A Puppet Rise For System Boss Allen

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A Puppet Rise For System Boss Allen

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Allen lost his job after being wrongly accused and his sister was being adopted by a loan shark who he had loaned money from and wasn't able to pay back. He is left to go beg the people who had abandoned him but got humiliated. His mother died too, taking away the hope he had. He felt lost and wanted the world to end. He was given a sunglass by an old woman which he hesitantly collected. Wearing the sunglasses, he discovered it was an advanced system that would bring riches to him. Now, he would get back to everyone who made his life miserable. But, there was a limit to the sunglass power of which he wasn't aware.

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Thesound of glass splattering on the floor, made Allen jerk in fright, but he dared not lift his head to look at the one who had wanted to throw the glass cup at him."How dare you look down on me? Do you know who I am?" The young lady yelled at him, fuming in anger. It wasn't his first facing people like that. They always do that to him but he doesn't have the power to do anything.That was the kind of life he had. His unlucky life."Why are you quiet? You should apologize." She yelled out at him. "I can take you down and make your life miserable by just a phone call. My father is the mayor of this town and I wouldn't bat an eyelash to make you pay for this.""What is going on here?" The manager of the restaurant asked, running towards the scene. Getting to where the two stood, he glanced at Allen and then looked at the young woman."Miss Valerie, what is going on? What did he do?"Valeria pointed at Allen with spite in her eyes. "This good for nothing peasant dared to talk back at
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Without thinking of anything, Allen stood up and rushed out of the restaurant, totally ignoring Valerie. If his mother dies, it was over for him.He ran as fast as his leg could carry him while his younger sister ran after him.Getting to the hospital which was few blocks away from the restaurant, he ran to a nurse. "Where is my mother?"He was familiar to the nurses as they were to him. That was the hospital were he always brings his mother to anytime she had a seizure.The nurse pointed towards a ward and without waiting for her to say anything, he ran to the ward. There his mother was, lying on the bed with her eyes closed.She was placed on oxygen."Mother," he called in a low voice, trying not to wake her up."Just this afternoon while leaving for the market, she fell to the ground unconscious. She had a heart attack." His little sister explained to him and sniffed, "I was confused. I didn't know what to do."Allen fell on his knees beside her bed and took her hand in his as he b
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Allen legs went numb and his heart beat accelerated, seeing his worst nightmares standing before him. They were unregistered loan shark, who loans huge amount but collect much interest.Allen never knew he would get involved with them but he had to when his mother was in need of emergent medical care."But....can I.....can..." he shuttered, slowly moving back with them walking closer to him."Can we give you another chance?" the boss of the squad completed the sentence for him and laughed. "Never. You are paying us right this instance." he answered.Allen stepped on a stone and fell back, landing to the ground on his butt."Are you trying to run?" Marcel questioned and squatted down beside him. "No need dude. We've got you now. All you have to do to make us let you go unscratch is to pay your debt. I promise, we wouldn't pull out a strand from your hair.""Ple.....please," Allen swallowed hard, having it difficult to complete his words.He was in big trouble and he might not escape it
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“Please help me!" he cried to them."You should get out of here you stinky animal. Go meet your mother for help," the older woman snarled spitefully glaring at him with her eyes burning with hostility."Please listen to me, ma'am. I need to speak to my father. Please, I need help. My mother is dying," he pleaded to the woman who laughed and drew closer."What makes you think we have the power to save her? We aren't gods neither are we living in a world of supernatural powers?" she questioned with her voice clear with sarcasm. She faced the securities who lowered their heads."Why did you let this young boy in? Do you think our house belongs to charity or a dumpster where any trash could walk into?" she insulted, but at that moment, Allen was ready to take in every insult, as long as she helped him out.His father is a businessman. a popular businessman with a lot of cash. He had a net worth of $200,000,000. But, he abandoned his first family just to be with another.His mother had sta
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Allen walked down the street, walking far from the hospital. He had lost everything. His mother, his sister, his job, his life.Nothing was meaningful to him anymore. His only hope was gone. Why should he live anyway? What and who should he live for?Why does everyone else have good lives but not him? His life was terrible and filled with despair. Probably, he was cursed from birth.He laughed out at the thought of it and he was gradually losing his mind.He continued laughing, not minding the staring eyes on the street. He lost his mother anyway. The reason why he got some loan from the loan sharks who would be coming for him the next day and who held his sister captive.He had no destination or anywhere in mind, but he continued walking barefooted to any time his body gave up."What are you thinking about young man?" He turned to where the voice came from.An old woman, dressed in shabby clothes asked, walking beside him. Allen's mind was so occupied that he never got moved by the w
