In Game: Survive or Be Killed

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In Game: Survive or Be Killed

By: Lavenderous OngoingGames

Language: English

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The world has changed, because of money, resources are now slowly decreasing, to decrease the population and because of this, leaders all over the world decided to make a survival game. They called it "In Game." Experimenting people is now legal to make people become stronger and powerful to fight in what they called the national and international game. To reach the top and become as the most powerful person and to make their country the strongest. Animals that they made into monsters are now waiting outside the walls, forest, desserts, and even inside of the city to capture and eat their prey. Time where you know when you will die or how will you die. No freedom, undeveloped life, children can't go play outside anymore and forced murder. Do you still want to live in this situation? After so many years, one person with her group will come to change the course of time, will they be able to bring it back to normal? In the past where they could do whaterver they want, to do not include killing or torturing people by force. Where everyone will be happy and no longer have to suffer, where everyone have freedom to do what they want.


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82 chapters
[June 15, 3070; 10:15 A.M.]The people, the soldiers, the suffering citizens are confused and now were asking for help. They were rallying in front of a mansion and were asking for help to the current president. "Where are we going to get food!? Another country is taking over our territory! Where is the President!? He has to agree to that thing!" The old woman shouts and trying to push away the soldiers who were trying to block her way. One big man from the other side of the crowd lifted the old woman and yelled at her. "Hey old hag, are you crazy already!? If the President agrees to that, many people will die!" The big man shouted and the old woman punches his face hard making him angry and throw the old woman from the other side. The soldiers didn’t even tried to stop the man punching the old woman as they are busy trying to block the citizens way for coming inside of the mansion. In the past 10 years, every president of each country notice that the population of their country a
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2: RUN
"Dad, why is that? I don't understand, why there are people outside in this wall? why should we separate from them?" A little girl ask as her father carrying her in one arm. They are both looking at the wall that helps them to separate from the poor people outside of the wall. The little girl was known to be princess and the daughter of the strongest fighter to their country. "My daughter Ashtria, soon when you grow up you will understand everything as well," his father said while patting her head. "But Dad, I'm big enough to hold a weapon too," the little girl said and pouted. His dad just laughed softly with her mom."Really? You're only a four -year -old child," her mom said too smiling to the little girl. The little girl just deeply sighs and speaks. "Mom, four years old is enough. I also heard that some of our knights here knew how to wield a sword when they're four years old," the little girl replied to her mom and suddenly look at his dad's big face. "Anyways, dad can I hol
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[ 5 years later]"Ashtria, I'm here," a person said as he head inside. Ashtria approached the door to meet the person entering their small house made of coconut leaves and bamboos. She removed the curtains that were blocking the door and looked at him. "Welcome back, dada," Ashtria said coldly. He is the one who assisted her escape from the palace. She owes him so much for saving her life that he even took care of her after that. He was a close friend of her parents' and the commander of all guards in their palace."Have you cleaned up?" her father asked, and Ashtria responded with a nod. "Yes, I finished all of the housework, ahm, how's your work?" Ashtria queried."Well, the new king, I mean the new owner in this palace, almost guessed that I was the one who saved you," her dada said again, looking into her eyes. "Don't worry, this place is hidden, so they won't know you're here; however, Ashtria, you must leave this palace no matter what and dive into battle."Ashtria fixed her ga
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The place was filled with a thick smoke covering your eye sight. Because of the smoke, it will hard for you to breathe. Ashtria covered her nose while walking and passing through the people. This place were for commoners where only poor people live. "Mom, I'm so hungry!""What is that! I give you a lot of money just so you can join that game and at least have some food and this what you give to me!? Your body with a broken leg!?""Hey! That's enough y'all are so noisy, go to sleep don't you see that I am working!?"People are screaming and yelling towards each other. Blaming and killing people in secret to rob their money because in killing and torturing people are now legal. Ashtria saw too many people suffering and most of them are now lying down on the ground with their dead body. This place was called the Triadrial Kingdom, the place next to the kingdom where Ashtria live. The country where she was born has changed a lot, in their history books it was called the country P which
