System Activated: Revenge of the bullied.

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System Activated: Revenge of the bullied.

By: Ella Chimezie CompletedSystem

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Have you ever experienced the crushing weight of humiliation so heavy that it makes you contemplate taking your own life? If you haven't, count yourself lucky, because it's not a feeling anyone would want to experience, let alone brag about. Meet Kelvin, a college student whose financial struggles are no secret. Despite feeling like the world is against him, he finds solace in his girlfriend Vanessa, or at least he did until her birthday party. When he arrived with nothing to offer but his love, she not only broke up with him but also subjected him to public ridicule. The pain of such a betrayal and public humiliation can leave a lasting impact on one's mental health and self-worth. He had grown accustomed to enduring the constant harassment from her and others, but today it reached a new level of cruelty. As he ran home, tears streaming down his face, he was so consumed by his emotions that he didn't see the curb ahead. He tripped and fell, hitting his head hard on the pavement. When he finally regained consciousness, he heard a faint voice calling out to him. ** ** ** "Host detected!!! Beauties picking system activated in 1%..." a computerized voice said out of the blues. "Who's there?" Kevin asked. "10%...89%...100%... system uploaded." It continued. It took a moment and he realized it was coming from his head. Kevin was scared that he was going mad. "Who are you? What are you?" he demanded, holding his head in his hands but then suddenly it spoke again. "Now find a beauty and make her fall in love with you in 72 hours," it said.

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  • Sivaprakash


    Very good read short to the point and unlike the ping ones looking forward to another nice book

    2023-08-01 16:48:34
  • Shar Nie


    Great book!

    2023-05-13 22:46:10


    Best novel ever, feels so real and enjoyable

    2023-06-17 03:49:14
  • Aurora


    This book is lit.The author deserves a medal for coming up with a crazy ass plot.Kelvin is just like me,I wish I have a system like he does to face the bullies at school and all the other people who belittle me.I'm a picky reader so if I rate it 5 stars it's definitely worth it. How can I send gems?

    2023-05-28 12:09:26
  • Robert


    9 days for one chapter!! The book is really pretty good though and if the updates get larger and less sparse I would give this 5 stars.

