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By: Lalapikaboo OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Disappear or die. Alexandra Brown has to make two tough choices. Together with Sean Thomson and Margaret Clark, he will try to uncover a deadly secret buried deep in his school. Alexa Brown is already involved, so she has to move forward until she can go through those two options.

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The stuffy atmosphere could be felt by anyone when they saw this person. This person is just a teenage girl, she is currently sitting on a bench that is old. This can be concluded through the dust attached to the body of the bench. The color that should have been light brown now doesn't look like that anymore. Maybe if someone has a body weighing over 50kg, without thinking about the length of the chair it will collapse.The girl was covered in cold sweat. Her face could not be seen because her long hair covered it. The girl's hair was brownish in color with a white bandage that was increasingly sagging. She kept looking down as if she saw something right in his lap.Those little white fingers were playing with something, a pen. The pen was completely black.The room he was in was very stuffy with a musty smell everywhere. A room made of piles of old stones covered with cobwebs and decorated with several unused objects."Hahaha..." the girl's voice sounded low a
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Mr. and Mrs. Brown got off in front of an old colorless castle. The castle was a boarding school with an upper middle class, a last resort for Alexa this time. With this castle, they hope that Alexa can become a better person, like the expectations of parents in general."Mom, let me come!" Alexa asked again, and perhaps this was the thousandth time she had asked her mom and dad. "Let me come to Korea!"Mrs. Brown looked closely at Alexa and hugged her again, "I'm sorry, Alexa! This is for your own good!""Mom is wrong!" Alexa slapped her mom's hand on her head. "You, it's the same as throwing me away! Hope you guys are happy there. I know, I'm not the source of your happiness." Alexa's eyes filled with tears, her hands clenched so tightly then she turned her face away. She felt guilty if she had to say that but that was how she had felt since a week ago. When has parents planned to go to Korea and didn't want to include .Mr. Brown appeared from the trunk of the car with a maroon sui
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She had just finished pampering himself. Her hair is black but when exposed to light it looks wet brown and now she is reaching for the towel on her bed. A blue towel depicting a cat robot cartoon character who is currently floating in the world. She rubbed has hair while dancing and muttering like she was singing a song I don't know what?Then she brought has feet which were wrapped in white slippers beside a dark brown cupboard with a large size in front of the mirror. She looked at himself there standing with a pale face and only a bathrobe clinging to his body. For a few seconds she smiled and then faded away. "Oh, that's enough. I haven't even spent 24 hours here yet, but why do I look like I'm enjoying it." She said annoyed as she threw the towel she used earlier to dry has hair.Alexa who threw her towel on the wooden floor walked quickly towards the bed with a white bad-cover. She quickly lay down there, "comfortable enough." She muttered again. Then she looked at th
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Alexa put the room key that read 244 into her pajama pocket. She turned and found Patter already ready. Now they both smiled at each other. "You go first." Alexa motioned for Patter to take a step.*****Alexa followed the steps of Patter who was in front of her. Patter's slow steps then Alexa's steps too slowly. She tried to synchronize the tapping of her feet with Patter the guide.Corridor after corridor she passed and the school was really wide. Even though Alexa and Patter had just explored the dormitory section and hadn't entered the school yet. Along the passages, Alexa couldn't help but think that she had not yet entered the core. She remembered when Sir. Albert, the old man who escorted him to her room, She also entered room after room, he even had to pass through winding stairs and several rooms to arrive at her room.Alexa glanced left and right for some reason she was surprised, since earlier Alexa didn't see anyone passing by. So after that she again justified his thinkin
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Alexa Brown lay down on the bed with a white bad-cover after putting away her uniforms, brushing her teeth and washing her face with facial foam. She closed his eyes briefly remembering the events of a few hours earlier. She remembered has first friends as well as Patter's odd accent.Weird accent...Alexa suddenly blushed and chuckled quickly she pulled her pillow and hugged her tightly burying herself in the pillow.A few minutes she realized that she had not contacted his parents, she quickly reached for has cell phone under the pillow, pressed the on button on has cell phone and swiped the lock screen. She suddenly paused, "23 times.."Alexa frowned and showed no network at all. She now felt between regret and not. She regretted that she didn't take his phone out earlier. She is now transfixed when she sees on his cell phone screen it says mom calling 23 times. "Arghhh...." Alexa moaned loudly. She doesn't care if has roommates will protest or his room neighbors.His roomm
