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Living as a thug by exploiting his agile body, Matteo had to receive a beating from his girlfriend's father because he not a rich man. But who would have thought that this would actually make the memories he had lost for the last three years come back to him. It turns out he is a figure who three years ago caused a stir in the night world because he managed to ravage the city with various illegal activities. He is the missing mafia boss, and Matteo's life will return if he can get back the plaque of power that is currently in the hands of his younger brother, Edgar.


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Opening Wound
Dark and sick. Matteo opened his eyes only to feel cold from being splashed with dirty water that Joni’s men got from who knows where. “Shameless bastard, a brat like you dares to date our boss’s daughter. What do you have besides that body that you’re proud of?” “Even if I be Mr. Joni, I wouldn’t want to have a son-in-law like you. I would rather marry my daughter to a rich widower than have to live in misery with you.” “Tch, you just let go of one of my hands and your life will be gone in less than a minute!” Of course Matteo was exaggerating a bit, but it wasn’t impossible considering his agile fighting ability. Since three years ago he has been struggling in the night world as a thug who disturbs local residents. However, love makes Mateo change, no longer robbing rich people around his area, Matteo instead pursues the love of Elia, the daughter of Joni, a cunning businessman in the field of automotive as well as making illegal weapons. one hit "Shut up! Just wait for your de
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A Memory
Luck. It was truly astonishing luck when Matteo opened his eyes and felt pain all over his body. That meant he was still alive. and it was another stroke of luck again when thousands of memories rushed into his head, making Matteo have to close his eyes again to digest everything. “Oh, damn! Are you still alive? I thought you were dead, whereas I was prepared a hole.” A skinny boy who looked pitiful pointed at the hole that looked like it was only enough to bury a cat. Matteo just stared at the boy flatly while his body was still very weak. After he had managed to digest all the memories, a reality made Matteo grin a little. “Ruby! Stop scratching! Let's find someone to help!" the boy patted the head of the dog next to him and ran for help. Meanwhile, Matteo tried to get up from his supine position. Really, if it weren't for being tightly bound, Matteo would easily fight Joni who only uses a whip.When Matteo looked around, he realized that he was in a forest. Of course, this showed
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“Domen?” Frans said softly, but his eyes immediately lit up. It's like a fairy tale, a sadistic mafia story, but also like an angel. Dorman Menicco is said to be the biggest contributor to every disaster in the United States, and often executes cunning leaders who always escape the law. Like an angel, but also a devil at the same time.So at that time, Frans recklessly stole two bags of type B blood and several medical equipment following Matteo's instructions. Luckily, stealing is something Frans usually does, it's just that the place and the stolen objects are different.That same night, Joni's men reported that Matteo had been eaten by wild animals. Leaving Joni staring flatly at her daughter who was being treated at the biggest hospital in her city.Two months, more than enough time to recover, especially with Matteo's abilities that he had while he was leader of Domen. Two months ago, Frans managed to steal Matteo and was saved, but Joni's men couldn't find him. Living with the
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Start recruiting
Intrigued by news about the mafia group led by Edgar, Matteo invites the taxi driver to gossip.“Sir, do you know about Domen?”"You mean the cruel mafia group that disappeared in the earth? As far as I know, there was an internal problem in the mafia family so there was a change in leadership. "Unfortunately, currently the Domen mafia group is no longer as successful as it used to be.""Can you tell me?"“The betrayal was committed by his younger brother. Then when power moved, the Domen mafia no longer made smart decisions. Several times illegal operations were detected by the police, although in the end no one was punished. His behavior is even more disgusting, now he is like a loan shark extorting poor people. I also heard that human trafficking is increasing."Matteo was silent, no longer pretending to be enthusiastic even though in reality he was just looking for information."Didn't they do illegal things before?" Matteo is fishing again."Tch, all Americans also know that Dome
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Call Me Matteo
Jack smiled. "Then, where is Miss Elia now? Are you married to him? Why weren't you invited?" Jack asked in succession.Unfortunately, this question actually made Matteo gloomy. "Jack, the return of my memory is because Elia's parents don't approve of us."Jack frowned. “Who is the crazy person who dares to reject the head of the biggest mafia in America? Is he looking for death? So what will you do now? Let's get Roger, Thor and Martin together again? We can bring Miss Elia to you." Jack offered. Even though he is determined to retire, for Dorman's happiness, he is willing to do anything.Matteo shook his head. “The three colonies are strong, but their numbers are not as large as Domen's members. I need more than just a bunch of mobsters. I have to reclaim the plaque of power, then Joni won't dare to fight with me. I will be a man of honor, carrying Elia proudly as my lover, not as stolen goods.”Matteo turned and looked at Jack. “It's useless for me to come back with Matteo like thi
