The Loser No 1 : Trapped Inside Alorexa

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The Loser No 1 : Trapped Inside Alorexa

By: Rytir Ongoing

Language: English

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At the final stage of the Sixth Trial, Azzim and his friends are trapped inside the Gatekeeper’s Lair. It’s the lair of The Great Zarkhan, the final boss they need to kill to activate the portal gate to The Seventh Trial Realm. For some reason, they need to get to the Seventh Trial Realm to clear all the trials as a requirement to reclaim their freedom. But things don’t go as their plans. The four of them got crushed by The Great Zarkhan, An Ancient Class Dragon, The Gatekeeper of The Sixth Trial Realm. Even after Azzim successfully killed the boss, he and all of his team members are all in a dire condition, inflicted by Zarkhan's poisonous Nethertoxin. He manages to save all his friends by taking them out through the portal gate. But Azzim were stumbled and trapped, couldn't even move with HP lower than 1 %. Just as he is about to die, the system gives him a favor, a second chance to retake the trial with an unfavorable condition.


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91 chapters
001 - A Group Of Losers
In a certain part of the mountain slopes of the Dragon Valley, so many prehistoric animal carcasses are scattered all over the place. There are carcasses of Triceratops about twice the size of an adult hippopotamus, dozens of Velociraptors, and even a pair of T-Rexes. It is not clear how much the total number of these dead monsters is, due to the lack of light at the dawn. Meanwhile, four warriors are taking a rest on a cliff near a giant cave. There are also bones of a pair of dragon thighs on the remnants of a bonfire near their camp. One of them, a woman with golden hair wearing some kind of Magical Paladin Robe without its armor, just gets up earlier than the others. As soon as she sits up, she starts doing odd stuff, like touching the empty air in front of her. “Status!” she mutters. In that instant, an interface window appears in front of her, displaying various personal information about her personal status. ******************* [Lv 81. Loser No. 3 a.k.a. Leia] - Class: P
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002 -
Azzim drinks the ether liquid from the vial given by Leia. That is the last vial of Ether they have. Within seconds, the liquid starts to work. Gradually, his vitality status rises. His HP is also starting to increase, albeit slowly.“It will need a few hours before your HP completely recovered. We can’t enter The Boss’ Lair right now. After all, we have absolutely no idea what kind of monsters we will face later,” says Leia.“Why don't you just activate your vitality aura?” asks Gaston, who is busy putting his armor back on.“I want to maintain my mana before we face the Gatekeeper later. We no longer have any elixir crystals nor an elixir liquid right now,” Leia objects.At her current level, even a vial of mana potion wouldn't give a significant effect in replenishing her mana. Albeit she has a high mana regeneration rate, as a master level of Paladin warrior, most of her skill consume so much mana. After all, she is such a perfectionist in preparing for something. With this mindse
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003 - Cornering The Boss
She seems so annoyed, because she is the one with the best talent for observation skill, and she is so proud about that skill. “Shit, just getting the monster’s name? Even Lv 1 Warrior could do that much,” she grumbles. Not satisfied with that, Leia uses his highest level scanning skill. “Skill Set, activate scanning Lv 5!” she exclaims. ******************* [Notifications!] - Lv 5 scanning activated! ******************* It takes her time a bit longer to scan that sleeping dragon using her scanning skill level 5. However, the results she obtained are not satisfactory enough, only showing the monster’s level. ******************* Lv 95. The Great Zarkhan. HP : ? MP: ? Ability : - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? ******************* “Shit!” she starts looking so frustrated with what she got. It's almost like an insult for Leia for only getting information about the monster's level after using her highest level of scanni
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004 -
After that long showdown, Leia’s scanning technique is still unable to give a more detail information regarding the dragon’s characteristic. Their attacks are just not effective enough in pushing The Great Zarkhan to show its true capabilities.They had been fighting the dragon monster for almost a day in the cave. During that time, they could survive by using utility items and Leia’s vitality aura for regeneration. But the dragon monster hasn't shown any significant damage.Azzim, who knows how important it is to push the monster down, starts to be reckless. He dashes straight at the monster, and then jumps so high as if ready to plunge the tip of his short sword to the monster’s thick skin.The dragon monster flings its head to blow Gaston away, and then slams him against the cave wall. A moment later, he opens his mouth so wide at Azzim who is in the air.“Oh, shit!” mutters Azzim with a pale face, noticing the heat from the dragon’s mouth.“Zul!” shouts Gaston, issuing him to make
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005 - Leia's Last Gamble
