The Guardian of Evil Goddess

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The Guardian of Evil Goddess

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The 4,000-year conflict between the Titans, Humans, Demons and Gods has brought Axel Maverick into trouble, especially since the goddess who summoned him is an evil goddess who is the enemy of the entire world. What choice will Axel make? Change the world for the better or vice versa?


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Chapter 1: Summoned to Another World
It was like falling into a deep river. Slowly the cold turned into warmth. It was as if a ray of sunshine hit my face. When I opened my eyes, I was lying in a meadow by the river, strange because something soft fell on my hand, when I confirmed that a wolf was biting my hand. "Ah... my hand, my arm is broken; call an ambulance." "Can you be quiet? Just being bitten by a wolf won't kill you." "The problem is my hand." "Take a good look." My hand was delicate, and what's more surprising is that the wolf's teeth were all broken, so he decided to run away. "Thank you, who just spoke?" "Under you." Following the woman's voice, I found a Sword lying near me. "You can talk?" "Aah, it's faster if you try to look at the water's edge in the mirror." I was confused and followed her words until I was wide-eyed in shock. This is not my face; long silky hair, a thin body and a pretty face. "Am I a woman?" I hastily checked my chest, and there was no bulge; after confirming what was und
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Chapter 2: Silver-Haired Elf
On the way to that place, Evelyn and I chatted; even though this sword has an evil nature, it's the only one I can talk to. "Evelyn and Axel, it's not like our names match a bit. Could it be that we were meant to be together?" "Damn, I am a Goddess if I send you to hell." "As a friend, you are beautiful... to me, you just look like a sword." "Yuck, if later you fall in love, watch out... I have a curvaceous body, its body-ody, long beautiful hair; every time I walk, it goes up and down well." If she put it that far, I wouldn't be sure. Following the cobblestoned streets, I finally arrived at a mansion with rose walls; whether it was a building or a courtyard, all of them were covered with plants. I hesitantly went inside and found a woman with long black hair in a similarly coloured gothic dress, one hand holding an umbrella while the other holding a flower sprinkler. Evelyn, who was always silent when someone was around, spoke for the first time. "She's a vampire." "Can a va
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Chapter 3: A Trap Has Been Prepared
The man got up after one of his comrades healed him with magic. I held the scabbard in my left hand while in my right was the sword; without lowering my gaze, I continued to look around me. "What does this mean? You're trying to attack me." The man I cut off his hand replied with a bitter smile. "We saw you come out of that vampire house; if not his friend, then who are you?" "I was there to complete a quest." "There's no way, and we wanted to eliminate that woman from the start... anyone who has any relationship with her must die." "It's not like that, and the receptionist also said I can go there to run a quest." I glanced at the woman in question, and she turned away. "What the hell? You set me up, but what's the reason?" Evelyn answered me. "I don't want to say it, but that woman is a demon; it seems she's a demon sent to spy on this city." "Oh, I see." "I warn you, with your current strength, you won't be able to defeat them; better run away quickly." "What about that v
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Chapter 4: The Cruelty of This World
The next peaceful morning, after I washed my face in the clear flowing water, I glanced at Luna standing while shielding herself from the dazzling sunlight. Maybe it's summer now, and it's boiling. I took my sword, which I put on the grass before walking with Luna out of the forest; on the way, we accidentally bumped into a merchant who wanted to give us a ride to a nearby town. *** "Thank you, Uncle." "No problem, take care of yourselves." I bowed low to the uncle until he continued his journey. The town we visited was only a small town, with every building still made of wood that we could find in the forest. However, the medieval atmosphere still feels thick here. As the two of us walked the city streets, countless people just sat with gloomy expressions as if they had taken their lives completely. One of the minor children stopped me by asking for money. Unfortunately, I would not be able to give him anything, especially since the people around him were also watching. If I
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Chapter 5: The Battle Begins
Using the black robes, Luna and I snuck into the city; demons mostly guarded every corner of the town, and some humans seemed to be on their side. In the quiet alley, I saw three people about to sleep with a woman; I quickly moved behind one of them and stabbed her skull through her eyes. The two remaining people looked surprised even though Luna broke their necks after that followed her partner. Luna helped to tidy up the woman's clothes. "Thank you." "Go, and keep it a secret if you meet us." "I understand." I only saw the woman's departure from behind the mask that covered my face. "Are you okay, Axel? Your hands are shaking?" asked Luna. "This is my first time killing a human." "From now on, get used to this; if you let them live someday, someone else innocent will be the victim... let's go." *** Following the direction of Evelyn, who was still in her sword form, we entered the palace; just as we met several demons on guard, I slashed at them until their pieces fell on th