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Joni approached Lula who was almost entering Elia's room, he gave Lula a photo and an ultrasound letter. "I'll let him live, but don't expect me to consider him my grandson." After saying that, Joni went to his study, leaving Lula smiling with emotion.Not waiting long, Lula went straight into Elia's room, telling her the news which she hoped would make Elia stop trying to commit suicide. Lula and Joni's decision was not wrong, in the days after Elia found out that Matteo's flesh and blood was in her stomach, Elia became more cheerful and enthusiastic about life. Elia no longer even locked herself in his room, even though she still didn't want to come into contact with her father.“Matteo, I will look after our child. He will be a great man, full of happiness. Matteo, I will live longer for our child.” Elia rubbed her flat stomach while staring at a photo of Matteo playing the piano in a warm little cafe.Exactly two weeks after Matteo's order to Jack, the three colonies that Matteo h
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“Damian, hold a meeting with the other two colonies. Create a new organizational structure and our focus now is to restore our previous capabilities and even improve them. As for future plans, I will let you know once our strength is restored." Considering that they have been separated for some time, it is not impossible that some of their abilities have faded. Moreover, the Domen mafia has such wide access, it is difficult for members to move carelessly using their abilitiesDamian approached Matteo and took a respectful position again. “I will carry out orders.”Matteo nodded. “Stand up Damian. After carrying out the order, we will meet again tonight in the hall. I have prepared the tents for the soldiers. Starting tomorrow, form several groups to master several skills. Just arrange it, let Jack prepare the place."After showing that he was still alive and well, he also gave several instructions. Matteo returned to his room. He returned to studying the file containing the latest info
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Petter and Frans
"That's right, if Dorman was still alive, maybe he could form a new colony that was stronger than Domen."Their conversation drifted towards dissatisfaction led by Edgar. It is true that their position has increased, but the risk of loss of life has also increased. They began to discuss ways for Edgar to step down from his position. It's just that no one dared to reveal it except Petter.Petter is the adopted son of William, the father of Dorman and Edgar. He is a judge, who used to function as a protector of Domen's illegal activities, but now seems to be defending the country. Petter several times revealed Edgar's small illegal activities, giving sentences as if he was mocking Edgar.Petter is protected, he is not bound by the Domen plaque because he is not a member. The only reason William adopted Petter was just to make Dorman's work easier. However, unfortunately Petter didn't really like Dorman either, so when there was a coup Petter chose to remain silent. Because even though h
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Matteo smiled. “Right now it's not Domen. Practice until you are worthy of being a Sekma member. The new colony that I lead. The colony that will reclaim Domen.”Fran nodded. "Okay, please guide me sir!"Since then, Matteo has trained Frans personally. Carrying out more complex training than other members. Monitoring every nutrient that comes in, until a year has passed like that.Many things have happened in that one year. Edgar married Katherin, then Matteo controlled approximately six American cities, two of which he took from Domen. Elia has also given birth to a son who is so handsome, a combination of Elia's sharp nose and Matteo's thick eyebrows.News about the new mafia group that controlled several cities also reached Edgar's ears, and of course Edgar felt very disturbed by that, especially with the seizure of two of the Domen mafia's territories. Indeed, previously Edgar had also lost his territory until only twenty cities were his domain of operation, but for some reason Ma
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Involving Petter
Matteo also realized that his savings were starting to run low. He has to bet on investment so that Sekma can continue to exist and progress further. It doesn't cost a small amount to facilitate the members who are formed.“Why don't we just withdraw Petter? I don't think he's helping Domen at all right now.”Matteo nodded. Petter does not submit to Domen, the only reason Petter wants to protect Matteo is only because of a special order from William, the person who raised him as his son. Honestly, compared to Matteo or Edgar, the late William was actually very close to Petter, like a father and son in general. Meanwhile, since childhood, Matteo was only given training that almost cost him his life."That's possible, but I knew a long time ago that Petter didn't really like helping me. He just had to, maybe that's why Petter no longer helps Domen, because Dad only asked Petter to obey me, not anyone else. Petter even has a special plaque that makes him unable to be influenced by Domen.
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