As soon as the banner is planted, a notification window which can only be seen by her occurs in front of her eyes.*******************[Alert!][You just planted The Banner of Senopati Bayantika. You need to stay inside a small circle with a radius of 1 m from the banner you planted for the effect to work]- The maximum value of your mana has been cut by 15 % for activation.- Radius of Aura Skill increased by 500%.- The effect of the Aura Skill increased by 100% of its original value.*******************The golden yellow aura from Leia’s Battle Aura skill which she has previously activated begins to expand and fill the entire cavern.After that, she also activates three other types of her aura skills. An instant later, three different types of overlapping auras of different colors expand from where she planted the banner.*******************[Alert!][You have just activated Vitality Aura Lv 5]- The maximum value of your mana has been cut by 20 % for activation.- You burn 10 mana
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006 -
The Great Zarkhan, which has been considered a red ancient dragon monster, has now transformed into a green venomous winged reptile, almost looks like a viper with feet. Its entire skin is turning green, releasing a thick poisonous gas and dropping green liquids, the Nethertoxin with high poison damage over time filling the entire cavern. To make it even worse, they are currently in a closed cavern. While the monster keeps regenerating its health, the Nethertoxin it releases continue to drain their HP over time. They never expect that destroying the dragon’s skin would actually put them into a more dire condition. “Damn shit!” Gaston spits and then starts coughing blood. “Hey, Leia! Are you okay?” asks Gaston as he comes and helping Leia to get back on her feet. “Forget about me. Just kill that monster already, so that we can get out of this place immediately. That poison gas! We won't be able to last long in this condition,” Leia replies, prompting Gaston to rush back to attack t
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007 - Azzim's Resolution
Azzim grips his magical short sword so tightly and brings it closer to his face and closes his eyes. His hair starts standing up rigidly and the band that is wrapping his head and hair is blown away. His face has turned bright red. As he opens his eyes again, those eyes are look like the eyes of a madman. ******************** [Notifications!] [Berserker's Rush skill has been activated. You have lost 200 HP for activation, and you will drain out 2,5 % HP per second as long as you're in this condition] - Base speed ​​increased by 500% - Total Damage Output increased by 500% - Berserker status will turn your base HP regeneration rate into 0 per second. ******************** Not just sacrificing his own HP as an exchange for mana usage, he is also losing his own HP regeneration due to the effect of becoming a berserker warrior. With this condition, Azzim could only bet on the HP regeneration caused by the Vitality Aura shared by Leia. “Let’s hope I could kill that monster first bef
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008 -
Azzim runs toward that attack with his dear life on the line, intending to block the monster's corrosive breath. Just before his body is hit by the monster's torrent, he depletes it with his sword away.His Magical Short Sword, which has been strengthened by the dense dark red plasma Azzim drew out, is able to disperse the deadly Corrosive Breath of The Great Zarkhan. But Azzim hasn't stopped his run. He is far from finish yet.Once he reaches close enough to the monster’s chest, he launches a powerful thrusting attack. A shock wave that is engulfed by such dense plasma hits the throbbing part of Zarkhan’s chest. The wave of the attack keeps piercing into the monster’s heart.“Damn, you brat!”Azzim is startled to hear the monster speaks in human language. In the nearly 10 years he has been trapped in “Alorexa”, this is the first time he meets such a huge monster talking to him.“Fuck! How could a wimpy kid like you...” Zarkhan grumbles while covering the hole in his chest with his bo
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009 - Second Chance
The alert system keeps appearing, showing how dire his situation currently is.********************[Alert!][Your HP has reached 3% and keeps decreasing][Your Vitality has reached 10% and continues to decline]- When your HP reaches 1%, you won't be able to move.- When your Vitality reaches 5%, your base HP regeneration rate will turn to 0 and your body will stop healing by itself.********************“Shut up!” he mumbles.And suddenly, they fall not too far from the portal. Azzim tries his best to crawl while dragging Leia along with him. But he becomes increasingly pessimistic about his chance of getting out of that place alive.“Leia, wake up. I can't drag you around like this,” Azzim cries, patting Leia's cheek again.Leia opens her eyes once more, though not fully conscious.“Then, just leave me here,” she replies with a weak voice.But then, she closes her eyes again. Azzim starts to growl, slamming his hands on the floor. He is so angry and desperate, because the portal is
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010 -
Azzim realizes, his personal status has returned to the ground state, just like the first time he entered Alorexa, the simulation world he is currently in.However, he finds something odd. How could he has such a high value in Inteligence while he has such a low mana point. As far as he knew, the level of inteligence is always in line with how much mana someone has. Thought, he also knows it so well that he is not an Inteligence type warrior like Leia and Zul.But somehow, he then realizes it, that value of inteligence is not too much different than his latest intelligence value before he entered the Sixth Trial Realm.“Could it be that this number only indicates the level of insight and knowledge I have gained so far in this 10 years?” he speculates.After all, It's not like he lost his memory after he dies. He still remembers it so well how he fought the Great Zarkhan recently.Azzim gets out of the sleeping pod and rushes to find the exit. His foot accidentally hits another sleepin
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