Revenge of the Abandoned Heir

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Revenge of the Abandoned Heir

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On the night his father announced that he was naming his illegitimate son as his heir, Stephen had a severe car accident and is later dramatically presumed dead. Unfortunately for those that plotted against him and wanted him out of the picture, Stephen Cho is still alive and out for revenge ...


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“Congratulations!” A young man energetically greeted his friend as he entered the elegant balcony overlooking the buzzing crowd of businessmen, socialites, and celebrities down below. His hazel eyes shined with mischievousness as he combed his fingers through his jet black hair. “Uncle must be so happy to have won the elections.” He added as he raised a glass to his friend. This young man was Stephen Cho, the only son of the famed Cho family, the richest family in the country. The friend he was greeting was Edward Hao, the son of a very powerful political family. Edward looked like he was built for politics, he carried an air around him that simply charmed everyone, it also didn’t help that he managed to get the best features from both of his parents. “Thank you.” Edward Hao said as he gave Stephen a nod and raised his glass. “I’m glad you could join us, weren’t you supposed to fly out for university today?” “I was.” Stephen Cho confirmed. “So what are you doing here?” Their oth
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When Stephen came to, everything around him was white, the ceiling was white, when he turned his head the walls were white, even the sheets that covered him were white. He groaned as he tried to get up, but a strong hand pushed him back down. “I wouldn’t do that, nephew.” A deep intimidating voice said, making Stephen shake his head and look closer. “Uncle William!” Stephen tried to struggle from the elder man’s grasp, but found himself too weak and unable to get up on his own. “Let me go!” He shouted. “Stephen, will you calm down! I’m not here to harm you, I saved you from dying.” William Cho said as he tried to calm Stephen down. Stephen stared at his uncle William as he tried to process what the man had said. He recalled leaving the hotel, then nothing after that. Seeing the confusion on Stephen’s face, William sighed and shook his head as he lifted his hand from his nephew’s chest. “I was driving home, when I just so happened to see you crawling on the side of the street,
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I Shall Return
“Will you be able to manage?” William Cho asked his nephew as his driver slowed down in front of a bus stop at the edge of the city. Stephen had recovered completely and was now holding in his hands his ticket to a new life, one where no one would know him. “Yeah, you gave me enough money to start a new life. Plus the proper records to go to a good enough university.” Stephen nodded as he placed his hand on the car door. “Take care, I’ll send people to check on you in Lowe city.” William Cho offered his hand to shake. Stephen frowned at the gesture, he knew there was no love between him and his uncle, but he had hoped for at least some affection from the man as he was leaving. “Who knows, I might not be in Lowe city anymore by the time you remember to contact me.” Stephen said as he shook his uncle’s hand and grinned. He already had a plan. Lowe city was merely a pitstop for him. He would go on to study internationally, where he would learn all the tools he needed to come ba
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The Real World
Stephen groaned as he turned off the alarm of his phone. It was day fifteen since he left his identity of Stephen Cho behind to be Stephen Sy, and last night had been another unpleasant night after the previous one. In order to be truly independent, he started to search for a job the moment he was settled in his new place. At first he was picky, searching only for jobs that he felt was proper for the former heir of the Cho family, but he found no such luck. As a matter of fact there were even several instances where people laughed at him because of his crazy expectations. It was either he wanted too much pay or he didn’t have the proper qualifications. He also soon learned that the good jobs were snatched up by those with the proper connections, one that he was now lacking. That’s how he landed his current one, he had to look at jobs with lower requirements, ones that would accept someone like him, someone with no experience at all. “Yeah?” Stephen asked as he answered his phone
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Bottom of the Food Chain
“Sir, your friend is capable of doing that. I’m not a servant.” Stephen did his best to sound respectful and to avoid a fight. He was well aware that Emerson and his friends were the type that got everything that they wanted. He also knew that Emerson came from one of the large and powerful political clans in Lowe city.Stephen’s collar was suddenly grabbed, making him close his eyes. He recalled how his father had started with the same actions when he beat Stephen up over a mistress and an illegitimate child.“Do you know who you are refusing?” One of Emerson’s friends asked.Stephen slowly opened his eyes when he realized that Emerson’s friend wasn’t going to beat him up, or at least wasn’t yet.“Now, now, David, don’t be so rash.” Emerson’s tone was mocking and cold, as if he wanted to make things worse for Stephen.“He disrespected you.” The man called David complained to Emerson.“Poor boy here can still change his mind. So will you pick it up?” Emerson asked as he looked Stephe
