Key To The New World

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Key To The New World

By: Marie Mer OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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My life has become a real quest "how not to go crazy and survive." If I thought that the most difficult thing is to survive the loss of loved ones, then I was deeply mistaken. It is difficult to survive when they want to get rid of you in order to gain power. Difficult, but possible. It's difficult when a dark magician and his minions want to make you their battery. It is difficult to avoid, but so far it is possible. The hardest thing is to accept the time and fate allotted to me from above. My quest is 8760 years long.


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More than half a century has passed since she buried her husband. The pain subsided, there was a slight sadness. I am saved by work at the academy and state affairs. I rejoice, looking at Nikita and Talia. They made good rulers. I am grateful to my grandson, which allows me to do public work and in general, he began to take care of me as if I were his sister, and sometimes his daughter.- Ba, maybe you will accept Maxim's offer and will also teach in Mariysk. Both academies have already drawn up a rough schedule for you so that you have time to conduct classes here and there. And then you will bring up good teachers there.“Is it so that I don’t get bored at all?”- This is so that sadness finally leaves you. She's eating you up from the inside.She just nodded at those words.- Well, I will accept Maxim's offer, I will work in two academies. I'll ask Zhenya to help me manage the swallow.− You can have your personal pilot. In general, you will have protection."I just want to remembe
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“If we immediately fly to this anomalous place, then even being close to that cave will help us. And so from several hours to several days. And it is worth considering that he had already absorbed the bones that were in Runit, he became stronger. Now we are going to take off.- Nadezhda, you absolutely cannot fly there.- I understand, I have already encountered this mineral and its effect.There was a hitch, because we had only one swallow.- Fly already, - I waved off Zhenya - I will contact Maxim, I still have lessons in the capital tomorrow. Keep me posted.There were a few guards with me. The military of Mariysk looked at me with interest. We wanted to make you feel comfortable right away. I thanked him with a slight smile and just decided to walk around a bit and contact Maxim.- Hello dear.“Hmm, you are near the vault.− Yes. The magician was packed and taken away. Take me away from here, otherwise there are lessons tomorrow. And I wanted to stay with you.- Now I will send a
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Arthur watched in silence, and stunned.- And which one? - Asked with a gentle smile - Enlighten us.“Why go against the ruling family when you can become an empress and rule.- Did you come up with it yourself?- No, it was my father who suggested it. I will marry Atrur, he, of course, is not handsome, but what can not be tolerated for the good of relatives. Then I will bring my relatives closer to the court, and they will occupy all the best posts at the court. And then, I will become a widow, before that you and his parents will leave the world. And I will be able to marry again, already for my beloved, who is waiting for me, and he will ascend the throne with me.- Bravo, what wonderful plans. And what is your sweetheart's name?- Alex Shores.- Familiar kind. Arthur, what are we going to do with an ambitious girl?It was pitiful to look at Arthur. He has matured, there is no other way to say it."I'm getting stomach cramps from your potion."She handed him another vial.- Drink,
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After my words, the teachers stirred. And I asked my vorlaks to spread out not far from the camp and hide for now. The feeling of tension did not let me go even when all my students returned and began to prepare potions. Oddly enough, they were preparing the fifth year, and the junior years helped them with the preparation of potions. The guys were given the potion only after checking for quality. Each team received a credit.- Well done, - I reservedly praised the girls - do not disperse from the camp, the named guests will be coming soon.Fortunately, the potions had time to work on the guys before the bandits approached the camp. Moreover, as far as I can tell, they were two completely different groups. And they came from different directions. And when they saw each other, they were surprised. Unfortunately, this did not stop them from attacking us. This time I regretted that I had not agreed to take extra security with me.- Nadezhda, please don't get in, - Ruslan, a teacher from
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And I, having thanked the gods for being still alive and I have living children, just sat in the temple enjoying the peace and quiet. The basket, as usual, disappeared into the air, which surprised those few parishioners who were in the temple. My escort was sitting next to me, not moving more than half a meter away from me.- Rest, - said Eugene sitting down next to my guard - I was told here that you were going to go to the spark.- Will you come with me?− Yes. I didn't even see her. And it is, in fact, a great artifact. And I don't like your relatives asking about my personal life.- Didn't they marry someone?- Uh-huh, for you.I looked at the man in surprise.- And what did you say?− Misalliance.I just smirked.“And I wouldn't want to leave my children here, and you probably wouldn't either.I looked differently at the man whom I have long considered my close friend. Our children can be like us, they can live a very long time, even too long. And not the fact that it will have
