104 - Rogue

Hannah is so shocked, not expecting such a huge firewall to appear. She doesn’t believe such a huge fire comes from Dino’s flame.

“Wo, what the hell is that? What’s happening there?” asks Hannah cluelessly.

“They must have filled the trench with some oils,” Azzim speculates.

“Not at all. There’s no way we would waste that much oil only to create such a scene,” says one of the guards.

“We only put dry straw and wood, with so many dry Blaconut shells at the bottom,” explains the other guard.

“Blaconut shell?” asks Hannah curiously.

“It is a type of coconut, but this one has a shell that contains a lot of gas, much more gas than normal coconut shells.”

And indeed, that firewall really looks so weird. The fire is suddenly seen gushing out here and there due to the gusts of strong gas emerging from the burning Blaconut shells at the bottom of the trench.

Despite how high the firewall is, those crazy wolves are still so eager trying to cross the trench. Even those who manage to cross it, ar
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