Mass Effect Andromeda: Dark Designs (Bimonthly Updates)

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Dark Designs (Bimonthly Updates)

By: Magmatidez OngoingSci-Fi

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Bimonthly Updates His death is never the end. For he is an Eternal Reincarnator. Sentence to continue to move on no matter what. This is his first Dimension trip. His first time at work. Another one of the many Champions of Gaia. The good news, another Champion gave him a an A.I. One because his task was a little harder. He needed to breed a lot. Two, he needed the push to make sure 2nd Earth, (In the Andromeda Galaxy) received protection from a lot of things till it was ready. Three, the current Earth he was on, received a volatile dose of warfare from the alien threat. Story focus on Mass Effect 1, barely on Mass Effect 2 besides grabbing characters and heading to Mass Effect Andromeda. Contains cultivation, Dieties, and is tied to DC Dark Justice, This character is the brother of the character from there. The Sequel to this one is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dark Designs, then Mortal Kombat: Dark Justice. Its fourth installment and possibly last is Marvel's Shield: Dark Justice. I do not own any rights to Mass Effect characters. No profit earned from this.


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Talk with a Goddess/Titaness
Leonardo also known as "Leo" was in his study reading a book. Finishing off, he close the book Odyessy. It was an enjoyable read. As well as several other books regarding Myth, Legend, and a few other stories.A glass of whiskey to the side that he topped off already waited to be sipped."Ah, vacation is just the best after a long time of work." He turned to the window, the moon looked slightly off out there. A slight green-brown glow to it. "Another weird phenomenon happing again. What in the blazes is going on out there in space? First a meteor shower, now this."*Chk!* The door opened to the study. His ex-wife after 15 short years finally finished packing her last bit of belongings. Coming to say goodbye most likely while she was here."Leo, are you sure I cannot get you to move as well?" Patricia asked once more. She watched as he shook his head no for the umpteenth time. Never budging on what he believed to be right. "Earth is done for, the Colonies
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I am where exactly?
 The Boundary-.People and various animals were flittering about back and forth. Some in a rush, some just talking while moving. The thing about them, they were all exuding energy around them.Leo would find out much later they were wielding Dimensional Laws. The very makeup of Reality. It was on a small scale compared to the bigwigs, but it was happening. Which was really weird.Almost out of comic books or an old cartoon.Before Leo could get his bearings, he was hoisted up. Taken by invisible hands. Individuals moved away. A few eyeing him to see "what" he was. And "who" he belonged to.None made any moves. That was a good way to get.. removed. No one wanted that. Not after working so hard to get to where they were.A few grinned at the newbie. Things always turned better when newbies arrived. Meant the work they were doing was going forward. Proof that more "realities" would stay around in the end.Leo was mov
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Eden Prime Part 1 Descent in a Shuttle
First Day on the Job-.Traveling in a shuttle were a few people and one Xenos. The Xenos was that of the species called Turian. An odd type of creature with military design and history ingrained deeply. A joke of them being birdlike was a thing, but where really, most couldn't tell.The others were all human. The same as almost every Dimension really in the regard to potential and accomplishments. Full of ambition and capable of good and bad things in equal measure.A.I. - installing… process complete... Waking up Champion Leonardo now."Uh, what the hell?" The man asked himself. His jaw ached a bit as things were just so weird still. He had a really crazy dream. In which he talked to a woman with black-purple hair. Bronze skin and a piercing set of eyes that changed colors. 'That.. was a very nice dream. But am I still sleeping by chance?'Thoughts were muddled and almost foggy in way of vision for a bit. The focus was coming after
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Eden Prime Part 2 Saving a few
Planetfall-.As they were ready to leave the shuttle, Leo made sure to fit a camera and vocal device to his suit. The A.I. configured it to make sure it ignored his voice slightly. He needed to get comfortable talking to it mentally more and more. Regular speech would be permitted that didn't lead to other things of course."Make sure you Alliance people keep together." Nihlus leaned out the shuttle door. Kaiden and Jenkins reacted to his words slightly. But not the Shepards. "I move better alone.""You hear that?" Leo tapped Jane's shoulder behind him. "He moves better alone. Dumb fuck is gonna get his head blown off. What do you say, you and Kaiden move in one spot, me and Jenkins move up another not to far away. Stay in eyesight?"Jane gave a nod liking the idea. "Do not cancel radio silence. Apparently, this is a big deal. Intel that the Turians did not share with us suggests something else in the works."*Thump! Thump! Thump!* Jane and
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Eden Prime Part 3 Contracts and People
A.I.- This is correct. Nirali Bhatia is part of Ashley William's squad in away. She is an attachment. Suppose to die in the geth attack. Will still happen if you do not help her! So stop dallying about!'Alright!' Leo went over and applied the omni-gel. Reaching into his inventory, he felt time slow down as he helped her change from the crappy armor as well. She was weary but coming to really quickly. "You will be fine. Just hang in there. Just a little change-up. The armor you had was to damage to help with Life Support functions.""Run Williams! Run!" Nirali yelled. Fretting about based off her last memory really. It took some calming before she settled down.Leo looked back seeing the others approach forward stealthily. He only noticed because a feeling from the A.I. it boosted his senses a lot really. It would take time for him to get a better handle on his Spiritual Sense. And the map was kind of in his brain from it mapping out from memory and updates peri
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Eden Prime Part 4 A Turian and learning about Cultivation just a little
Making it to the down Nihlus was terrible for them. A few geth had arrived and a quick firefight ensued. Still empowered by the spirit energy, Leo used and omni-blade to cut through them quickly. Ashley and Jane Firing instead of running now.Once the dust settled, the treatment of Nihlus took slightly longer than expected. He was barely alive really.A.I.- Let the other two deal with any stranglers and look around. A chance for you to do your work is available. Ask him to join you. To sign a contract to keep living.'Really, this does not seem like the right time.' Leo said skeptic. He looked behind to see Jane and Ashley taking out any Geth that twitched about. He shrugged and tried his best to help the Xenos. "I can save you Nihlus. But it comes at a cost. The question is, are you willing to do whatever it takes to stop Saren from bringing about the end of everything you know?"Nihlus eyes focused a little bit as he thought it over. His blue blood all
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