Gore Lord

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Gore Lord

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On the day he awakened his martial spirit, a disaster struck the Shang manor and exterminated the entire clan. He lost his father, his mother, his entire family, and the love of his life. As the only survivor, he changed his identity into gore and swore to avenge their deaths even if he has to slaughter them till the end of time. With a tremendous craving for vengeance, Gore raised across the rankings, conquering kingdoms, defeating the chaos lords one after the other and becoming the overlord of the chaos realm, unsatisfied by his rain, he attempted to conquer another world only to fall into a treacherous scheme by his greatest enemy, the hand behind the calamity that took away his loved ones. The person he tries so hard to find but never met, the person who always lay in front of him as his most trusted subordinate. Gore resurrected on earth with the identity of Lionel grieves, a young man whose extended family tormented after his parents passed away, but will the ferocious gore lie low after recovering his past life memories? will he come back to get revenge?.


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Chapter1 The Aura
The aura In a cheery sitting room that had been painted white, gleaming wooden pieces of furniture that decorated the room could be seen. However, in the midst of the incredible sight, there were also displays of a rather gruesome scene: the floor was covered in red stains of blood. The source of the blood was a tall and stocky young man wearing a hockey jacket. The youth's face was disfigured and broken, and it continuously leaked blood. His face was swollen like a watermelon, all of his front teeth were knocked out of his mouth, his nose was split in half, his head was painted red, and it had many unsightly holes on it. His barely visible eyes were bloody and filled with nothing but pure terror. What the devil could have happened to that man's face? What was it that caused him to have that expression? Unfortunately, due to the fact that everyone around him appeared to be busy, no one took the time to worry about him. In front of the young man with the defor
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Chapter 2 Inexplicable hapening
Because Lionel was isolated by everyone and was considered to be an useless piece of trash by even his relatives, it was presumed that no one in the crowd cared about his sudden death by suicide but it now it was different matter altogether when he had died in such a way that'll implicate them when the police arrives. They couldn't believe that such an useless piece of trash could put their lives in such disarray as he took his terrible life. It was incomprehensible to them. People in the surrounding area started to freak out, and some of them even considered the thought of running away from the scene as quickly as they could. There were even some people who started to mutter insults against Lionel to themselves. Arnold was standing in the middle of the chaos, with his entourage trailing behind him, while everyone else around him was in complete disarray. Their facial expressions conveyed the greatest amount of terror, and it was abundantly evident that they would be the one
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Chapter 3 coming back for revenge
Lionel's eyes suddenly opened, but as they came into the light, they were no longer pure, humble, or full of self-loathing; rather, these eyes were icy, controlling, proud, ruthless, and they bore the vistitute of time. After Leonel regained consciousness, he was no longer known simply as Leonel; rather, he was Gore, the fabled overlord. A person who has fought in innumerable wars, conquering kings and lords until he became the monarch of a whole globe, and even at that point, he still waged wars to conquer other planets. Gore is a person who has fought in countless wars to conquer other worlds. He was simply the greatest conqueror of all times. After opening his eyes, Leonel, or more correctly, Gore, gave the impression of being captivated by the first scene which entered his eyes. His mouth, which had been covered in blood as a result of the terrible fall, opened, and a sound that was just barely audible issued from it. "A rift had been turn in the sky while I was uncon
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Chapter4 The Beginning Of An Apocalypse
As soon as the automobile disappeared from the crowd's line of sight. everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. On the other hand, a few members of the college staff who had connections with Lionel's uncle, who is also Arnild's dad, called him up and briefed him about everything that had gone place over the course of the previous several hours. Despite the fact that it is quite possible that this phone conversation will result in a great lot of difficulties for Gore in the future, Gore is too far to be bothered about this right now. precisely one hour after Gore fleed the scene with the hostage, another horrible incident occurred, which caused the crowd to tremble in terror and send forth vibrations across the area. At this moment, the authorities have taken over the location but they still couldn't drive away the people because the strange phenomenon happening in the location was just too eye catching. It was right after the giant hands successfully widened the fissur
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Chapter 5 The Begining Of Revenge