    2023-05-02 19:42:04
  • Robert


    Deleting this book from my library

    2023-05-06 21:17:04
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186 chapters
The entire room suddenly stared towards the door when a nerdy looking young man that would pass for an uncommon denominator in a party of glamor came inside. He was holding in his hand a flower bouquet as he nervously closed the door behind him. His glasses bent as one side had slipped out. Nervously he pushed back his glasses as he glanced around the room to find the lots of pairs of eyes staring at him. He was scanning for one person in particular and had not seen her yet."Kevin? Why are you so late." the feminine voice called as she emerged from a doorway and into the sitting area. She walked up to him while he shook nervously.Dressed in his light brown jeans, a checkered shirt with weird looking sneakers whose shoe laces were undone, Kevin was no match for the beauty approaching him. He totally did not belong here in this world but he would rather affirm himself lucky that Melinda had even been kind enough to consider dating him through these months. He was sweating profusely no
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Kevin heard the part of his face where he had been slapped as he stared at his presumed girlfriend. He would never have believed that their always sort of unhealthy relationship would deteriorate further as he had always hoped that since she agreed to date him, she probably loved him and would come to terms with how to treat him right. But clearly, that was something not short of a dream too good to come true."No leave before I do something stupid." she yelled at him."But I'm your boyfriend Vane, you shouldn't do this to me." Kevin said but shamefully he could feel tears rolling out of his eyes. He did not want to cry. He was not planning on crying but the pain of the dawning fact that he was just seemingly useless and not man enough to fight was painful. But her voice snapped him off his thoughts as she laughed."Boyfriend you say? Sad to think that a geek like you would think that." she said and looked at the other guy still seated on her bed before turning again to him."Is this
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Find a beauty, the voice had said but right now, Kevin was in a whirlpool world of his own. He could not believe his eyes at what he was seeing but decided that he probably had hit his head really hard to an extent he was beginning to see things. He decided that he would get him first and get some sleep and so by the morning when he wakes up, it would all have cleared out. The time already was a quarter past eleven pm and he had managed to sneak out of the storage and made for the elevator immediately. Luckily he was the only one in there but more awkward for him was the fact that the moment he stepped out of the laboratory building, Kevin was pretty much shocked to see Jean and the other ladies. They were staring at each other's phones and gigging. He needed no soothsayer to tell him that it still was his video they were watching. He needed to get a cab but apparently with them standing out there, it would be really impossible for him. Kevin decided on walking away from them. He was
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Kevin stood there not really understanding what the system was implying. He looked behind him and all he could see was the painting boards and various artistic crafts. It the struck him, what to do and almost automatically, Kevin turned back. He could still feel curious eyes boring into his very being as he walked past them all. There were whisperings here and whisperings there but he cared less now. All his life has been filled of whisperings as people taunted him through that. He knew no one cared about his feelings whatsoever and just continued inside. Kevin looked around and then he saw one of which that was having a clear view of what he wanted to see. Kevin walked over, sat on the bench and then he picked up the paint brush. He sat down suddenly like a pro and it came to him, that painting he wanted to make. He had never been a painter all his life which made it surprising when his hands started working. He kept switching brushes and paints but still he could not see how what
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Kevin was in a dilemma. He sure as hell wanted to be as handsome and as dashing as a model which would attract girls but then he recalled Mickey, the guy from his ex-girlfriend's party. He was not that good looking but clearly he had ample amount of cash to throw around which was why he had Vanessa all over him. He did not want to be the broke yet handsome jock but even more, he was scared that he would change totally to a complete stranger."Money." he muttered under his breath.The moment he said that, he was waiting patiently for the money to probably fall from above but nothing happened. He started counting the seconds and by the time he was reaching sixty seconds, he was already nearly giving hope as it felt like a really long time when at exactly one minute, his phone chimed his message tone. Kevin wondered who it was as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He was met with a total shocker as well as surprise which he found hard to believe.There was an alert mess
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Kevin had never felt more satisfied in his entire life by an event reoccurring as he felt about this one. He could not believe that simply accomplishing a task could get him this great deal of fortune. He had gone back home that day and did not return to the lab as he had school the next day.Waking up that morning, Kevin was actually feeling skeptical as to whether or not he should continue on his way to school or not. This fear was arising from the fact that he recalled that a video had been made the night of Vanessa's birthday and by now, it should have circulated all round the school. He wished now more than ever that the system could assist him with an option to get the videos deleted. He would readily do anything for that to happen but that morning when he had woken up, he saw nothing from the system. Kevin decided to just get ready for school with great hopes that perhaps when he gets out to the public, a task would present itself.Kevin took his bath quickly and stared at his
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"Well, well, well... what have we here? If it's not sissy Kevin." the irritating guy began.Kevin had not expected that the object of his humiliation would still haunt him after the video upload. He was not in the mood to entertain his troubles at the moment. All he had wanted was so he could complete yet another task given to him by the system and see if he would get another opportunity at picking a gift again. This was merely the second level and he would very much rather that he does not accustom blockages. Not even ones that looked like his ex girlfriend's hooker. He faced him now and the young man started laughing."Listen, I don't want any trouble." Kevin said."Oh, the sissy has grown balls and now talks back." he yelled and everyone started laughing."Yeah, whatever you say but leave me alone." Kevin said to him."And you think I would do that because he simply asked? You should have known better." Mickey said to him.Kevin stood there seeking for the right words to tell him w
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"Seriously Alice? I initially thought you were joking about going on a date with Kevin. Yet, here you are getting all ready and set for him. Have you no shame?" Vanessa was asking her cousin.She had actually been meaning to talk to her about it but eventually decided to watch instead as she strongly believed that her sister would stand him up. They had gone about their normal activities after school but what seemed shockingly baffling to her right now was the fact that Alice was indeed getting ready for her so-called date with Kevin. She felt really angry and if she was being honest with herself, she was jealous.Of Kevin, no. But the fact that Alice had moved over to their county and resumed in her school was really upsetting. She had seen how Alice had managed to get everyone to stare at her including Mickey. She could tell from the way he was staring at her that he too was overcome by lust and she might start living in the shadows of her own sister. Then it got worse when even her
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He made up his mind eventually as he had stuff to do. Kevin had managed to put himself in order and looked at the mirror, although he was not impressed seeing himself, he was okay with his looks. At least, he could pass for a person's date. He stood in front of the mirror as he now tried rehearsing how he would talk to her when he saw her that evening. He practiced smiles and gestures but then, his soul was dampened and his eyes lowered. He was not at all confident and was wondering how he would pull this off when his eyes fell on his wrist watch. The time was already going fast and he needed to get her to go on this date with him. He quickly buttoned his shirt sleeves and grabbed his jacket as he stepped out onto the street.Kevin knew that he would be spending a lot at the hotel but he just needed to get the right cab that would fit into his budget. He glanced around until he found one that seemed to suit his purpose. The cab driver was sleeping from the obvious boredom of having no
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"We're here." The cab man said as they arrived in front of the really big five star hotel."Thank you, good sir." Kevin said as he paid the man up and watched as Alice got off from her side of the car. Initially, he had been expecting that she would wait so he could go round and open the door for her as that was something he usually did with Vanessa back in the days.She would sit back in the car and wait on him to come get her side of the door but clearly, Alice was different. He smiled at her and watched as the driver zoomed off with the car before going to stand shyly beside her."We're here." He muttered barely audible."Yes. I sort of doubted you when you said we would be coming here actually." She said with a smile."Really? I do hope you are happy with what you see." He said to her."Oh, trust me, I am pleased with everything. I should apologize to you for doubting your capabilities." She said to him. She knew her mode of attack would be to play him smooth."Well, you did give
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