A Milpha's Rage (Born of Hate and Shadow Series)

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A Milpha's Rage (Born of Hate and Shadow Series)

By: Maxmilian Drazor Ongoing

Language: English

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When faced with the impeding doom of Scria, First Prince Elrand Daewynd, possibly one of the the strongest 'hero' alive decides to. . .do nothing? In fact, his desire to help it along far outweighs and impulse to protect it. He hates Scria, and every 'hero' alive would second that. Therefore, Elrand decides to take a front seat and watch the destruction of Scria, all while relaxing himself and remaining neutral. He however, is faced with a harsh reality, there is no nuetral zones in between warring entities. . .


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Latest Chapter
9 chapters
-12 years ago- (41st day of the 13th Month; Year 7786 of the Drystalle era.)A young boy ran. He ran faster than he ever had, a grin forming in his face. Not long ago, it was not possible for him to ran this fast. Now, he could proudly say he did not need to employ his usual cunning methods. He just ran, faster than ever before. He broke past the limits of what was possible, even for an elf. He was always prone to escaping, so most of the guards already knew him well. None of that matters now. No one can catch me. His lips broke out into a smile. He disliked the guards, but he could not blame them. They were only doing their job after all. The wind swirled around him as he pushed his body to go even faster. Elrand was clearing the forest at an unbelievably short time. He could feel it getting closer. Something had been calling to him, but it was close to impossible to escape with so many guards patrolling the area. At least, that was the case until he had fully awakened his power.No
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Chapter 1
*Aldan’s Diary* —Entry 1— I almost could not believe it. Though I devoted my whole life to this cause, I never thought I would succeed. I’ve found it. The truth of this world, which none of us knew. The real reason summoned heroes have soul fragments, and what it means. I am one step closer to my ultimate goal. Though I do not have the power to do anything, I must avenge our mother. At the same time, I must not be rash in my decision. My younger siblings’ lives are at stake. For now, at least. To break out of this endless loop, I need to obtain power. Untouchable power, one unrivaled by anything else. Several theories have been said about it, but none are accurate. This does not mean I shall take this new development as a failure. Not at all. In fact, due to this new information, I know how to move on from here. My path is chockfull of danger, this is how I know I am headed in the correct direction. After all, an empty house has no guards… *11 years ago* (36th Day
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Chapter 2
Aldan’s Diary —Entry 2— Ha, ha. I now know why it is said power corrupts. This knowledge exhilarates me in ways I can’t even describe. By the end of the day, I’m still a scholar. I may have acquired the necessary tools I need, but it is all for naught if I am unable to act. For now, I am a wanted man. The posters make it difficult for me to travel. The sum being offered for my capture is quite hilarious. Almost makes me feel special. Almost. It has become quite dangerous for me to keep this record too, no matter how vaguely I write. Even when I’m tempted to take matters into my own hands, I know I am no match against such powers. Ugh... These are far from peaceful times. The demon population is in decline, which is partially my fault. I am in no condition to accuse those who took my family. I’ve been responsible for the of many lives which were lost, so many that I’ve lost count. That doesn’t take the resentment away though. It still burns deep in my heart. These
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Chapter 3
*Present time* —Elrand Daewynd— The halls were pleasantly empty. It must be my mother’s doing. Since the day I first escaped, the queen had been giving me more freedom to keep me nearby. It was quite astute of her. No matter how much I may have cared of any of them, there is no way I would have stayed here if I felt trapped. I might have escaped long before my Hlia. My father though…he did not quite agree on the amount of freedom given to me but the Queen’s word was final. Elven power was hereditary, making my mother higher than the King. He still had authority, just lower than the Queen. Must be tough to be in such a relationship. I shook my head and cleared my thoughts. Why though had she called for me? I’m pretty sure I abstained from my usual mischief. Surely it is not something I had done. I knocked on her door. “Enter.” I ran through all the things I may have done unconsciously. I braced myself. Every time the Queen called for me, it ended up the way. Well,
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Chapter 4
