106 - My Leg!
However, unlike Dino, Hannah steps in as if she intends to volunteer herself. “Please, take me with you! You should already know that my observation skills are the best among our group.”

“I acknowledge your observation skill,” Azzim affirms. “But I'm afraid you are going to slow us down. Despite being an agility-type warrior, the current you can't keep up with my pace and Toto.”

It makes Hannah look so disappointed. She can't deny what Azzim just said. She thinks that the only way for her to progress is to push herself to do something more than she currently can do.

And staying together with her mentor, who is one of the veterans, should be the best option for her. She has felt it herself, how much she has grown so far.

“If I really have the talent to be an agility-type warrior, shouldn’t it be reasonable that I can adapt to your pace given time?” she asks.

“I know it the most, how important it is for us to gain actual experience on the field. But look at the situation first. I’m
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