The Grand System

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The Grand System

By: Teddy Bear OngoingSystem

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Travis's world is shattered when his girlfriend Abigail dumps him for a wealthy playboy, Calvin, and humiliates him in public. But just as Travis is about to lose hope, a mysterious entity, the Grand System, appears, offering him a chance to turn his life around and become rich and famous. Will Travis accept the offer and embrace the unknown, or will he let his past define him?

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Chapter 1
Travis Lewis parked his old and cheapest electric bike in front of the Rose Garden store to buy a bouquet of 9 pink roses for Abigail, his pretty girlfriend.As a delivery staff at the university, Travis had delivered the last parcel before Abigail called him, asking him to meet her inside the Mystique Peaks Hotel tonight, for she had a big surprise for him.This was the first time Abigail would prepare a surprise for him. Overjoyed, Travis planned to surprise her with the roses first.When Travis got to the Mystique Peaks Hotel, the security guard didn't allow him to park his bike nearby, and the doormen prevented him from entering because of his poor appearance.Travis then dialed Abigail's phone number."I'm there already," Travis said"Are those roses for me?" Abigail asked."How did you know? Where are you?"Abigail laughed hysterically. "Look at your back."Travis turned back, looking around.Abigail got out from a black Chevrolet Equinox car with a scornful smile and walked tow
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Chapter 2
[The System is Activating...][12%, 30%, 45%, 77%, 100%][The system has successfully activated][You would receive a mission after 15 hours]The written words and the glistening grand system symbol disappeared, leaving Travis in total confusion. He had never encountered this thing before.Travis sat down on the bed, not quite knowing what to do next. He then thought maybe the trauma he went through from the time he lost his family had damaged his brain.He set his alarm before concluding he would keep some money for a brain test.In the morning, Travis opened his eyes while the rays of the sun filtered in through the curtain. His eyes almost popped out of his eyes as a question crept into his mind."Why did my alarm fail to wake me up?"He jumped off the bed as quickly as he realized he had missed twenty-five calls from his boss and the time was 11:55 AM already.He dialed his boss's number and received an answer on the first ring."I have replaced you, and I don't want to see your s
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Chapter 3
Gideon felt many insects roaming around in his clothes. The bright beams on his face disappeared as he wondered if the insects found their way in when he went to the zoo yesterday.“What is wrong?” Sarah asked as she noticed Gideon rubbing his body and shaking his clothes for something to come out.Gideon screamed and shook his clothes faster.A smile crept onto Travis’s face. The grand system was so fast in helping him. Now he can’t wait to see a drama happen.Sarah gave Gideon you-did-this sort of glare and then said, “What did you do to him?”“I did nothing. Everyone here is my witness.”“Don’t tell me that. You are a fucking liar. If anything bad happens to Gideon, you will rot in jail.”“But he did nothing,” a man said.“Gideon kicked him down and he hasn’t even taken a step to fight,” another man said.“I’m sure this strange thing will still happen to him if they fight each other or not.”Gideon couldn’t endure as the pains increased. He ran to the car, but the door didn’t open.
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Chapter 4
Now Travis has the confidence to raise his chin while walking on the street. Looking into people's eyes doesn't even bother him anymore.He didn't stop the cab because he enjoyed walking slowly, with no intention of reaching home.Then a question came to his mind. What if the money disappeared?He should think of a way to transfer his money in the grand system to his bank account."Hello, golden system," Travis said in his mind, hoping to get an answer.[You have a trust issue]Travis felt shocked. He had forgotten the system could listen to his thoughts. He didn't reply since he had already disappointed the system.[Hold your breath for twenty seconds to stop me from listening to your thoughts]"My breath? You want me to die?"[I know your capacity][Henceforth, I will punish you if I find any thought that doesn't trust me in your mind]Travis had no choice. He took out his phone and set the stopwatch app. Then another word appeared before him.[Your lack of trust in me with your act
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Chapter 5
[I didn’t tell you to stand up]“I started trusting you,” Travis replied.[Don’t misunderstand me][If you have completed the primary mission, I would have rewarded you greatly][I can help you open the door and make you run faster to avoid any punishment from these people]Travis ignored the grand system as if it was a wrong number, and remained standing with his arm raised till everyone noticed him.Everyone laughed except for the auctioneer who folded his arms, and said, “You don’t need to ask for permission before going out.”“I stood because I want to pay $3,000,000,000,” Travis said, not minding the speed of his chest-beating. Even if the golden system failed him, he would still trust it.“Can you afford that?”“Yes,” Travis said, nodding.“Anyone else?” The auctioneer asked. He didn’t believe Travis, but he saw this as an opportunity for another person to increase the price.“Of course.” A fat man rose. “$5,000,000,000.”“6,000,000,000,” Travis snapped back.The fat man smirked