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A Dream of Revenge
Stephen smiled as he exited the university building, he was one step closer to his goals.He couldn’t help but think back to four years ago, when he had been beaten up by an entitled young man and saved by Charlie.He owed Charlie everything. After Stephen had gone against the Yu family of Lowe City, Charlie’s business was affected. Interestingly, Charlie didn’t seem bothered. He simply asked Stephen what his plan was. When Stephen told him that he intended to go to the neighboring country where he had been accepted for university on a scholarship, Charlie told him he would tag along.Ever since then, Charlie had been like an older brother to him.“So I’m guessing now we can date?” A petite woman with long brown hair asked as she ran up to Stephen. “You’re being silly, why would you want to date me?” Stephen shook his head as he continued to walk away.The woman, Vanessa Ty, was very persistent. She had told Stephen that she liked him from the moment they met, and Stephen had done
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Return to Marina
Stephen bumped his head against the window of the bus as it suddenly stopped. He couldn’t help but look out the window and glance longingly at the Philip Tower as it glistened as the setting sun struck it.Philip Tower had once been part of his future, it was the headquarters of the Cho business empire. Named after his great great grandfather, Philip Cho, the man who had founded the first of many businesses.“Darling, are you alright?” His fiance, Vanessa Ty, gave him a concerned look as she placed a hand on his arm. He met Vanessa in the University he had studied at after escaping his father’s wrath. He had used the money his Uncle William had given him to study in the best school. As a matter of fact, he and Vanessa had only recently returned to Marina.“Yeah, just nervous.” Stephen said as he gave Vanessa a weak smile. Today he was meeting with the rest of Vanessa’s family. Most of them had been very much against his and Vanessa’s relationship. They had gone as far as sending h
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“Don’t be so dramatic, dad.” Alona Ty quickly came to the couple’s defense. Unlike her other relatives she could see how happy Vanessa was with Stephen. She also believed that Alona didn’t need a man to be successful. “With all due respect Mr. Ty, I love your niece and I will do everything so that she lives a good life-” Stephen was interrupted midspeech as an old lady walked up and slapped him in the face. He clenched his fists as he held back his temper. If only they knew who he truly was, then maybe they would be crawling at his feet. “Don’t you dare to claim that you can give her a good life. You took the bus to get here! My granddaughter has always been chauffeured around, and here you come pushing her towards poverty!” The old lady was Margarita So, the matriarch of the Ty family, Vanessa’s paternal grandmother. “Grandma, Stephen has a car, he wanted to take the car, but I insisted on taking the bus going here.” Vanessa said in a sweet voice as she tried to calm the old l
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Liam Ye
“Nothing.” Stephen told the young man as he helped Vanessa stand back up. “You called me a bastard!” The man said as he grabbed Stephen by the collar, much to his annoyance. “Do you have any idea who I am?” Stephen unintentionally laughed and shook his head as he pushed the man’s hand away. An action that earned him gasps from the crowd. “I actually have no idea who you are.” Stephen admitted. He wasn’t lying, This man may be his half brother, but they had never met. Stephen had seen him multiple times, photos of Liam were sent to him back when he was young master Cho so that he would know his half brother, but they weren’t acquainted. Liam Ye looked somewhat like Stephen, they had the same black hair and face shape, but that was all. They carried themselves differently. Stephen recalled how he was when he was younger, like the man before him he was confident but not cocky. He knew who he could offend and what was in his power to do. He knew that every action he made in p
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“We were lucky that man helped us.” Vanessa told Stephen as they boarded the bus that would take them to his home. “I’m sorry I failed to impress your family today.” Stephen told her as he gestured for her to take a seat first. Luckily they were commuting at an off time and there weren’t that many people on the bus. “Really Stephen, do you still think I want you to impress my family?” Vanessa said as she leaned against his shoulder. “I don’t care if they like you or not. I love you and I will marry you. They cannot stop that.” Stephen nodded as he let her rest. The bus ride was quite short as they arrived at their community not long after having boarded the bus. As they walked to Stephen’s home, he noticed an odd car following them. It didn’t take much for him to realize that the car was actually quite familiar to him. As they stood by the door of the house, Stephen groaned and shook his head. “What’s wrong?” Vanessa asked, worried that her fiance was actually in pain. “I fo
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