The Badass's Revenge

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The Badass's Revenge

By: Renglassi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Davinc is a poor Son-inlaw contracted to marry into the Montero billionaire family, but he is hated and downgraded by his mother-inlaw like an animal… Hence, things change when he accepts his true identity as the Mafia Lord, and swears that him and his wife will get the respect that they deserve, And those who wared and abused them.. Will tatse the wrath of his highly - deadly power and wealth.


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182 chapters
Chapter 01
Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga! The sound of a chopper blasting through the air of the building as I stayed by the side of my father. I noticed mafia assassins securing the entire place as their shadows filled different corners outside. "Davinc, Put on your mask." My father tells me and I wore my assassin mask staring back at him. Boom! A massive explosion occurs. The ceiling of the massive clan hall tears open. Dusts covers his shadow as I and my master who sat over his mafia clan chair stared in silence. Then, the dust calmed... And It revealed Haro. All dressed and armored to kill. "How dare you Haro, You dare to infiltrate my clan?" My father said in his fury in rage. "Oh would you shut up old man!" Haro responds to him disrespectfully. My father got up on his feet. He had made the street mafia upset. "I single handedly killed the Mafia lord... So before you is your new leader... Sit!" Haro commands. "Why have you come here then?" My father asked. "For me to celebrate your astrosit
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Chapter 02
Davinc - [P.O.V] Bullets were flying from my every side. I ran, lipping from one building top to another. The Mafia men were up to eliminate us. I kept hearing his voice in my mind. Then I heard an explosion. I turned back while running to see our clan building... Literally on fire. "Run my son!" His voice echoes in my mind and I continued running with Catherine. She was a fat mature lady but she was a highly skilled fighter so her speed motivated me. She removes her gun shooting at one of the men who wanted to shoot me down. "Concentrate Davinc." She warns. Suddenly the helicopter followed us... Firing at us... So endlessly and it got me upset. I fired my short knife at the machine using the choppers machine gun and he falls down dead. "Jump!" She shouts at me as she uses her stamina to throw me as she jumped too. I looked forward while still in the air to see a glass wall, then I and Catherine pulled out our sword. We stabbed our sword through the sky scrappers glass w
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Chapter 03
Davinc - [P.O.V]I followed Vida looking around this mad mansion.It looked like a paradise on earth.Something still bothered me about the marriage but I tried to take my mind off it.Because it reminded me of my abandoned pasts.We soon reached her room.She turned to look at me."Tell me... What exactly do you want?" She asked."Nothing." I said back to her."Oh common... Don't flatter me... Everyone usually wants something..." She said looking at me."So speak already!" She said getting upset.I could see how worried she was.She looked at me like some sort of leech."Is it money you want?" She asked."No... I didn't say I want that." I replied."Oh then you want a contract?" She asked."No..." I said in-between her words."Fine... I would give you a million dollars... Tell everyone the document was forged... We'd go to a court and divorce and you can go with a million dollars... Even your aunty will be proud." She says holding my palm in hers while looking at me.Her puppy dog ey
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Chapter 04
Davinc - [P.O.V]I couldn't believe what I could see.Her flesh had torn open... Heading to her neck."Wait Davinc... Is it that serious?" She asked."No... Not really." I lied as I looked at her."Gosh... It's hurts so badly." She cries."She needs immediate surgery..." Edward says as he uses his spirit to clean the surface of the wound and she screams in pain while I covered her mouth with my palm... This place wasn't even that safe.Catherine had always been the mother I never had.Seeing her suffer like this hurt more than anything."Stay still Catherine." Edward said as he successfully removed the bullet that was in her arm out.He cleans the wound and covers it up before I took him to a distant corner from where she was."Will she recover now?" I asked."The poison is now in her blood stream... She needs proper medication and surgery." He said to me."But I can't be able to help without getting the equipments I need... I also need to buy her drugs till she recovers Davinc." He a
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Chapter 05
Davinc - [P.O.V] I looked at her beautiful face. She looks adorable... I didn't know if it was my hormones at work now. But I just wanted to touch her at this point. "Vida... Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you look... You're like a fucking goddess." I said as I reached closer to her. She placed her hand over my chest... Tracing it downwards from one abs to the next as I looked into her eyes and down to her lips. I could swear that I had gotten her at this point. We were about kissing already. Our lips were already touching as she stared into my eyes... Ready to let me kiss her. But then she looks away and her room door gets opened with a man entering. "Stay away from me." She warns. "You should listen to her." The man says. "Bernard... Well this is the man they are forcing me to be with." She says running into his chest. He holds her to himself as he looks at him. "Well... I heard he is a wretched poor thing." He says holding her as he looks at me. Her eyes met w
