The Hibernating Beast

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The Hibernating Beast

By: Hander Pake Ongoing

Language: English

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As a genetic loser, Kale Roman appeared to be knocked off course in the space battle, but no one anticipated that he would be able to overcome all foes and arrive at the finish line unexpectedly. Yeah, he is referred to as the hibernating beast, and the beast never be afraid of express their powerful to their enemies.


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6 chapters
The genetic loser
Since Kale Roman was born with unusual eyes, which allow him to see everything in the world through a variety of distinct runes, he inherited the family's ancestral craft and has since become an expert in the art of creating charms for clients. His economic acumen was so strong that many influential people frequented him. However, once time he crossed the street, he passed away.He was unable to recall the details of the accident; all he knew was that his soul was absorbed into the runestone, which then transported him around the cosmos.This seems to be very impressive.However, it was a memory Kale Roman didn't want to dwell on. He had spent four thousand years in a vast, dark, and dreadful universe. Death was only a trivial thing compared to that loneliness, which had no beginning and no end. He was imprisoned inside the rune stone, passively awake and sensing time, quietly observing the innumerable, unfathomably dreadful energies at work in the depths of the cosmos, watching them
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Intelligent robot
“Are you prepared for tuition?” Frank Webb asked abruptly as he regarded Kale Roman's youthful features.“I have enough star coins stored, but I still need a source stone.” Kale Roman stated.Even if a person with a genetic disease cannot change his or his defective genes, he or he will be able to live a better life if they graduate from the Schwartz Academy.The entrance requirements for the Schwartz Academy were extremely stringent, and each applicant had to pay a hefty application fee in addition to preparing a source stone on their own for the exam. However, if they get admitted and graduate with honors, many businesses will offer to hire them and pay them well. The future is even brighter, and they’ll get royal treatment if their ability is stronger. As a result, despite the Schwartz Academy’s high admissions standards and low acceptance rate, the applicant pool is always full.Every year before enrollment, each cram school also advertised a "full refund for failure to take the t
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The system suppressor
Clay Fuller met Kale Roman's eyes and a few inexplicable oddities arose in his heart, why was a teenage boy, suddenly encountering two men who were going to kidnap his in the middle of the night, not scared at all? Even when his robot died, he wasn't surprised at all, the look in his eyes, it really didn't look like he was faking it. Kale Roman then said, "Stop." "Sent from where?" Pitts closed his grip and the two men cowered on the ground, grimacing in pain and huffing a breath of cold air. Kale Roman turned his head to him, "Where did you get the system suppressor?" Clay Fuller glanced at Pitts, the intelligent robot would carry out his master's orders 100%, the flashing blue current was still gathering in his hands, and the boy was so evil that he didn't dare to play tricks, and still didn't say anything, as an acquiescence. Clay Fuller: ... Clay Fuller didn't know exactly what Kale Roman was thinking, and although he looked like he was lost in thought
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It's still fake
Frank Webb, however, snorted, his cloudy eyes showing a bit of pride, "You don't have to worry about that, even if you send the Pitts to the state government for inspection, they won't be able to find out about the Skywolf system designed by old Ethan, as long as it doesn't go into the system detection of Corvo's class A and above. In a couple of days, I'll get you an anti-interference device, in the future, if someone asks, you can just push the problem to the anti-interference device." Kale Roman, however, closed the door behind him as soon as he entered, then took the metal ball out of his pocket and placed it on the coffee table, "Have you seen this thing?" By the time he reached home, it was slightly light. Aydan Tucker, still confused, stammered, "But, but brother, we, we don't have much power, what if we go somewhere else and we can't make it?" "Stop!" Kale Roman lifted his eyes to look at him, "You put away all those old habits of mine too, and pour me tea.
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Grey Network
The message was from Frank Webb, the son of a friend of Supervisor Miranda's had been kidnapped yesterday, the bandits' modus operandi was pretty much the same as what he had encountered the night before, also using a system suppressor, only with a uniformed level, as the droids around the boy were at least E class.Kale Roman had a hunch that Frank Webb would send his this message and it would be that Supervisor Miranda was looking for him."In, but Supervisor Miranda is not in a good mood today." Kale Roman offered him a new glass of ice water, "That thing, how's it going?"Frank Webb was worried that Kale Roman, driven by curiosity, would be frightened by reading too much, and he didn't know how to comfort people, so he had to warn them in advance. He remembered that when he was at school, there was an unknowing kid, also in his teens, who came across the Grey Network through some unknown channel at that time, and was quite excited at first, but half a month later, he was sent to a
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It's a high sugar drink, sticky and sweet, and the more he rubs it in the more miserable his clothes get, and Clay Fuller is busy blocking Kale Roman's movements. Kale Roman still keeps his head down, only his eyes naturally lift to the face under his duck-tongue hat.Frank Webb was embarrassed, he didn't expect Xavier Miranda to make such a request, but in any case, he had screwed Kale Roman over this time. He was embarrassed, but he still shook his head at Kale Roman with a warning in his eyes, despite Xavier Miranda's pressure.Soaring Eagle, in a craft not far away, looked at the surveillance and questioned unhappily, "Kale Roman what are you doing!"It's just that Xavier Miranda got a genetically failed child and protected it decently, and delayed and delayed the long-established engagement, so naturally, some people couldn't stand it, while others wanted to use it to kick Xavier Miranda out.Frank Webb had encountered some difficulties when checking that system suppressor in the
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