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Chapter 6: Black Dragon
On the way back to the palace, I took an eggplant from the merchant's stall and showed it to Luna. "Look at Luna, and this purple eggplant is huge." "Stop it... don't show it to me; I don't like eggplant, they are very long, and it looks very perverted." "You can touch it; let's touch it." "Don't come near me.... stop." I chased after Luna from behind while the residents looked at me with eyes like a dead fish and said the same thing. "What kind of game is this?" "Well, Evelyn, quickly turn yourself into a human; you might like these vegetables." "I don't want to." I think it's enough to repay their previous treatment, and now I'm satisfied. *** We entered the palace residence and then headed for the top tower, which was used as a prison. It locked the door, so I broke it quickly, and the first thing I saw was a girl with long blue hair sitting on the bed, her big round eyes filled with a sad look, although, to be honest, there was a beautiful charm behind them, her slender
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Chapter 7: House in Lavender Fields
"Are you okay?" "I'm fine." Thank God I still managed to save Luna. "The one just now is hazardous; dragons tend never to listen to other creatures. They will only attack anyone who dares to disturb their peace," said Evelyn. "Is that true?" It looks like that too. I swung my sword to send a slash to the rigid body; my attack only resulted in a small scratch until it finally sent me flying into a rock. On the other hand, Luna created a rose plant on the dragon's foot and then exploded it nicely. The dragon that received the damage roared in pain before finally replying to Luna by flapping its wings to create a tornado that sent her flying into the air. When his attention turned towards Luna, I cut off the dragon's tail. "It hurts; you cut my fucking tail." "The dragon is talking," I shouted and continued. "His voice is cute again." "Insolent, feel this." "Ugh." Being hit by a dragon is painful. Luna got up while groaning in pain before clapping her hands. "It turned out to
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Chapter 8: Preparation for War
As I darted through the meadow, I asked Evelyn, "Back in that city, you made my status look weak, didn't you?" "It's true that I made it so that everyone wouldn't suspect you... even though you're level one, your level is much more than that." "No wonder I always felt that I could fight." Just then, a Dog Hunter started popping up beside me, and they were showing fangs in their mouths with saliva dripping from them. I slashed one before twisting my body to defeat the rest. I use plant magic to trap them; then strong roots pierce them from underground. A single Dog Hunter appeared behind me, and I quickly slashed the tip of my sword at its heart; this beast screamed in pain before I completely lost its life. My mask will continue to hide my expression, but I'm strangely happy smiling. There's something strange about this. "Evelyn, why am I enjoying this?" "You still haven't realised it, and I am an evil goddess because of that; the blessing I gave you is contrary to other goddesse
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Chapter 9: Kill, Kill and Kill
That morning I checked how the real training had started, not just Isla and the rest of the troops. Cyrille, who is the princess of this kingdom, also fought. Even if she learns to fight, I have no intention of making her fight on the front lines. The king and queen have died, and she is the only successor of this kingdom; if anything happens to her, then the royal line will no longer exist. We should avoid it as much as possible. The screams of the soldiers began to be heard; every time they swung their swords, it made others feel their burning spirit. Even because of such strenuous training, men or women took off their top clothes so that sweat wouldn't stick to them; women were still wearing bras. Still, looking at it is pretty tempting. "What's so good about looking at half-naked breasts? You can see mine without anything if you want?" "I'm not interested in seeing yours." "Damn it, that's an insult... I have boings here. But this guy is tougher than I imagined," the voice cam
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Chapter 10: A War
After that, I leaned against the tree while treating my wound, not only clawing at me this devoid-of-morals goddess also bit me.I can see the marks on my skin. While I groaned in pain, she showed me her chest."How does it feel? Now you won't dare to be rude to me again.""Don't expect me to respect you.""Ara... Ara… you keep attacking my chest; I'm a little sick because you hit it.""It can't be helped if it's too big for me to move.""Reason."I created water magic to splash her face until she screamed cutely, then rubbed her face on my shirt."Stop the strange goddess; stay away from me."She looks away cutely; to me, she's only beautiful when silent."It's time to finish off one more.""Use me gently."I put my mask back on and then took Evelyn, who had turned into an entire sword; with a slight jump, I appeared in front of the demons.***"You showed up too, so you're the one who was reported to have brought down the city we've taken over.""Exactly; I guess now it's your turn
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