Universe War (Mission Activated)

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Universe War (Mission Activated)

By: Jeremiah OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Jasper and Eliza are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe. Under directive from their Commander, Jasper and Eliza embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe.

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32 chapters
The stars were not eternal, but they were ancient, nearly beyond reckoning. Much had their judgeless gazes witnessed in the system ruled by Sol, especially the activity clustered around the third planet from that star. By that world’s calendar, in the year 1975, something momentous occurred above it. From separate places on this planet, known to its inhabitants as "Earth," a pair of nations had launched what would later be deemed "primitive" space vessels. For the first time in Earth's history, two ships would be joined together, and the inhabitants could move freely between them.The momentous "handshake in space," both a literal one and a figurative one, occurred between astronaut Brigadier General Thomas Stafford of the Apollo and Alexey Leonov of the Soyuz. There were smiles and joy and a sense of connection, and the two men became and stayed steadfast friends through the decades that unfurled.What happened in 1998 at Alpha Space Station in orbit around the blue-green world was n
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A Peaceful Dawn Shattered: The Invasion of Lïho-Minaa's World
The living light above her waved its glowing filaments gently; in this, it was like all things in the world, in tune with the stars, seasons, sun, and sea. She responded to the gradually increasing illumination by opening her impossibly blue eyes, blinking peacefully, slowly awake, welcoming the new day with the same tranquility with which she had welcomed slumber the evening before.Her soft, still-drowsy gaze took in the warm pink and coral hues of her bedchamber. Light spilled down the curving staircase, and the shiny surfaces of the enormous shell's walls and ceiling picked up the gleam and suffused the room with rosy brightness.Her skin caught the light, too; a white that was so much more than a stark, single color. It was decorated with images that changed shape as her moods did: art of the spirit.Pale and celestial-seeming as moonlight, her smooth, soft skin held every color of the rainbow blended into a pearlescent, ever-shifting, subtle glow.She was Lïho-Minaa, and she was
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The Tragedy on Mül
The village was a layered collection of shells, their graceful, sloping forms clustered companionably together around spiral steps and open plaza areas. The royal palace, home to Emperor Haban-Limaï and his family, was a collection of shells adorned with exquisite carvings and metalwork. It sat in a place of honor, at the highest point of the village, overlooking the shore and the ocean. In front of it was the largest plaza in the village. Once, it had been the site of performances, both oratory and musical; it had showcased dancing and art, and had been a place for pleasant gatherings.Now, it was crowded with frightened people, their eyes gazing skyward, round and terror-filled, as pieces of something that had once been huge and was now broken and alien and dangerous slammed down everywhere they looked. The emperor was a calm individual, who had led his people wisely and with care. All eyes turned to him, hoping against hope that he would somehow be able to stop whatever was happeni
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The Last Wave
Was there time, even now? It would be but the work of a few seconds—But her death, the death of the world, was approaching with vicious speed. A gargantuan fireball was on his daughter’s heels, a cruel yellow-orange wave of incineration. If he opened the hatch now—if he let her in, saved her life—he would put everyone else inside at risk if he could not get the door closed in time. The fireball would scamper greedily through the faintest crack, and then everyone on board would join the burned, motionless shapes of the vessel’s original crew.She saw it in his eyes, and hers flew open wider. She struck the portal window with her small fists. All he could do was look with profound grief at her, his first-born, the embodiment of all the goodness he saw daily in the world.After a few seconds, the pounding slowed, stopped. Tears poured down her face, but there was no longer terror in her expression. Only understanding, and sorrow.Oh, my little girl…Shaking, she pressed her forehead to
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Galaxy-Hopping Bad Boy
Eliza took advantage of his distressed state to link one long, lovely, and deceptively strong leg around his waist, used Jasper's own weight against him, and to his surprise flipped him as neatly as he had her a few moments ago. Smirking slightly, she relieved him of the cool beverage. He gazed up at her as she took a sip, not at all unhappy with the moment. Eliza was at once both completely dependable and highly mercurial—a neat trick, one he'd never seen anyone other than her master. They had worked together for two years, and in that time, she had blown all his previous partners out of the water. There was quite literally nothing he didn't admire or respect about her. Even as he had the thought, he amended it; Eliza appeared to be completely immune to Jasper's charms, which were considerable, even if he did say so himself.But for the present moment, all was well in his world. Eliza made no move to change her position, continuing to sip her drink and peruse him with blue eyes brigh
