Married at First Sight

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Married at First Sight

By: Gu Lingfei Updated just nowBillionaire

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Since the day Serenity got hitched to a stranger on their blind date, she had assumed married life would be ordinary but respectful and mundane. It never crossed her mind that her new husband would be clingy like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. To her utmost surprise, he could make her troubles disappear whenever she was in a fix. Despite her questioning, her husband would always pass it off as luck. Until one day, she watched an interview with a local billionaire known for fussing over his wife. That was when she noticed the uncanny resemblance of the billionaire to her husband. The wife whom he was showering attention on turned out to be her!


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Chapter 1
Wiltspoon’s hot weather in October was a killer. Still, the mornings and evenings were eased by the late autumn breeze. Serenity Hunt got up first thing in the morning to make breakfast for her sister’s family of three before grabbing her birth certificate and slipping away in the silence. “We’re going Dutch from now on, and I’m talking about everything - the living expenses, the mortgage, and auto loans! Your sister should be splitting the cost since she’s staying at our place. Sure, she pays two thousand bucks a month, but it doesn’t stretch very far. She’s basically mooching off us.” Serenity overheard her brother-in-law’s comment during the couple’s argument last night. She had to move out of her sister’s place. However, there was only one way to put her sister’s mind to rest, and that was to get married. Since Serenity wanted to tie the knot on short notice without ever having had a boyfriend, she decided to take up on Grandma May’s offer. Serenity had saved the old
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Chapter 2
“I won’t back out on a promise.” It took Serenity a few days to consider before reaching a decision. Now that she had made up her mind, she was not going to go back on her word. There was nothing more Zachary could say at that point. He took out his document and placed it in front of the officer. Serenity did the same. The pair swiftly went through the formalities in less than ten minutes. Once the officer issued the marriage license, Zachary fished out a bunch of keys from his pocket and gave them to Serenity. He said, “The house I bought is in Brynfield. Nana told me that you own a bookshop near Wiltspoon School. My place isn’t too far from your workplace. It’ll take around ten minutes by bus.“Do you have a driver’s license? If you do, you can get a car. I can help with the down payment while you will be responsible for the monthly payment. It’ll be easier for you to commute to work.“I can get very busy at work, so you won’t see me much. There will be business trips to
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Chapter 3
“I will, Nana.”Serenity casually responded. Although Grandma May was nice to her, Zachary was her blood relative while Serenity was only related to the family by marriage. Serenity found it hard to believe that the Yorks would stand by Serenity during a conflict between her and Zachary.Such was the case with her sister’s parents-in-law. Before marriage, the in-laws were nothing but good to Serenity’s sister to the point their birth daughter was jealous. It was a different story after the wedding. Every time Serenity’s sister got into a disagreement with the husband, her mother-in-law would get on Serenity’s sister’s case about being a bad wife. In short, the son was always family while the daughter-in-law remained as an outsider. “You must be heading to work, so I should get out of your hair. I’ll get Zack to get you home for dinner tonight.” “Nana, I’m closing the shop pretty late at night. I probably won’t be able to make it. Can we reschedule for the weekend?” Th
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Chapter 4
“You said it yourself, Liberty. It’s his prenuptial property. It doesn’t make sense to add my name to the title deed since I didn’t pay a penny for the house. I think we should forget about it.” Zachary did Serenity a huge favor by handing her the keys to the house the moment they got married. She could move in right away, solving her housing predicament. Serenity was not going to request that of Zachary. Of course, she would not refuse if Zachary added her name on his own accord. Now that they were husband and wife, Serenity made up her mind to spend the rest of her life with him. It was just a passing mention by Liberty, but knowing her sister who was self-reliant and not driven by greed, Liberty did not dwell on the matter. After a series of interrogations, Serenity successfully moved out of her sister’s place. Liberty wanted to drop her off at Brynfield, but Sonny happened to wake up. The little guy was crying for his mama the moment he opened his eyes. “You should atte
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Chapter 5
With his game face on, Zachary said, “Back to the meeting.” Sitting nearest to Zachary was his cousin, Callum. Among the cousins within the same age range as Zachary, Callum ranked second.Callum drew close and whispered, “Zack, I overheard your conversation with Nana. Did you really marry that Ser- girl?”Zachary shot him a glare. Scratching his nose, Callum straightened his back and ended the probing. Even so, Callum had nothing but sympathy for Zachary. There was no need for the York boys to secure social and financial standing through marriage, but Zack and his new bride were not a match in every single way. Poor Zack. He merely married the girl because Nana took a liking to her. Once again, Callum offered Zachary his deepest sympathy through his thoughts. Thank goodness Callum was not the oldest in the family. Otherwise, he would have to step up to the plate and marry Nana’s lifesaver. Unaware of all that, Serenity got the location details and was busy dragging he
