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Joseph Guezz is the only son-in-law of the Smith family who doesn't have a wealthy fortune. Everyone always calls him a useless son-in-law, and he is always humiliated by all of his wife's family. One day, Joseph returns to his family home and becomes his father's substitute as a billionaire. Then he announces to everyone who has ever insulted him, "I AM NOT A POOR SON-IN-LAW!"


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Joseph is sitting at the corner of the table. He is eating alone and so alienated. The people there also ignore Joseph, they are busy joking around, but no one talks to Joseph. This is because Joseph is a son-in-law who lives in the house of his wife's family, the Smith family. Apart from having no wealth, Joseph has no position or dignity in the Smith family.Today is Mr. Barta Smith's birthday. The entire family was present to celebrate Mr. Barta's birthday. Many of them were looking forward to the opportunity to mock and insult Joseph."Honey, please eat this pork soup," said Katty handing Joseph a bowl of pork soup. She is Katty Smith, Joseph's wife, and Mr. Barta Smith's youngest daughter.Katty's eldest sister, hearing that, immediately sneered, "Katty, I made that pork soup, especially for our family. Not for such a poor and useless person like Joseph!"Hearing her eldest sister's words, Katty put the bowl of pork soup back on the table. She looks down in shame."What Jenny sai
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The small box was a pitch-black, slightly cracked wooden box that looked cheap. If Joseph gave such a cheap gift in front of all the family, it would embarrass Mr. Barta. That's why Mr. Barta refused Joseph's gift. Joseph was silent when his father-in-law rejected the gift he was about to give. Joseph kept his head down while still holding the gift."Keep the gift! What kind of gift can a poor man like you give?" Mr. Barta looked at Joseph sarcastically."If you give me an expensive gift like Lucky's, I'll accept it. However, if you give me a gift like that which is so cheap, of course, I'll refuse it because I don't want to be humiliated! You poor man!" Mr. Barta's eyes were perfectly rounded as he stared at Joseph and insulted him. "HAHA!" All the family laughed after Mr. Barta spoke.Katty was furious at her father's words, but Joseph always forbade his wife to speak. So, Katty could only remain silent while holding back her anger. After the birthday party was over, Joseph and K
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"I've come across people like you many times! Usually, people like you would lie to me and then steal jewelry!" The female employee named Selen gave Joseph a sharp look.Joseph was dumbfounded. He nodded and tried to confirm that he was not a thief.Joseph took out his black card and placed it on the display case, "Quick, swipe the card!""This is..." Selen's eyes were glued to the black card, her expression looking very tense. At first, she thought she had seen the wrong thing, but then she thought for a moment, and her eyes rounded wide. She could hardly believe it. "This is...the black card with the highest limit!""It's a black card from the World Bank! How is that possible?" The employee didn't expect it at all. "Global Supreme Black Card, with a credit limit of one hundred billion and no interest!""Yes, you're right. You can trust me now that this card is mine. Quickly get a set of jewelry for me, and I will pay for it using the balance on this card," Joseph said."Ah, yes, Sir
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Joseph opened the jewelry box, he took out a set of necklaces and put them directly onto his wife's neck with great pleasure. Katty was still speechless as she was amazed to see real diamonds on her necklace.Everyone in the office looked at Joseph with a look of disbelief. They were shocked and astonished. The box of jewelry was really bought by Joseph. As a matter of fact, a minute ago Joseph showed a paper with official proof that he had bought the jewelry."No way!" Victoria shook her head. She couldn't believe that Joseph could afford a billion dollars worth of jewelry."Honey..." Katty's eyes widened. Her small mouth opened slightly as she was moved at this moment. Katty even thought that her husband had won at gambling, or maybe won the lottery? Because, other than that, how else could Joseph buy such expensive jewelry?Everyone in the office was whispering and wondering where Joseph got that much money from? However, there was no confirmation from Joseph. This was because he w
