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For over three years, my kid brother's early-morning playing sessions always woke me up as early as 5 AM. 26th February was different. I woke up very late. Matt was nowhere to be found, neither was his guitar.


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I just got myself a house and a car and I was to get married to my crush Chloe. Wedding someone that barely gave me any attention in school felt pretty priceless. Amidst feeling so accomplished, there was still some element of doubt in my mind. ‘Could this be real?’ I asked myself. “How was I able to win her heart.” It was now glaring that I was halfway between consciousness and a very pleasant fantasy. The D-day was fast approaching and preparations were on-going. I got myself this blue and gray Louis-vuitton velvet suit and Italian shoes. It was four days left and each night, I couldn’t even sleep. A lot of thoughts were running through my head as I lay on my bed. How many kids were Chloe and I going to have? Where would we be having our honeymoon? and much more. Finally what would be the happiest day of my life had arrived. It wasn’t even yet dawn and I was already up. I Rang my fiancee up and asked her if she was ready, smiling so sheepishly all through the c
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Each time she went up, the yellow-billed magpie carried dry twigs from the ground diligently onto one of the shoots of an oak. There were only a handful of tall trees within the vicinity and it was one of them. The oak tree was only a stone’s throw away from the little brook by which I stood. I initially enjoyed observing the movement of the water but somehow my attention was drawn to what the bird was doing. It was a Saturday morning going well already. My phone rang. It was Tony. “Hello Chris! How was your night?” “Great how about yours?” “Mine was awesome. I’ll be coming around in an hour’s time. Would you be okay with that?” he asked. “Yeah sure. It’s fine by me,” I replied. I had to rush home to have my shower. I had stolen away from the house in the early hours of the morning in order to get this beautiful experience and it was indeed worth the while as usual. After a couple of FIFA gaming rounds, Tony and I began discussing. We spoke about college which was obviously t
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Because I had to catch the next flight to Colorado, I hurriedly began packing my bags, taking all the important stuff I needed because I knew I’d be staying with my family for the next two months. In no time, I arrived my destination. I called dad to come pick me up from the airport and In about ten minutes he was at the airport. As we drove home, we began conversing. I had missed my dad so much, and my mum as well. I told him how college was for me when he asked to make sure I was doing just fine in school. The moment I stepped into the living room I spotted the cot in which Matt was. With so much excitement I walked over to where the cot was situated. He was so innocent-looking, such a cute bouncing baby boy. My face beamed with so much delight as I lifted him from the cot. While Mum was sitting on the sofa, dad stood at the door. They both were keenly watching everything that was happening. It was such a priceless moment for the family. I finally had a brother. Matt was lo
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All the while Matt’s health had started to suffer but we hardly noticed. It was not until Mum started to recover that we began to observe a decline in the baby’s health. He had lost weight considerably and when we visited the paediatrician, she said it was most likely as a result of mum’s previous health issues. She wasn’t breastfeeding him as and when due, thus he did not get as much colostrum as he needed so it seemed as though it was more of a nutritional issue. At the hospital, they recommended a diet on which Matt was to be placed and we did justice to that. He responded as expected and began to put on weight. Now, he was about a month old.Matt’s growth was speedy and it wasn’t just in terms of size. He was also a very intelligent little boy. Mum now had to give him the best of her attention because we didn’t want the ugly happenings of the past to resurface. I also spent a lot of time with the baby boy especially when Mum needed a break. He cried a lot but this was pred
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I was awakened by my buzzing phone. I had set an alarm for 7am because we came home quite late the previous night and I knew I would possibly wake up late if I didn’t set the alarm. It was Monday. The weekend had ended faster than I expected.I stole away to the brook side, my usual spot for morning time adventure. Today wasn’t really different. Few birds gliding about and perching on tree branches. Also the speed of the water was higher. I threw about ten pebbles into the lake and watched the water splash. When I felt satisfied, I returned home. This was me paying something like a last visit to the brook. I was ready for the journey by about 10am so I asked Dad to drop me off at the airport. I knew I would miss everyone but would miss Matt the most. kissing him on his forehead, I whispered, “I hope you by the next time I’m home for holidays you’d have started talking?” I didn’t seem to know whether he understood what I was saying, neither did I get a reply from him. Mum said
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“For those that need further clarification you can see me in my office after this class!” she shouted with her spanish accent as she walked down the stairs of the auditorium’s stage and lividly paced in the direction of her office.Prof. Antonella was a resplendent lady in her forties and always wore a bewitching smile and so seeing her annoyed felt very odd to me. She was taking us Cost Accounting, one course a lot of us found really difficult to grasp and while she was trying to deliver her lecture, there was a lot of murmuring from the audience. I guess this was what triggered her. I had managed to absorb the main points of the lecture but I still felt I needed more insight. My friend Jade sat beside me during the lecture. “why don’t we go together to her office?” she asked, slipping her iPad into her bag. “I think we should wait a little bit. Her office would probably be crowded right now,” I replied. I had noticed a handful of students scampering right after the professor a
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“Let me show you what Dad got for me on my birthday. Come with me,” he said enthusiastically, as he grabbed my right hand. Still in a quite perplexed state and at the same time, not being able to make any guesses at that point, as to what he was about to show me, there was this eagerness to see the thing that made Matt as excited as this. When we got to his room, he opened the cupboard adjacent to his bed and pulled out a blue 1/4 guitar. “Wow! First off this is beautiful,” I said and then smiled subtly. “Thank you,” he replied. “But you never told me you play the guitar,” I said, faking an angry face. “Yes because I’m still learning to play. Dad’s teaching me,” he replied. “That’s really good. Alright Matt, can you now release me so I can take my luggage to my room and take a shower?” I asked sarcastically.” “Yeah, sure!” The first semester of my final year at college had come to an end and I had just arrived home from the airport. I had given up my initial intentions to be st
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I was a bit worried that my teeth weren’t getting any whiter. “Quit checking on your teeth bro. They’re still as yellow as the daisies at the corner of my room.” Matt jeered. I could see him through the mirror observing me as I checked my teeth. “One day I would have pristine white teeth. I’m very hopeful about that Matt,” I said and laughed. “Well since I was born you’ve been trying so hard but to no avail. Stop wasting your time big bro,” he continued the caricature. “But I have complete set of teeth unlike you. I can count how many teeth you have in there,” I returned the sneer. “Well once upon a time you were as little as me. i’m still growing and I’d soon have complete set of teeth. It might take some time, but one thing is sure. They’ll never be as yellow-brown as yours,” he said in defence. “You can never be so sure, you little boy,” I replied. “By the way, lots of girls still drool over me even though I don’t have the best set of teeth as you think,” I added. “Then those
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