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Chapter 6
CEO Douglass motioned Travis to enter his office and told the auctioneer to bring coffee“I’m so honored to receive you to my office,” he said as they sat.“Thank you,” Travis said“This is my business card. Can I know where you are living?”“I rented a house.”“You rented a house? Wow! You are a rare being. You have a lot of money and didn’t show off. It isn't easy to live like that.”“It’s not that hard. Somehow, I just wanted to know how living poorly would feel like, but now after working as a delivery boy for six years, had experienced what money can’t buy.”“Wow! But you can’t take that car to that house because of low security. This is the right time to go back to your mansion.”“I don’t have a house. I have already sold it.”The CEO widened his eyes. “You are an unpredictable person. Would you like to meet my business partner, who is a real estate?”“Sure!”He dialed someone's number and asked him to come within thirty minutes.The auctioneer entered with two cups of coffee. “
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Chapter 7
Travis woke up in his beautiful mansion. “Good morning, golden system. How much time remains to complete the mission?”[You have 15 hours to complete the main mission]Travis received a call from CEO Douglass.“My friend, Moore, just inform me you are coming to his son’s wedding,” CEO Douglass said“Yes.”“It is already time, and we have been waiting for you.”“Oh!” Travis checked the time. It is 12:40 PM. He had slept for so long. No wonder he was famishing much. “Would get there soon. Give me thirty minutes.”“We are waiting for you,” CEO Douglass said and hung up the call.Travis hurried into the bathroom and took his bath. He quickly wore the best clothes among his old clothes.He entered his car and sent a message to the grand system.[You called me]“Please remind me to buy new clothes after the party.”[Request granted]“Thank you!”Travis clicked the place he was going on the car mapping screen. “Take me there.”The car moved towards the closed gate. The gate opened by itself
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Chapter 8
Gideon dashed there and pounced Travis on the face. “That fake video is your work.”The CEO Moore was so mad that he slapped Gideon twice. “Is disgracing me not enough for you? Why on earth do you want to ruin me completely?”“Please, try to understand me. We are innocent. The only person I suspected was this wicked Travis. We need to imprison him for tarnishing our image. He made me take my clothes off in public that day and today he disgraced us with fake videos.”Calvin grabbed the collar of Travis, his red eyes almost popped out of his eyes. “I was right. You are behind the fake video, confess now or you rot in jail.”CEO Moore pushed Calvin away and clenched his other fist as he took out his phone, dialing the phone number of a police officer. “I make sure you live the easiest life I didn’t enjoy during my childhood. Is this how you would repay? You must not step into my house to take a pin, and I would go against anyone who offers to help you.“I can tell your intention is to br
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Chapter 9
Mr. Garry flares his furious face to Gideon. "You are a disgraceful and a bastard son. The only way for you to avoid my wrath is to stay away from me."Gideon covered his face with his palms as he burst into tears. Raising his head, he pointed his finger at Travis. "I don't know what he did to me that day I stripped off my clothes at the bank. He also uploads fake videos to take revenge because his girlfriend broke up with him and dated Calvin. Dad, please trust me. I can never do such abominable things.""I have already left his girlfriend alone, he just wants to destroy my life. We are saying the truth and nobody believes the truth. Please, you are our last hope," Calvin said."Hold your deceptive lips. I invited him to your wedding," CEO Moore said, beating his chest. "Only a foolish person would believe you.""Please tell the truth. It's not possible to invite a delivery boy to my wedding, Dad.""Never call me your dad. A shameless and deceptive child can never be my son.""You gu
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Chapter 10
Travis looked at Jane. "She was right. Is that enough or I should say more?""Are you not ashamed of yourself?" Jane asked, looking around to make sure people were hearing. When her eyes met people's, she laughed and, as if it was contagious, the people laughed too."I've never met a brainless, poor man like you. Think of this, you got an admission from the university. You can't afford its fees and still have the gut to accept it and later drop out after wasting money."You didn't learn your lesson. You continue to repeat the same foolishness. Instead of you to buy seven used clothes for 5 dollars at a local shop, you come where your salary can't afford to buy a singlet."Travis let out a heavy sigh. "Must you compare my past to my present?""Your past is even better than your present. You look good back then when other students often give you their leftovers food."A rich man stepped in and smiled as every eye was on him. Jane and the other saleslady left Travis to attend to the rich
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