A Bastard For The Heir

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A Bastard For The Heir

By: Orchard Minn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Anna Moore summoned 10 hefty bodyguards to surround him. "You're only a bastard that bore the legacy up until Simon Costa's death! Go on your knees before I break your bones!" ___ Once heir to the prominent Costa family, Wayne lost his parents and became a live in son-in-law to the Moores, bullied and ridiculed by virtually everyone he came across. He disappeared for four years, and seemingly returned as a lowly mechanic. But. . . Things do not always seem as they appear. Glaring maliciously at his enemies, he swore. "I'll make them pay for murdering my parents. Yes! And right under their noses, a bastard would rule the empire!"


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72 chapters
Disgusting Mechanic!
His heart hammering furiously, Wayne Costa took a deep plunge down the cliff, the last thing he heard was the curses and scowls of the men behind him.A while later, he snapped his eyes open. Wayne winced when he tried to move, his arm broken and bruised. Luckily, the branch above broke his fall, reason why he was still in a pretty good shape.He got up, wiping the dirt off his body and making his way past the trees, stopping at a river to drink some water.Wayne just returned from his studies abroad under his father's instructions, to get married to the daughter of the prestigious Moore family.At first he was skeptical, but when his father promised he could gat divorce a year after, he obliged to the wedding that took place a week ago.Strangely, an hour ago he received a call that his parents, Simon and Nina Costa, were caught in fire and had been rushed to the hospital. He was rushing to the hospital in panic when some men dressed in black suddenly overtook his car and started f
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Is She My Daughter?
“What is this young man talking about?” The crowd murmured in shock.Gary's burning gaze lingered on Wayne for a while. “What gave you the audacity to barge in here and claim we stole from you? Who the fuck are you?”“I'm Wayne Costa, the heir to the Costa Legacy you took over through dubious means!”“What?” Gasps of amazement filled the air. “Simon Costa's son is alive? But the news said they all died in the fire?”“I also heard that Anna Moore carried out a DNA test and found out that Wayne wasn’t Simon’s real son, he was an adopted bastard.”“Then, what's the bastard doing here?”“He must be dreaming if he thinks he can regain control over the Costa's assets. It wouldn’t take anything for the Moore Family to snuff his life out.”“Oh, poor thing, he looks so thin and miserable. He must have suffered so much that he had to stoop to become a mechanic."The crowd made their own speculations about the issue.All of a sudden, a loud scream echoed from the side of the hall. “I said come w
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You're the One with the Death Wish!
Loretta took in a sharp breath beside Wayne as the dangerous looking men surrounded them.But he didn't look bothered, he only handed Elsa back to her mother with a calm face.“Elsa, can you go to your room now, Mummy will be up with you in a few minutes.” Loretta tried to get the girl away from all the chaos.“Okay, daddy. You’ll visit us tomorrow, right.”“Hmm.” Wayne nodded, his heart fluttering as Elsa leaned in to peck him, running off towards the lift.Gary walked up to the stage. “Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for all inconveniences caused by this stranger and since the party is over we implore everyone to kindly take their leave.”The guests sighed in disappointment, they were going to miss the interesting show about to unfold.The Moore's were smart enough to handle family matters in private.Ashton ushered all the guests out until only close relatives of the Moore family were left- Anna and her 2 sons- Gary and Jared, their wives, children and a few member
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Smash Your Wrist to Pieces!
“Mr Sidney is here.” Ashton hurried to inform them.“The Brooks’ private butler is here?” Gary gasped in amazement.The Brooks were the 1st most powerful family here in Las Vegas. The patriarch, Alex Brooks was a very hard man to please.The Moore's had been trying to make deals with him all to no avail, but now he's sending his butler over.Gary was so excited that he momentarily forgot about Wayne, making his way to the front door, his mother and others trailing behind him."Hello, Mr Sidney. It's nice to have you here!" Gary greeted the man enthusiastically like they'd known each other for years.“I would have prepared a grand welcome for you if you'd informed us that you were going to attend my party, sire.” Anna added with a wide smile.“I'm not here to attend your party!” Sidney lashed out at them. “I'm only here to deliver these gifts sent to Miss Moore.”“What?” Everyone was stunned.“Mr Brooks asked me to deliver these gifts personally.” Sidney added, gesturing his men to bri
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Begging For Bread Crumbs!
The man emanated a fierce aura that he could even snap each of their necks off without blinking. Each of the guards took fearful steps backwards.“There’s no need for all that, Mark. I was just leaving.” Wayne replied."Who said you could leave without making that apology, punk? Seems you have a death wish!" Gary hollered at him. "And who the hell is this clown you brought, he must be your lackey begging for crumbs just like you are!" Mark flew into a rage. "Wayne, who the fuck is this old idiot sprouting nonsense? Do you want me to break his neck?""Calm down." Wayne shot a fierce gaze at Gary and he cowered behind his mother."Are you willing to consider another marriage proposal?" Anna faced Loretta to ask."Y. . .Yes Grandma."Anna turned to face Wayne. "You're lucky your wife saved you today. Next time, I won't be so gracious to let you leave in one piece, hurry up and get lost!"Mark wanted to retaliate, but Wayne stopped him, deciding to leave the battle for another day.He'd