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Ashtria was shock when she knew who’s the guy that the men kicking and punching like a punching bag. That guy was the one he saw yesterday trying to find something. "That's why you're just letting us hurt you so that your friend can have time in our room and get some silver!?" said a large man and whipped the two. The two screamed in pain, their bodies and faces bleeding because of the wound.There are three men that hurting and whipping their arms and back. They were both crying in pain, Ashtria saw the guy’s eyes wanted to hurt them too but the guy just controlling himself not to move even a little. "Poor thing, shall I help?" Ashtria asked herself while keep on watching them. "Maybe not," she added and started to walk away. After Ashtria take a step, she heard the man saying that he will just kill them both. She took a glance quickly on them and saw those two lying on the ground, she just deeply sighed and touch her forehead. Before could the man slide it's sword towards the two
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"Did I tell you to shut your mouth when you talk like that?" the guy yelled at the girl as he placed a piece of bread in her mouth. The girl removed the bread from her mouth and began to speak."But it's okay to tell her because she's King Asherion's daughter, right?" the girl asks, looking at the guy standing beside her; the guy just sighed deeply and touched his brow before looking at Ashtria.On the other hand, Ashtria's expression indicated that she was perplexed by the two and was waiting for their response. She couldn't believe what the girl had told her. Her father died five years ago, which means that while her father was still alive, she secretly assisted the two people outside of their palace, which is illegal. A king from another kingdom should not intervene in the affairs of people who are not in his territory, as this may lead to a conflict between the two kingdoms.This law was enacted in response to a conflict between the Xenthral Kingdom and the Vorus Kingdom a few yea
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Ashtria heard the guards' footsteps approaching the shop. Ashtria gritted her teeth as she turned her head to face the shop owner. She pulled out the dagger and prepared to sever the shop owner's neck, but the guy with her grabbed her hand and both of them fled."What are you doing? Let me kill that man first before we leave!" Ashtria yelled at him."Don't waste your time with that idiot; I've already scattered bombs around his shop; a few seconds later, it'll explode quickly," the guy said, as the two of them hid in a small house near the shop. After seeing the two inside his house, a large man sitting in a chair was taken aback."What the hell are you two doing in my house? Get out–" the big man abruptly stops speaking as Ashtria dashes behind him and puts him to sleep.The man did not bother what happened to the guy and instead opened the window. They noticed a forest behind it, and the man speaks to Ashtria. "Let's get out of here," he said, and Ashtria followed his instructions.
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Ashtria together with the siblings is now walking in a small town that is still part of the Triadrial Kingdom. It is a place where middle commoners live, with big and small houses made of bricks. Ashtria was just following Lucas who was leading the way for them to escape the kingdom and go towards the Xenthral Kingdom. Women who wear such stunning dresses with their bodyguards on their sides to protect them. There are still wanted posters around the area about Ashtria and instead of using cloaks to hide her identity, Lucas gives her a mask to cover half of her face. The three of them were now walking and suddenly a heavy rain and strong wind came in making them stop walking and decided to stay in the town for one night. They found a cheap hotel to stay in and pick one room. The room is good for two persons only and one table "It's nice," Lucas's sister said and jump off the bed. "You should rest too, miss Ashtria," she added and looks at Ashtria with her angelic face. "You both
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"I want to fight the princess, let's see how far she has grown," the girl said and position her Katana while still staring coldly at Ashtria's eyes. The girl named Yukimi is an orphan that is the same age as Ashtria. She was raised by Ashtria's father for her to become one of the strongest warriors in Archains Countrial. But, after she knew that the late King of the Creshtian Kingdom was killed, she move to the current King and pledge her loyalty to him. "How can you be so calm and felt like nothing happened after hearing that your former master was dead?" Ashtria ask her coldly but Yukimi didn't respond and hold her Katana tightly. She quickly runs toward Ashtria holding her Katana. Ashtria quickly takes an action and defends herself with her one sword. Yukimi trying push Ashtria away from Lucas and Sanya by attacking her continuously. Ashtria focuses on Yukimi's movement and when she finds an opening, she quickly kicks Yukimi's hand and turns around to kick Yukimi's stomach makin
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Ashtria never stopped defeating skilled robots. Lucas assisted her until there were only five skilled robots left. Sanya, on the other hand, leaves them and proceeds to the great wall that separates the Triadrial Kingdom from the Xenthral Kingdom."They're getting close, Ashtria, we need to get out of here," Lucas says as he fights and attacks two skilled robots.Ashtria fixed her gaze on the three robots who were still waiting for her to attack. When she saw a dim light, she focused her eyes on its neck. Perhaps the dim light she saw was their weakness; she remembered her battle with the other robots earlier and how every time she tried to cut their necks, they fought back. "No, I want to beat them before we Ieave," Ashtria stated as she prepared her two blue rose swords to fight the robots in front of her. She dashed into them to attack them, and Lucas merely gnashed his teeth in frustration. The Triadrial Kingdom's guards, on the other hand, are now meters away from their location
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