*Deep within Zyliane’s capital. * Lyffonna paced outside the room. How to take this news, she did not know. If the messenger could not handle the news, how will the Queen react? The head Priestess paled. Was there even something that they could even do? Even the gods had abandoned this hopeless situation. If she had not received a divine revelation from Dysenia…she would still be oblivious to the looming danger. “Lyffonna?” She looked up and steeled her nerves. “Princess.” She curtsied. The Priestess started wondering, just like she used to when she was a child. Why is it functions like royalty still existed? Was the continent really advancing if they held on to such silly customs? Coincidentally, schoolers were shunned since Zyliane took control of the continent. Lyffonna puzzled over it for many years, and even with her current status, she could not figure out why. The Princess gave her a peculiar look, her eyebrows shooting up in worry. “Is everything alright?” Ly
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Chapter 5
First I’m forced to come back to this place, now they want me to help them? These morons must have more than a few screws loose. I silently seethed and schooled my face. Neutrality was important, especially with mother so close. That woman had the eyes of a hawk, even the tiniest twitch of my face would be spotted before I even knew I did it. “Please, follow me.” We obeyed, and our footsteps echoed all around us. Was the castle empty? It seemed awfully deserted. Intricate patterns which seemed to glow with every step we took ran across the ceiling. Eleanor stared, mesmerized. I sighed. Figured the palace would still be intact after all this time. I can’t really blame my sister. No matter how I hate this place, even I was awed when I saw the elaborate design in which it had been built. Catholy, for whatever reason, was deep in thought, barely even observing her surroundings. Would you look at that. I never thought I would see the she dropped her guard when on duty. Q
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Chapter 6
Two days later, it was finally time to leave for Eldfroise. I was lying flat on my bed. I wanted to confirmed something first. :::For you to contact me…don’t tell me! You finally fell for my wiles!::: A grin spread across my face before I could stop myself. So you finally admit it. Personally, I’m glad to be rid of you at last. :::Hey! That was mean, even for you commander! What’s the occasion?::: I need you to look into Zyliane. I’m sure they’ll try summoning more people to fight their wars for them, and it won’t be pretty. I would tell you to eliminate any who cross over to Scria, however, I have a feeling I may be able to use them. Bring those you can to me. :::What did you do to the Queen anyway? She has been a hot mess since you left. I have a strong feeling that she is plotting something. I have the same feeling I got when you cheated on me.::: All joking aside, I need you to be careful. Tell the others to be ready. :::Aren’t you leaving for Eldfroise? If
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Chapter 7
The sound of rushing water drowned out all other sounds. Quinn strained his eyes to see past the mist covered veil at the edge of the falls, but he couldn’t make out a thing. He sighed. “Seems you like sighing nowadays. Why is that?” Quinn didn’t think his reaction was odd. In fact, Kyra was the weird one for accepting this situation so easily. Even the others were looking restless. Well, there were some who simply looked bored, but that was besides the point. Kyra, who was leading the expedition had yet to look up from the book she was reading. “How can you be so relaxed? It has been over an hour since we came here and yet, we are unable to locate what he is searching for. How sure was it to appear here?”Kyra ignored his worries, turning another page. “You doubt the commander’s power? I can tell you from experience, unless it’s something on his level of power or greater, things will happen as he said they will. I mean, predicting such a level of danger would require a lot of concent
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Chapter 8
“Umm, mister Etlar?” Huh? A girl (actually, I couldn’t tell her age) was staring at me expectantly. Not only that, but she had called me by my first given name, which only a few people knew. Okay. Let’s retrace a few moments prior to this event. I entered the room I was given to prepare for my meeting with the director. My mind may have been wondering, but there is no way I would have missed another presence. I can at least be sure of that much.I took in the girl’s (again, I couldn’t get a read on her age) appearance. She had an ethereal type of beauty, something only spirits and divine beings could achieve. So she is one of those, but I am willing to bet she is the former. Divine beings should not have any business with me. After coming to that conclusion, I replied to her question. “Yes, that would be me. Can I help you with something?” She immediately stood up and curtsied. “Lady Aritia has assigned me to you. Please allow me to accompany you.”She was serious? Is this her way of
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