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Just A Miserly Mechanic!
“I had no idea you were coming, Mr Costa, please forgive me for not coming to receive you right on time!” Henry cowered guiltily, bowing in front of Wayne.The guests in the lobby gasped in shock. Why would the General Manger bow down to someone dressed in mechanic clothes? Could this man be the Ghost CEO?A shiver ran down the spine of the guards at the thought that this man they just insulted could be the CEO. Thinking in the same line, Jad took the courage to walk up to Henry. “Mr Hafford, what’re you doing? He’s just a miserly mechanic that came to beg for scraps, why are you treating him so reverently?”“What?” Henry raised his fists to smack Jad across the face. The slap was so resounding that the lobby fell into silence.“Did you just call Mr Costa a miserly mechanic? Do you have an idea who he is?” Henry raged out in anger.He’d been trying his best to impress Wayne with his managerial skills and convince him, only for his staffs to end up treating him badly.“I. . .I’m sorr
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A Bastard Would Rule the Empire!
The Porsche drove into the gates of Wayne's luxurious mansion to stop in the garage, between the Lexus and the Mercedes Benz.Wayne stepped down from the car, still a little apprehensive. His mind was still gnawing around the fact that he had a daughter with Loretta.He hadn't imagined that the brief time they stayed together before he disappeared could foster a child.But then seeing her made him want to hug her tight and protect her from all sort of pain in this life.He looked around, the house had a very big field with a fountain and a swimming pool at the back.Wayne walked up the stairs with Mark beside him.4 days ago, when he was planning his trip back, he'd contacted a real estate realtor to get a house for him with high security.This house was the only one suitable, located in BirdsView Estate, one of the most expensive housing estates in Las Vegas.Wayne hadn't had time to go in and through it but he knew it contained 20 rooms, 3 sitting rooms and others.But glancing roun
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Not a Drop of Simon Costa's Blood!
“I’m going nowhere.” Wayne replied coldly, picking up his luggage and making his way to the center of the room, pausing to glance at the artworks on the wall.None of the cushions, nor furniture, paintings of even artworks that were originally placed by his father had been changed. The Moore’s were really shameless!He thought back and wondered what his father saw in them to become friends with the then helmsman, Mathias.Mathias was a straightforward and honest man but he suddenly died of stroke and was secretly buried a day later, making Wayne wonder what else the Moore’s were hiding especially that woman.“How dare you walk into this house uninvited? Does it look like we welcome every beggar on the street? It would be better you walk out with your miserable legs before we break them for you!” Nikki was outraged when she returned and met Wayne staring down at contempt at the family pictures on the wall.Wayne paid no heed to her words, he only turned to give her a sinister smile. “Y
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Do You Deserve to Be Called A Father?
Wayne only chuckled and balanced Elsa on his legs. “This is my father’s house so I’m going nowhere.”“Really? Daddy? You’re going to be staying with us for a while?” Elsa raised her head up to ask.“Yes, Princess.”“Elsa!” Anna scowled immediately, a bitter sensation rising up her throat cause of the loving father daughter relationship playing out between them.“Get away from that man this instant!”“No.” Elsa looked back at Anna with teary eyes. “He’s my Daddy and I won’t leave him.”All of them stared wide eyes at Elsa, wondering when she got the audacity to talk back at her Grandma.“You can’t blame the little brat, Loretta has always been bias towards teaching her manners!” Aleena rolled her eyes angrily. “Her mother is the kind of person that wouldn’t hesitate to backbite the whole family. So I can imagine her daughter refusing to listen because of a bastard!”“Elsa, dear.” Fedora tried to coax her away from him. She was the only one that spoke softly to Elsa in the whole family,
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Treated Lower Than A Servant!
“Aunt,” Loretta sighed tiredly. “I can’t-”“You can’t do what?” Nikki snorted aloud. “You can’t get married to Brad Brooks? Is that what you’re saying, Loretta? I can’t believe you would dare to refuse Mother’s orders. Have you forgotten I helped you keep your horrible secrets?”Loretta’s face paled. “Nikki, there’s no need for-“Anna flipped her cold gaze on Nikki. “What are you talking about?”“Loretta’s restaurant has run into loads of debt!” She spat out the secret without thinking twice. “The reason why she rushed out earlier was to try to stop Mike Taylor from vandalizing her kitchen equipment!” “What?” Everyone’s gaze zeroed in on Loretta.Before Loretta got married to Wayne, she already had a restaurant that was doing quite well, but after he left, she got affected psychologically and the business suffered. Gary offered to help her manage it and placed one of his friends there but the place only got worse because the man embezzled all the money and escaped.The news made Lore
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