The instructor was filled with happiness. It was obvious this year’s grade of students were special.

Who would have expected an A+ grade today.

It had been five years since an high grade appeared during the first year of schooling but now he could witness another rebirth.

“Siera Trey, please come up” with the tone of this moustache instructor, he was clearly pleased.

A girl quietly walked to the test ground.

No sound was heard because she wasn’t moving on the ground but in air. She had created a burst of wind under her feet making it look like she floated.

She walked like a goddess to the test ground taking every step confidently.

The boys in the field were completely mesmerised.

Just then, a ding sounded in someone’s head

*System installation completed*

*System will restart before commencing operation*

Roshan frowned, why is the system going through all these operations.

Siera had glanced around and she noticed a frown on one of the boys.

‘Is he still angry with me’ She t
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