Nation 27

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Nation 27

By: Nicholas Devlin Ongoing

Language: English

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Alternate UniverseNerdActionmysteryFriendscharacter growthgamer

Jared, who was plugged in and had just entered the Virtual Reality (VR) game, was sucked into another world一 assumingly, the game world that held a strong resemblance to his original world aside from several differences. Similar to the original world, there was a deadly flu-like virus that was being spread. The pandemic resulted in many deaths and after months, several types of vaccines were finally cultivated. However, in the new world, one of those vaccines was corrupted which led to the creation of a mutation in the human body一 a zombie virus. Fighting to survive against many odds, Jared who is an average college student that loves playing games, will need to also find a way back to his world or he may just not survive for long.

5 chapters
CH 1: Where did it all go wrong?
The sky was cloudy as the day darkened. There was a distant hoot from an owl as the soft evening breeze rustled the leaves of the trees in the forest. Gentle ripples formed over the lake which laid at the opening of the forest. At that moment, everything was calm and mysteriously beautiful. Then, the peace was broken. "Please! Don't一 mmph!" a terrified girl screamed but her mouth was covered by a big calloused hand. As she struggled to break free, a hard, muscled arm wrapped around her body. The petite girl was no match to the man's strength. Tears streamed down her face as the group of men held her firmly immobile and dragged an unwilling lanky man towards the lake. As the girl continued to struggle, the bald man leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Shush! You know it has to be done. Adam is already doomed. No one can save him now." "Yeah, Clara. Hush now. Unless you want to doom us all!" another man growled lowly at the girl as he helped a tan-looking middle-aged man drag the
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CH 2: How would you like to customize your VR game?
“Dude, a twenty minutes drive feels like an eternity. Why are you driving so slowly?” Nic groaned.“What?! How fast do you expect me to drive? There is a speed limit, and look at the road! There are so many cars! If I drive any faster, we will crash into someone!” Omar growled.“Okay. Sheesh! You’re so一”Jared stopped listening halfway and looked out the window. It had been nearly a week since he had last gone out but the streets that he had passed the other day seemed somewhat different. It was a strange feeling, but Jared just could not put a finger on it.“Dude, I wonder what kind of games they have,” Nic said in excitement as he picked up the brochure from the car’s dashboard, though it was also an attempt to change the topic. He was already tired of hearing Omar’s grumbling about how people should learn to be patient and the need to adhere to the law when driving on the road.“Bro, you’re literally holding their brochure. Just r.e.a.d,” Omar spoke bluntly.“I’m not dumb. I did re
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CH 3: The new world
The light was blinding and it felt like Jared’s body was floating, or rather, it felt as if his body had been swaying or moving. He felt drained, and his legs ached slightly as his body continued to sway.‘Am I in water? Why do I feel so weightless? How long have I been here?’ Jared thought.Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the bright, white light began to fade, and visuals set in. Fallen leaves crunched under his black sneakers as he sauntered along a pathway.Jared looked around and saw that he was in a park that was very close to the local shopping mall. It was about a thirty minutes walk from his house. Although it was fairly close, Jared had not been to the park in ages due to the pandemic that had started late in the year 2019. As Jared walked, he noticed that the terrain and the cherry-colored benches were exactly as he remembered.Just seeing the jogging pathways and man-made pond brought many fond memories of the fun times Jared had had with his friends and schoolmat
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CH 4: After the storm
“We…” Omar trailed off.“We thought that you died. We honestly didn’t know what to think,” Nic said.“... Yeah. We are so glad that you weren’t harmed in any way. It is a miracle,” Omar agreed.‘So, the nightmarish experience of countless lightning strikes everywhere was all from the VR world? Whoa... What were the odds of entering such a VR world when there was a horrible lightning storm in reality as well?’“So, I was in this building the whole time?” Jared asked his friends who both gave him a strange look.“Yes, you were wired to the VR game the whole time,” Nic confirmed.“That’s why we were so worried about you,” Omar said.‘That means I was never in reality stuck outside in the nearby park… But it all felt so real... I could feel the wind blowing at my face, the cold rain that beat heavily at me… and all the pain that followed from that experience... Were the electromyography sensors that advanced?’ Jared thought to himself and placed a hand on his hand. ‘I could even feel the
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CH 5: Something is not right
[A couple of days later一 12th June 2021, Saturday...]“Hello, everyone. It’s Jared and welcome back to World Crafter! Whoa! The super chat is already going like crazy here when I have not even entered the game. Thank you so much for the support and let’s get into it.”Jared adjusted his headphones and checked on the audio settings.“Can you guys hear me and the game sounds clearly?” Jared asked and read the upcoming messages. It was difficult for him to read a single sentence as the messages kept flooding in.“Okay, hold up. I can’t read any of the messages here. Let me activate the slow mode for the chat… Ah, there we go,” Jared said as he began to read the messages that were slowly popping in.“Ah, so you guys can hear me. Okay, say hello to Clara from… Nation 3…?” Jared tilted his head at that message in mild confusion and read on only to realize that many of the viewers were saying almost the same thing.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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