"What are you planning!" Arnold questioned gore in an effort to determine whether or not the latter was really after his mother. At this instant, the two of them were situated within the house's sitting room. "Aren't you are already aware of the fact that I want to exact revenge on that whore, I don't see why you are inquiring about it."Gore's sentence did not expire before he made a move on Arnold. Now that he was prepared to take his vengeance on the whore, Gore was not prepared for the imbecile to stand in his way and prevent him from carrying out his plan to kill the whore. Arnold was unable to react in time to Gore's attempt to kick him in the crotch, hence Gore was successful in his attempt. Gore wasn't done with him yet, so while he moaned in agony, Gore took him to a corner and continued to torment him. Arnold felt an overpowering terror of the impending tragedy that was about to drown him as Gore shoved him up against the wall. Gore's actions caused Arnold to fe
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Chapter 6 Exerting vengance
"You scumbag, let go of her!" Christopher grumbled as he held the rifle in his hand and directed it towards Gore. "I'm sorry, but things aren't going to work out the way you want them to. If you know what is best for your wife, you will show that you are a decent husband by stepping aside and allowing your wife and I to leave this location. I have made a solemn vow to myself that if she moved one inch, I was going to stab her in the back of the neck!" Gore's response to christopher's words consisted of a countenance that was surprisingly calm and was enough to terrify anyone. "You wouldn't dream of doing that to your aunt, would you?" Christopher spoke those words in total disbelief. He was in a state of pure shock and he couldn't believe what was happening. He considered the likelihood that the report given by the college staff was, in fact, accurate, and he questioned what might have occurred to this his meek nephew that would have caused him to act in such
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Chapter7 Finding The chaos Aura in the real world.
"Arnold!.. Don't die..i don't believe it, your not dead….. You can't die before me wuuuuuuuuuuu!" Griselder wept in the most audible manner imaginable while she wailed into her son's chest with all of her effort. The internal torment and anguish that she was going through were sufficient to give her the impression that her heart was going to explode. She was a b*tch who would mistreat the child of another person, but as far as her own child was concerned, she was still a loving mother. Christopher stood behind her while she screamed, his face contorted into an extraordinarily pitiful grimace, and his teeth were clenched together. His fury toward Gore reached an all-time high during this period, and while that added to his grief, the anguish he felt at the loss of his kid was a contributing factor as well. His facial expression changed almost instantaneously into one of unwavering determination. "I'm going to put an end to that child!" While Griselder was still crying her e
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Chapter8: the martial spirit of Arninkay
Chapter8: the martial spirit of arninkay "Chaos aura, it's been a long journey, but I've finally found you!" Gore exclaimed with elation because, after a large amount of time spent looking, it was now in front of him. Gore had been looking for it for quite some time. "You are mine" Gore said as he stretched his hands and grabbed at the wisp of foreign energy in front of him. The moment that his hands made contact with the wisp gore's face tightened into a deep frown, a tearing sensation which extremely painfull enveloped his entire existence. This pain resonated in his entire body and sole at the same time and it got more and more agonising as time goes by, it felt like countless micro needles were piercing his cells. "Aaaaash!" The mighty gore who had widstood countless teibulation without as much as a frown couldn't help but shout at the top of his longs from the anguish he felt in every fiber of his existence. Ordinary people would have long passed out by now due to
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Chapter9: curse Chaos Lord
Chapter9: The Curse Chayos Lord Gore's mind had a huge number of cultivating skills from a previous existence, providing him a wide range of alternatives from which to choose. Gore possessed a frighteningly large amount of cultivation skills. During his time as monarch of an entire realm in the past, he had acquired a significant number of cultivation skill during the course of his rule. Cultivation skills, like everything else, are divided up into categories in the starry heavens, and these categories are based on the five stages of cultivation. Beings can be broken down into five categories: mortal, earthly, heavenly, martial, and supreme. In contrast to the cultivation realms withing the cultivation steps, however, the cultivation skills themselves are likewise split into lower and higher grades. In addition, there are particular specialized skills that are collectively referred to as the ultimate skills. The cultivation of these rear ultimate skills is
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Chapter10: decision.
Chapter 10: decision. "Rise" gore ordered as he started walking in the curse chaos lord's direction. The curse chaos emperor rose to his feet once more after hearing gore's command. When he rose to his feet, gore didn't say any more, he just kept walking in his direction. Only after walking past the curse that lord did he opened his mouth and uttered. "Before setting out to conquer the Almuvian great world I originally arranged a resurection plan by leaving part of my soul and essence to you and the other lords in case I fail and die but why did I reincarnate instead, why didn't I resurrect as planed" As things appear, before setting out to conquer another great world to which he persihed in the hands of Othesis, gore had created a back up plan to resurrect himself. hence his confidence when he claimed to come back for revenge at the time of his fall. However, from the look of things now, his resurrection plan had likely felled through because he ended up riencarntin
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