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- Your Majesty, - they bowed slightly to me, both men smiled slightly, appreciating my outfit - Have you decided to resume training?− Yes. Make a company?- It will be an honor for us.Darina looked into the hall and walked over the wall into the hall and sat on a bench to watch. Several other strong men followed her.- Oh, you guys are on time. We are honored to spar with the lady.- Let's not be sarcastic, just sparring without further ado.“Sorry, that was not sarcasm, but not the ability to express your joy,” said another man. - Poles or swords?- Let's start with the poles.First, there were fights on poles, then swords, and finally, in the usual hand-to-hand combat. They fought exclusively without magic. I got tired of them. After all, they didn’t come out to me one at a time, at least two of them.- Warm up, - said Eugene with a smile. - I've finished it, you'd better test and check that the lock reacts to you correctly. Oh Darinka hello, where did you lose Vlada?- He was pun
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I left silently, I did not want to say anything. My feet led me into the garden. That's where my guards found me. Emil stepped forward and said:“Mistress, take us with you from now on. We must protect you, even if it means our own lives.I just nodded.- Let's spar, I need to clear my head and remove anxiety. And soon I will have to go to Mehring. And I need you to think about which other guys to take with you.− What is expected in Mehring?− Anything. I don't trust certain families of aristocrats. They found a way to circumvent the oath, - she winced. I'll find out more on the spot. You may have to live there for more than one year. Well, at least the teachers managed to prepare. It will be necessary to warn the girls that most likely now they will conduct all the lessons themselves.After sparring with the guys, she returned to her normal state. But Emil looked a little differently now. Although he tried not to show his emotions in any way. But when I took off my artifact from my
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Not how she did not react to the howling name, she calmly examined the men. Trying to figure out what kind they are. I would like to say that these are people, but intuition interfered. Of these, only two are lizards, three look like people. All five point their laser at me and try to surround me.She reacted with lightning speed with magic, bound all five, so that not one of them could move.“Mistress, now you can remove the shield and let us in,” Emil said, hearing resentment and a little condemnation in his voice.- Sorry guys, I couldn’t let you in right away because of their weapons. It is not magical and you have not encountered this yet. Call Evgeny, there will be a lot of interesting things for him. Tell them they're pirates, he'll understand.Zhenya flew in on his flying board. He had burning eyes in anticipation of something interesting.− Excellent! Hmm, three parasites and two lizards. Mathis swaddle them better with magic. So it's hard to breathe. And then if their shells
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In the morning I barely had time to put myself in order, and Zhenya came in to get dressed with my guards.- How did you sleep?- Disgusting. Haven't slept like this in a long time.- You are not the only one, Darina did not fall asleep at all. She immediately woke me up and forced the security guard to set it to normal. She heard strange voices.- Where is she now?- He sleeps off, - Zhenya said with a smile. - I and your guys have so far cleaned out the old secret police, while I put new ones on her rooms, we got exhausted. Before you ask, yes we slept, a couple of hours. Now let's work on your room. While Emil will accompany you everywhere.- Okay.Breakfast was in a narrow circle, which was attended by Alik with his wife Isa, Nate, Lita and three other boys from 12 to 18 years old. Judging by the similarity, these are the children of Lita and Nate. I wonder what motivated a girl to marry this man. He is, to put it mildly, a father to her. And she does not look happy, rather exhaus
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Our warm-up with Emil was watched by all and sundry. And the military after it looked at me with some kind of adoration and admiration. And after the training, I agreed with Mathis and Rerik on additional magic lessons for the soldiers.- Eugene, who is he for the lady? Nate turned to the artifactor.He stood at the window and watched me train with Emil from the castle.- If both will not be stupid, then the favorite.- You allow yourself very free statements.- Do not flatter yourself, but I can. And for the future, you should not send your people to her as favorites, lovers, she will immediately understand this.− You know, she is a strong mentalist.In the evening, Emil led me to my rooms, made sure that there was no stranger in them, and was about to leave. I stopped him.- Emil, remind me about training, I can just forget about them at work.- All right, ma'am."Why are you calling me ma'am?"- How else? - he was worried.- We will never get off the ground like this, - she said a
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