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Chapter 06
Davinc - [P.O.V] As soon as I reached our apartment, I breathed calmly as I felt like punching something to relieve the pain I felt. That bastard tricked me. Humiliated me before the entire family. That goat! Called Bernard. He doesn't even know what I could do to him. I should have known Vida wanted me dealt with by her so-called Bernard. Like how do I tell her... That I am just here for safety?... It might drag out suspicions so I needed to trade carefully as well. I walked into the toilet and refreshed myself. I sat down as I began to think about my life. How did I end up in this situation? I lied over the cold tiles afterwards. Then I recalled why I have been the person I am today. It all started when my junior brother died. I... My dad and my junior sister were attacked on our way back home. Our security man was killed. My father was far away and behind me. The man held my junior brother. I was too scared to shoot because I did not want to end up killing my broth
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Chapter 07
Davinc - [P.O.V] She placed the knife to my neck. Tears slid from her eyes as she looked at me, so bitter that I existed in her life. My eyes watered back in return. Aunt Catherine was dying. And here I am, almost killed too. "Vida." I called her name. "What's the matter... Get out of my life already!" She shouts in tears and I stared back at her feeling even more bad. I turned, acting as though I wanted to leave before I turned, kicking the knife out of her hand. I wish I could tell her the truth. "Vida... Did I do something wrong?" I asked her. "You have a few minutes to leave my sight, and No... Of Course you didn't!" She ironically said in an angry tone before she grabbed a cup of wine while looking at me in rage "I don't understand babe." I said coming closer to her but she hit my hand off and I stood surprised. "Don't fucking call me your baby!" She yells. "Why?" I was confused. "You want to use me to get money from the family right?" She said looking at her body.
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Chapter 08
Davinc's - [P.O.V] I looked at Mrs. Montero. "You ofcourse... Do not have any contributions to this family, you are a worthless leech." Mrs. Montero said before Vida turned to look at me. "You should not be even here." Vida's brother's cousin said as I took two steps back. "My aunt Catherine, she needs me, please excuse me." I said to the entire family as I turned leaving while Bernard smirks. He walked towards me, holding my hand. "If you know what is good for you... You won't return back to this house!" He says to me. "Last I checked - Vida is my legal wife." I said to him seeing the rage in his eyes. Then I held his hand, removing it from mine as I walked out of the mansion. I looked around. I had no car to drive. I had nothing to take me to Catherine faster. I closed my eyes... Listening to the environment so I could use my aura to connect to her. "Davinc!" I heard her call to me. "I'm coming Kate, please be strong for me." I said as I began running through the street
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Chapter 09
Davinc - [P.O.V]I looked at Ella as she walked up closer."Fools!" She cursed."Put down your gun." She ordered and the soldiers immediately released me."This man looks dangerous ma'am, there's blood over him." They warned."You dare to hold the only president of Bonavista incorporated, do you want to die?" She asked and the soldiers knelt down immediately in return.I could see how they were shaking in fear."Kneeling down is a waste of your sorry asses, lie down and apologise." She ordered and the men went over the floor begging for my forgiveness.I was glad that she was at least in control.Dad must have trained her like the boss that he was... But my case was usually the worst."You have grown up into a lady now." I said looking at her, Wondering if I could touch her."Brother." She said in tears."Ella." I said back, looking at her in return."Davinc." She said before hugging me."Is all this security just for me?" I asked."Yes, it's time you become the elite you have always
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Chapter 10
Davinc's - [P.O.V]I soon reached the mansion on the map.I was shocked.The house was like a white house.Security operatives immediately rushed towards the gate as I was granted access in.I then could see Benson looking at me from afar, with a gentle smile over his face."Welcome to your own office Young lord." Benson says as he shows me into the house.I couldn't believe my sight.The house had almost everything, but devices and chairs made out of silver and gold.This was what it meant to be a Bonavista."Tell me Benson... How rich is my inheritance which I had signed?" I asked."Well, you're an Elite, your money can't be counted, you're just madly wealthy." He said."Like a trillionaire?" I asked him."Like a man who is one hundred times richer than a Bazillionite." He said and my jaw dropped in return as I looked at him."Don't faint, I understand." He said to me as he led me into a room."This is your room, you should have a rest and prepare, for the great visitation is tomorr
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