“Everyone, this is the first dormitory. We call it the Jade House. Every room is built to hold only two students.

The boys’ room is on this first floor. Mr Fahad will lead the boys through the dormitory. The restroom facilities is located in your rooms already.

All you need to do is to get ready and come out to the cafeteria for breakfast at exactly 7:30 am. Then you head out to the gymnasium for some training before starting your classes. Your homeroom teacher will explain the format of the classes for you.”

Princess Hera said as her eyes swept all over the students.

“Girls follow me. Your rooms contain information of the time of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and training time. Roshan Talon meet me before dinner.”

Princess Hera leaving the boys in the corridor walked forward and up the long staircase to the second floor with the girls behind her.

Just as she left, the boys broke into a commotion.

Someone shifted close to Roshan and whispered.

“I think the Princess like
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