NEXUS: King of Warkinles

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NEXUS: King of Warkinles

By: YURI OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The last two thousand years have been a time of conflict for Warkinlesian, the people of Warkinles. A time of change. But beyond their infighting, and the world healing from the damage he caused, they found ample reason to fear. The Old Ones, their predecessors from time immemorial, were stirring from their slumber. The Pagans sought to move against them, seeking to undermine our power. Yet something else stirred beneath it all. Their oldest, greatest fear will soon come true. Sarum, the Lord of Calamity, God of Destruction is coming. Warkinles is in danger, they need a saviour.

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The only presence on the mountain was the wind.It moaned and howled around mountain peaks, slithered between cracks in the stones, and stirred up the otherwise smooth snow layer. This high up, there was nothing to stop its journey. The only obstacle in its path was the derelict temple that clung to the mountainside.A mighty structure it was no longer. Time and the elements have done their work over the countless centuries: scattering tiles and crumbling walls, collapsing spires and heralding its slow decay. The only thing they hadn't taken from it was its pride. Patches of tiles on the roof still rippled like the sea. The spires that remained stood tall above the clouds. It was a battle of attrition, one that any structure, no matter how proud, would lose.But then, we arrived.As one of the first deities to appear, I got to see it all. There was nothing fancy about my arrival; a simple manifestation, a couple leaves floating around for flavor.My concern was punctuality rather than
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Chapter 1
The spring air was warm as Nexus broke the earth, tilling up reluctant soil. He'd only done a few rows, but sweat already trickled down his brow and back. A playful breeze and merciful clouds helped shield him from the unrelenting heat."Nasin must be in a bad mood today," he said to himself as he dug up the dirt. His body acted without thought, bringing the hoe down again and again.The gardens had to be ready for spring planting as wheat alone wouldn't provide for his small family. His thoughts then drifted over to the subject of his father, who was out in the fields, taking care of the livestock. It was a chore he was grateful to avoid; the fields reeked, and he was certain the donkeys had a vendetta against him.More soil scattered in the wake of Nexus' hoe. After a time, he straightened his aching back and wiped the sweat from his brow, dragging his gaze around the property. The gardens were a short ways west from the humble abode that housed the Strait men. The barn stood farthe
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Chapter 2
Nexus weaved through the trees and groves of his village, lost amid fantastical daydreams. In his mind, each step was a bold stride into the unknown; every tree he dodged was another foe conquered, every log he scaled an impossible mountain to climb. His adventures took him all across Santana, from the deadly Forest of Tudar in the west to lands distant and unknown. And on the tragic day of his death, he instead rose to take his place among the gods."What a thought," Nexus said to himself as he leapt over a mossy log. His thoughts then wandered from dreams of a hero to being a deity.They were dangerous thoughts though; Father Tiago had told him that such blasphemous musings might count him as a "Pagan", a would-be deity who sought the Warkinlesian's power. Such thoughts would not do, and the gods have struck down men for far less. But despite the dangers, Nexus found his mind gravitating towards the idea. He was hard pressed to think of what deity he could be; there was a god for ev
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Chapter 3
When I was just a boy, my father was teaching me some basic chores to help out on the farm. 'Such dreary work isn't meant for me,' I said to myself, so I sneaked away when he told me to fetch our water. Soon I was bounding through the woods, gleefully laughing in the wind. Throughout the day I raced through the trees, flying across the forest floor. It wasn't til sunset I noticed the day had gone by, and I'd best get home. Father would more than likely give me a beating, but I knew he was growing worried. But when I tried to return home, I found that I'd become lost. Try as I might, I couldn't get my bearings. Any other boy might have sat and cried until someone found them, if someone found them at all. But not I. I kept my wits about me and pressed on. The trees guided me somewhere, like water down a funnel. After a time I found the thickets parting to reveal a clearing. Yet this was no ordinary meadow. It held magic!By now, everyone grew spellbound by Nexus' words. Even Lady Kri
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Chapter 4
"Well now, isn't that a pretty story," drawled a strong, fruity voice from the back. "I wonder if it's true?" Heads turned in surprise to its source, Nexus' spell over them shattering in an instant.Heavy footfalls dented the silence that now smothered the room. Those footfalls belonged to a barrel chested man, sure of foot and proud of stature under his finely woven blue shirt and dark pants. The only thing darker than his skin was his hair, which clung tight to his scalp. That, and the temper that ran just under the surface."Lord Ethan," Lady Kristen said, her voice slack in surprise. A moment later she regained her composure and continued, "I didn't know you frequented the Summer Harvest.""I don't, typically. But when I heard my Lady was making merry with the rabble, I decided to join in." His tone was light enough, but was as frigid as the annual winters that plagued Bailnor.Nexus froze at Ethan's voice, the only thing moving being his pounding heart. His hands were locked in a
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