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Allen pulled out the sunglasses and looked around for the woman but she wasn't anywhere near him.Strange.How can a sunglass be able to reveal his information and where was the voice coming from? He had a lot of questions running through his head.Rescue his sister? How does the voice know and even the woman, how does she know his sister was taken away and he lost his mother?Realization was finally getting to him and he was bringing everything together. "You don't know what you are about to own. Don't throw away this opportunity," he remembered her words as he stared at the strange, old sunglasses that looked like they belonged to a waste bin.Could it be an advanced technology that knows everything about him? He was willing to rescue his sister and would be giving the technology a chance to help him out.Having no other choice, he wore back the sunglass and it activated again.-Welcome back user 101, or do you prefer to be called Allen?- the female system voice spoke again.He was
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“Ma’am you got this all wrong. I am not insane."Or was he? He just listened to a voice and agreed to do as instructed. He never verified the information he got or knew where the sunglasses came from. He was insane.The receptionist said nothing and went on scrolling through her computer. "Ma'am, please just listen to me." He wasn't even sure of what she should listen to. He tells her that his sunglasses have a voice that speaks to him and the voice tells him to come over to the hotel to get some money.How crazy...The securities rushed over and got a hold of his hands, not letting him go. "Take him away and never allow him to step into this hotel. This isn't a place for people like him." She instructed the securities and they nodded to her words. "Also remember, do not attract attention. Our VIPs are coming in today so be careful. Do this quietly."Dragging him with them towards the entrance, a familiar lady walked in and her gaze fell on Allen who was being held tightly."You ag
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Allen, along with the manager and the receptionist who was watching everything going on, were all taken aback.Mr Edward, not minding how Allen was dressed, took a few steps towards him with a huge grin."Everything has been set down for you."The manager walked forward, "Sir, he came into the hotel to steal and luckily was caught. I am about to call the cops on him."Mr Edward glared at her, "How dare you try to do something outrageous? Do you know who he is? How dare you think about calling the cops? Are you tired of your job already?" he questioned at once, fuming in anger. The manager bowed her head, not uttering any word again.Mr Edward went on. "Why didn't you inform me that our very most important guest was here."Her eyes widened at the hearing of that. Was her boss mistaken? A man looking so poor and wretched, that she was sure was hungry, suddenly is the most important guest they were expecting?Allen was still in shock at what was going on. How did he suddenly become the
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The driver's and pulled over in front of the old, almost fallen house. Allen looked at the house which had a lot of memories in it. He grew up in that house with his mother and sister. His mother was dead but her memory lives on. With a heavy heart, he opened the door and came out of it. He wished his mother was alive to see what had happened to him. Why did Ultimate come to him so late? He was so desperate for money but it never came. He sighed deeply and went into the house. -Do you need a new apartment for just today? This house seems like it is collapsing soon.- Ultimate questioned but Allen ignored it and opened the cranky door. Being welcomed by the familiar smell of old furniture and clay, he tightened his jaw and went in. He quickly walked to the old closet they all shared and brought out a bag from it. Dipping his hand into it, he brought out a flash drive. -What do you plan on doing with that?- "Can you get an excess to the pictures and videos stored in this flash dri
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As Allen lay on the ground, feeling the discomfort and pain from the fall, he went after the sunglasses, his only connection to Ultimate, his digital ally in this perilous journey. The loan sharks loomed over him blocking the way, their menacing presence casting a shadow over the room.Marcel's eyes narrowed as he glanced at Allen's glasses, a flicker of recognition crossing his face before he masked it with a smirk. "Do you think you can just walk out of here after trying to pull off cheap tricks?" Marcel's voice dripped with malice as he taunted Allen.Ignoring the pain, Allen stood his ground. "I won't leave without my sister" he asserted, his voice unwavering despite the odds stacked against him.Marcel chuckled, a sound that sent shivers down Allen's spine. "You're in no position to make demands little boy" Marcel sneered, his confidence unwavering.But Allen refused to back down. With a surge of determination, he scanned the room as quickly as possible, his eyes landing on the su
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