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Playlist problems and personal history
"Alex can we see the playlist?" dozens of images flashed up on one of the many screens pictures of attractive humanoid females one after another. Slightly panicked Jasper stared at the images as if the women were about to attack him. One attractive woman who was standing right in front of him just might. Eliza advanced past him her jaw set. Jasper felt his face grow hot. How the hell had she known about this?"Hey!" he protested. "Most of them are coworkers that's it!" It was true. Well mostly. Eliza turned arching a brow. "Really? Coworkers?"He nodded."Well in that case where's my picture?" Jasper had no answer for that and so simply stared at her like a woodland creature in a beam of bright light."Yeah," she said, and it seemed to him that there was genuine emotion in her words, "that's what I thought." Jasper grasped her arm. "Eliza those girls mean nothing to me. Okay, I admit it, I took a few detours when I was younger, but so what?"The sergeant pointed to one of the pictures
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Arrival on Kirian
A flurry of diagrams appeared on the monitor, flashing past in rapid succession. Though they were incomprehensible to Jasper, Alex absorbed the information at lightning speed."See anything abnormal?" Jasper asked, shifting slightly in his seat. He was more worried than he had thought."Your cerebral activity is a little more intense than usual," Alex confirmed, adding almost blandly, "You received external waves."What the hell was that?"Explain.""These waves don't come from your memory. Somebody is sending you the images."Jasper went a little cold inside. "Do you know who? And where they came from?""Negative," Alex replied, her voice holding regret. She wasn't a person, but she had a personality, and she disliked being unable to answer any question the agents threw at her. "They could come from the present or the past, and from anywhere in the universe.""Leaving exospace," Eliza called over to Jasper. The young major did not respond. He was too busy pondering Alex's unsettling
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The Art Dealer
The commando unit further emphasized the incongruity of the situation by lingering near an old bus that looked almost as weathered and solemn as the boulders. It was painted in what had once been a bright yellow and was now a dull ochre, and it was decorated with insanely tacky rust-hued flames. Along its top were emblazoned the words "Kirian Tours."Jasper responded to the absurdity of it all by gleefully snapping a picture of the soldiers. The glowers of some of them were priceless, and would make fantastic souvenirs."Hey," he asked, looking about and spreading his arms. "Where's the band?"Major Gibson, the officer in charge of the operation, looked at him askance. "What band?""To welcome us," Jasper answered cheerfully. The soldiers looked at one another, utterly at a loss for words.Gibson, a tall, lean man with sharp features, eyed the pair critically, his mouth turning down in an expression of distaste. "You plan on going on a mission dressed like that?""Hello Major Pot, I'm
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The Proposal at Big Market
Jasper sat up, yawning and stretching, and watched as they pulled up beside hundreds of other tourist buses. The vast majority were similar to the decrepit workhorse of a vehicle that had ferried the two spatiotemporal agents through what looked like an empty spot in the desert. A few buses, though, were of radically different design, meant to accommodate aliens of equally radical design.Jasper had never been to Big Market, but had heard about it, of course. Few sentient beings in the known universe hadn’t.Nearly every civilized world had its tourist clusters, and where there were tourists, there was money to be made. And there were few better ways to make money from tourists than by providing shopping opportunities. Judging from his experience, Jasper had formed a theory that the desire to shop was the driving force in the universe. Even more important than another certain driving force that most species in the galaxy shared. Not everyone procreated in pleasurable ways, but everyon
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Tour with Thaziit
Jasper threaded his way through the crowd moving toward Big Market’s main gate. It really was pretty impressive—tall, wide, with gold stones on one side and a sturdy metal door open in the center. Jasper wondered how many people thronged through it daily. He ambled amiably toward a group of tourists, nonchalantly attaching himself to the edges of the cluster. The slender Siirt employees of the tourist trap were handing out the equipment necessary to fully appreciate “the premiere place for galaxy-sized bargains,” as Big Market brazenly advertised itself. Jasper accepted his own set of shopping gear: a lightweight yellow and black helmet with a large visor, gloves equipped with sensors, and a bulky belt. The employees were loaded down with sets designed for humans, as his species was among the most avid tourists and, apparently, extremely fond of tchotchkes. The herd of eager shoppers that Jasper had joined tramped through the gate, and it closed behind them. They were within the marke
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