some sort of magic stone that can enhance one's talent. Someone wanted to exchange the magic stone for the pendant hanging down his neck. When he was a child, he saw this pendant
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Ch 10: Time To Kill Lucas
Three Iron Thorn Wolves soon fell to the ground, unable to even stand steadily. When the punch came out, Lucas felt relaxed, as if he had retreated a little. He was also overjoyed. He was able to face so many Iron Thord wolves alone, this made him very excited!Lucas continued his attack. He soon dealt with all Level 1 Iron Thorn Wolves. After that, he started aiming for Level 2 Iron Thorn Wolves.Lucas locked onto a Level 2 Iron Thorn Wolf and attacked. This time, he only targeted one at a time. It is because what he was facing now was Level 2 Iron Thorn Wolves, not Level 1. This caused other Iron Thorn Wolves to attack him as well. But he didn't heed them any attention.In that short period of time, the skin on Lucas's body was ripped and bruised, and blood flowed profusely!However, he still did not defend himself and only exchanged the injuries for the wolves' lives. Iron Thorn Wolf after Iron Thorn Wolf fell into the pool of blood.When they were only three Iron Thorn Wolf left,
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