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Katty seemed unable to stay where she was. She kept clenching her hands together as she heard her brother-in-law's words. She really couldn't afford to pay 100 million dollars, especially considering her husband's condition. Katty was sure that this was just Lucky's plan to humiliate her husband."Lucky, Joseph and I can't possibly give 100 million dollars for Dad's heart transplant surgery, we don't have enough money." Katty said. Katty was sure that this was just Lucky's plan to humiliate her and her husband."Lucky, Joseph and I can't possibly give 100 million dollars for Dad's heart transplant surgery, we don't have enough money," Katty said. In desperation, she finally confessed. After all, 100 million dollars was too much for her and her husband."Yes, from the beginning I was sure that your savings would not be enough, even to pay half of it. Especially your husband, I'm sure he has no money in his account at all. So poor!" said Lucky contemptuously to Joseph. He looked at Jose
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"Okay, enough! You'd better shut your mouth, Joseph! See, I got a good laugh out of that nonsensical remark of yours. You better think about where else you're going to apply for a job. You don't have to be pretentious and say you'll pay 300 million dollars. You won't be able to afford it! Hahahaha!" Lucky laughed again. After that, Lucky immediately went to the administration to request that his father-in-law be moved to the VVIP room. However, there seemed to be some problems that made it difficult for Lucky's wish to be granted."Sorry, Sir. We have our own rules. We cannot move a patient to the VVIP room because the patient must be treated for at least three days first. Mr. Barta has just entered the hospital, we can't move him to the VVIP room right away." An administrative assistant refused Lucky's request to move Mr. Barta to the VVIP room immediately. The administrative assistant said that they have their own rules. If you want a patient to be moved to the VVIP room, then at l
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Joseph smiled sarcastically when he saw Lucky's protest. He wanted to tell the truth, but it didn't seem like the right time. Moreover, the one who was lying down was his father-in-law. If Joseph told his identity, Lucky would faint and be treated like his father-in-law, Barta Smith." You guys don't need to know that. What is clear is that daddy will be moved to the VVIP room as soon as you want." With his tone of voice looking more stern, Joseph said that. Lucky was shocked by Joseph's words. He acted like a young master from a rich family. "Joseph, tell me quickly! What is your relationship with Mr. Gawali? How could he give you permission so easily? You must be related to him, right? He's the director of this hospital, he can't possibly know you!" said Lucky. He felt unacceptable.Joseph smiled when he heard that. "No. I don't have any relationship with him," Joseph lied. This was not the time for him to reveal that he was actually a young master from the Guezz family. An extre
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Joseph who heard that was immediately petrified. His heart didn't want to admit this truth. It had been a long time since he had seen his father, but his father had already passed away. He should have met his father first."It's okay, Uncle. When it comes to death, no one knows," Joseph comforted Mr. Gawali. It was obvious that the man had lost his boss. So, now that he saw Joseph, he felt that Mr. Guezz had returned in a younger version. The man was determined not to leave Joseph. Together with Joseph, he would manage all the assets of the Guezz family."Young Master, please. I will take you to the bank. I will take care of transferring all the ownership of Mr. Guezz's assets to you. You are now entitled to take over."Joseph who heard that immediately nodded. He started to get up from his seat and walked after Mr. Gawali from the side. Mr. Gawali looked at Joseph every now and then, which made his employer's son wonder."Uncle, what's wrong, why do you keep looking at me? I look str
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"WHAT?" Instantly, the shrieks of the householders could be heard. The people who were unhappy with Joseph's happiness were stunned. They were not happy to hear that. It left them with nothing to insult Joseph with anymore."Honey, are you serious?" asked Katty with a beaming face. Finally, after all this time, her husband got a job too. She was happy because from now on he wouldn't be insulted by her family anymore.However, it seemed like Katty was too happy to let Joseph continue. After Joseph did so, the sound of laughter could be heard throughout the house. They were extremely pleased with Joseph's explanation. They immediately looked down at the man and laughed at him."Yes. Mr. Gawali gave me a job as a cleaning service in his office," Joseph added."Hahaha! Cleaning service? Hahahaha." The sound of derisive laughter rang in both Katty and Joseph's ears. Katty, who heard her husband's explanation, was shocked. Katty wondered what kind of job her husband had gotten. However, in
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