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"Alexa Brown?" said someone from in front of the Alexa table. That person was now standing with has arms folded across has chest, she was chewing gum, behind that person were followed by two more people. Alexa, who exchanged glances out the window, was stunned for a moment and turned her face, saw who was the source who was now calling her name. Alexa was silent for a moment and then smiled softly, "yes? What happened?" she replied. A girl with her hair let down and a white headband on her head was standing next to her desk. The girl has corn-yellow hair with a face that doesn't have any freckles like other Caucasians. The girl had a sharp nose, fair skin and thin pink lips plus curled eyelashes that made her beautiful in Alexa's eyes. Behind the girl's back were two girls who looked shy. One of the girls wears thin glasses and short, shoulder-length brown hair and is holding a thick book like a dictionary. The short-haired girl occasionally fixed the position of her glasses which
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Since a few minutes ago, when break time ended. She was already sitting on the toilet of the girls' bathroom that the school had provided. There are 10 toilets in the women's bathroom and in the rooms. She is currently sitting in booth 4 from the front. She sat nervously in the room. She was restless not because of the rotten smell of the cubicle or because she was skipping classes. She was nervous because something that had burdened her for a long time was now slowly breaking out. Causing her brain to force herself to remember something she wanted so badly to erase.She buried her face in her palms and said something. Like words of wisdom or prayers so that she can relax and be confident that everything will be fine. Her palms were slowly moved away from her face when she got a signal from her cell phone that didn't have a quwerty button, the phone vibrated. Slowly she took the phone in her lap."We'll meet after my class is over." She read a short message from someone who
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It didn't take long for Alexa Brown's figure to get to her dorm room. After she opened the door and locked it again she walked slowly towards her bed with her cell phone still to her ear. She enjoyed the voice on the other end, her voice was soft and mixed with worry, making Alexa smile and feel a pinch of longing flowing in the recesses of her heart. She actually wanted to tell the strange incident that happened to her earlier, but she thought again that if she said it, she would make her mother worry too much about her. So for now she had to keep it to herself.Alexa lay down on the bed while placing her cell phone to her left earlobe. She really didn't talk much because for some reason she ran out of discussion when her mother gave an extraordinary speech there. She admitted, she really didn't like it when the woman grumbled, but in situations like this she really missed her nagging voice."Already?" Alexa screamed later, when she didn't hear the woman let out her complaints
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Margaret smiled enjoying Sean Thompson always the same statement, "Sean, I can feel something around that pool. What do you see?" she asked."Flying dogs, two headed girls, legless women, old men with peeling faces, cats with the face of wolves and something that's staring at you." Sean replied, but his face contorted again at his last statement. "Irritating." Sean snapped and he stood up from his seat, and in a moment he was about to step over to the edge of the pool, but Margaret quickly stopped Sean. "Sit down." Margaret asked gently. She really wanted to laugh at Sean who was so annoyed at something she couldn't see, it was clear Sean's face showed displeasure and would soon pounce on something that annoyed him, "she doesn't bother us, sit down again, let her look at me or at you Even if she tries to approach me she won't." "But the way she looks at you irritates me." Margaret laughed softly when she found Sean Tompson who was very cute when he was jealous, so far she had neve
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edge of her pillow, "maybe a ghost is trying to get me to communicate." She added.Mr. Edwin leaned back on the back of the chair he was sitting on and still looked at Mrs. Caroline who according to him was half stressed, he smiled crookedly after looking around the silent clinic. "Did you watch a horror movie last night?" asked Mr. Edwin.Mrs. Caroline shook her head as a no. "I don't like horror stuff so I haven't watched it in the last two years.""So, I have to believe your words, calm down Caroline, you're just stressed because of naughty students right?""No!" she shook her head "I don't feel stressed because of bad students, you know humans never have the exact same recurring dream and I," she pointed at herself, "I had the exact same dream for two weeks, and after that I so afraid to sleep, I'm afraid." Mrs. Caroline shook herself with fear. "Something's wrong with me." Mrs. Caroline suddenly cried, not because of the bitterness of the medicine in her throat but becaus
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