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Chapter 6
Serenity said with a smile, “What do I need your cousin for? He has a girlfriend. It’s too late now because the papers are signed! Keep it between us and don’t let my sister know. I don’t want her to be sad.” Jasmine was speechless.Her best friend sure pulled one heck of a move. “There are all those Lifetime movies and romance novels about blindly marrying a multi-billionaire. Maybe that’s the case with you too, Seren.” Smacking her best friend in the head, Serenity remarked with a grin, “I bet you read all the chick lit in the shop. Dream on about marrying a billionaire at first sight. Do you think the place is crawling with billionaires?” Jasmine rubbed on the bump and sighed as Serenity had a point. Jasmine then asked, “Where’s your husband’s place?” “Brynfield.” “Not bad. It’s a good neighborhood and easily accessible. Plus, it’s not far from our shop. Where does your husband work? He must earn a lot of money since he bought a house in Wiltspoon and in an expensive ne
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Chapter 7
Zachary got into the Rolls Royce and instructed in a husky voice, “Don’t forget to bring around the national car I bought.” It was a façade to fool his wife. What was his wife called again? “Oh, right. What’s the name of the missus again?” Zachary could not be bothered to dig out the marriage license. Oh, it was likely Nana did not return it to him after he showed her. Anyhow, the marriage license was not with him. The bodyguard replied, “… The young missus is Serenity Hunt. She’s twenty-five this year. You might want to remember that.” Mr. Zachary had an exceptional memory, but when it came to people who he was not fond of, he jammed them out. This was especially true with women. He probably would not know the lady’s name even if they met every day. “Sure. Got it.” Zachary responded offhandedly. Judging by Zachary’s tone, the bodyguard knew he would not be bothered to learn the young missus’ name. Refusing to waste more brain cells on Serenity, Zachary slumped agai
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Chapter 8
Zachary was careful to watch his weight, refusing to let himself go and become overweight. It was hard to shed the pounds. Serenity smiled. “You’re fit, Mr. York.“So… I guess I’ll go back to bed?” “Sure,” Zachary replied. “Goodnight.” Serenity wished him goodnight before turning on her heel to leave. “Hang on, Se… Serenity.” Zachary called after her. Pausing, Serenity turned her head around and asked, “Yes?” Zachary looked at her and said, “Please don’t walk around in your pajamas next time.” She was not wearing a bra underneath her pajamas. Unfortunately, his eagle eyes picked up on that. They were husband and wife anyway, but what if someone else caught her in her pajamas? The last thing he wanted was for other men to see his wife’s body. Red in the face, Serenity bolted back to her room and slammed the door shut. Zachary was speechless.She was embarrassed before he could feel awkward for her. Zachary took a moment to sit before heading to the master
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Chapter 9
Now that his belly was filled, Zachary took out his wallet and looked through it, but he did not have much cash on him. In the end, he pulled out a debit card and put it in front of Serenity. With a raised brow, Serenity looked at him. “You need money to buy things. This card is for you. The PIN is…” Zachary looked for a pen and paper and wrote the PIN down before handing it to Serenity. “You can use the card for household expenses. I’ll transfer the money into the account every month when my wages are in, but you need to keep track of whatever you buy. I don’t mind you spending the money, but I need to know what it’s spent on.” Back when they got the marriage license, Serenity had asked him whether they should go halves on the expenses, to which Zachary shot down. Since they were a married couple, they were family. He did not mind giving her money. Zachary had more money than he could count and could not put a figure to his assets. He barely had time to spend the money as
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Chapter 10
Serenity went to her sister’s place. She opened the door and went inside the house to find her sister was already up. Liberty was busy in the kitchen. “Liberty.” “Seren, you’re here.” Liberty came out of the kitchen and was happy to see her little sister. “Have you eaten? I’m making a pot of pasta. Do you want a plate?” “I’m good. I had breakfast. Have you started cooking? You don’t have to if you haven’t because I brought you and Sonny breakfast.” “Not yet. Sonny had a fever last night. I didn’t sleep much the whole night, so I got up late. Your brother-in-law had to get breakfast from the shop. He wasn’t happy about it. He accused me of doing nothing all day and I could’ve made him breakfast since all I did was look after a child.” Liberty was hurt. Serenity was furious for her sake. “Why did Sonny have a fever? You should take him to see a doctor later even if the fever’s gone in case it comes back. Seriously. I can’t believe my brother-in-law didn’t bother to help a
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