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When an Asteroid Crashes Land Of Okyot, 30% of population who couldn't evacuate the area died by being crushed. Only 5 of them survived at first, found out by the Allianced Nations Search Parties. They are divided among Them to allow Okyot's Independent status to be continued as the Kids have got some myserious powers along the way due to incident. What's the mystery around the powers, did asteroid crash was a coincidence?, What's the secret? Read to find out.

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Rats Of The Cashew
"We're fucked", "We're Gonna Die", "Where are the Carts, What's the King Doing?". These were the some of the words being mumbled going on between the People Of Okyot By The Fear Of being crushed beneath The Asteroid Which Has Been Stuck Over the Land's Atmosphere For the Past 2 Days,Neither the Sunlight nor the Moonlight, No Clouds or no sky. All one could see since then was this huge Boulder Above Them. Taking Less Care about Their Wealth and Royalty, Saving Lives is More Important at this point, in the year 700 BC, Narrates Flamen.The Scene Fades on to the fort of Okyot inside a Black Prison. "You wanted to Know About the Full Story?, I will tell it to you then. The Story of his "Cashew" and her Phobia of Rats.But let's catch up on the story up until now first.""No, You Can't. He shouldn't know about it." "Why Not? He deserves to know.He is gonna die soon after all, isn't he?"Another Blackout happens. "It's the Ritual You Started, Isn't it?"In The Fort Of land of Alamba, Wh
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Political Surrendering
The Next Day After The Crash, Survivors Wake Up as the layer above the lake on which they were resting can be seen to have lowered in density as they have left prints on the land where they were sleeping too signifying that the land may have grown fragile in the meantime. Although no one focuses on it, they decide to continue their search for food and water for the day till any rescue is found.Everybody gets up and starts going but Jean's leg gets submerged in between the land as if it was a marshy/buggy land but it was not happening with anybody else and they were shocked by what was happening too. The whole day, they push the sand out and dislocate it all over the place in hope to find something but they couldn't find anything. Jean despite being the most injured was able to do things with more effective strength and capabilities which was still a mystery to everybody including Jean. All he said was he was feeling energetic inside. Rehan rubs the sand with his wound believing the
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Optional Peace
Another day starts and it's the 5th day since the asteroid appeared above the Okyot and the Leaders of Nations Gathered on short notice. Meeting for the Day Starts which is supposed to be the last for the happening after which they are expected to move in their respective kingdoms. In the room, beside the Four Kings, there is Deyja and Eris representing Okyot. Deyja starts the meeting formally and Eris ends it by announcing that Deyja will be the temporary King of Okyot till the time King Betelguese appears so that Okyot has a leader in the meantime and isn't left alone in the meeting without an opinion. King Bradford questions her decision by saying that Deyja could take over her hierarchy and dynasty and was she having that much trust in Deyja? Eris confirms that the decision is absolute and consequences will be met by her on her own responsibility taken by her as the Princess of Okyot and she is ready for it. All kings praise her courage but criticise her judgement at the same t
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A War Of Revenge
"4 years have passed and it's 696 BC. We are talking About if you don't know, it's a time bound thing. We count years", narrated Flamen.In these 4 years, economic stabilisation was achieved somewhere in Okyot as it was still in the reconstruction stage but at a very fast pace. It was able to allow people to stay in their old places.Talking at a personal level, the survivors have grown mentally and physically with their strength levels. Eris has proved to be a Good Queen and the rest of them follow her to prove their worthiness at the same time. It's time for a pact meeting among the survivors, the 17th Pact Meeting. During the time period, while there used to be only 1 resolution to provide only military assistance, 5 more have been added to it by the survivors group accepted by the Kings as Well. They were :To have same dress code for all the militants under the Alliance Nations to show UnityNo Travel restrictions for residents among the Nation'sJoint Military Exercises to impro
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A Morton's Fork
In Okyot, everybody was still visiting the Nation as they got to understand that people are still having some problems as expected and which can't be eliminated. They arrive in Jean's House and Deyja notices a soldier from his intelligence squad and gets to know that they were looking for them for the past few hours and were on The Survivor's Houses knowing they will arrive. He(Soldier) tells Deyja that an escort had arrived from Uruzih to deliver a message of a potential war. Deyja tells the same to Eris and they decide to head back to the Palace Immediately.Eris arrives in court where she gets the same message as sent to King Harald and she is in trouble thinking as she can't decide on what to do. She can't risk Okyot to go in a War after all that they have done in reconstruction. She tells the escort to rest for a bit while he is in Okyot because he will be treated as a guest in the meantime following the Ethics. He is sent to his place. Eris gets stressed on the matter thereafter
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After interaction with Azazel, everybody comes back to their camps. King Bradford furiously asks Eris About the fuck he just saw there with those kind of powers. Ivar and Jean at the Same time ask her about it. King Harald says that things are not gonna work out this way. Eris says that she understands the situation but can't tell for now and she was sorry for that. King Harald criticises and says that this war was being fought for her sake and she is hiding things from her comrades itself. How can she call herself a Queen when she hides things from her trustees. Everybody gets against Eris in the matter as she speaks nothing. She is fully surrounded with the same questions in the room. King Helios calms down the situation and asks for a solution to deal with that kind of speed.Jean says that that kind of speed was unmatchable and unlocked before like their strength power. They will not be able to face that kind of power easily. King Harald confirms full belief in his battle tactics
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It's gotten afternoon as the sun is straight above the heads. Uruzih's soldiers despite being in small quantity fighting as hard they can. They are on the verge of being replenished however. All the Commanders in a sync deploy the reserve forces to finish this battle more quickly.On the Other Hand, Ivar is in a white themed place. All confused and scared. He is being approached by a little oy Spirit. "HINA,.....BASHIRA,..... JEAN, me, save me. I am gonna be killed", shouts Ivar all along.The spirit gets to him and it's a little boy. Gathering some confidence, Ivar asks the boy what place this was. All he remembered last was he was in Battlefield. Boy tells him that he is still there. It was his soul who was there talking with the boy. He was inside his mind.Ivar is so confused and finds some relief. He asks whether he was dead and that's why he is talking with a spirit as told by his parents."Hello, The Name's Gatan, and yes, you are alive." Ivar says,"I don't have time
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Eris reveals to Ivar that she got another power of flying. Ivar tells her that he was told already by Ivar. She tells him that she unlocked speed when she got to know that her father wasn't alive anymore. And now after the passing of Deyja. Ivar can't comfort as he is too just 16 year old. Eris decides to use her new powers and go and see what that mysterious thing was in the air suspended from so long.Azazel gets on another horse and marches to where king Bradford was. Using his strength, he was demolishing every other soldier on the battlefield who came in way. King Bradford orders Kaiden to kill the bastard right away. Commander Victor, Vali were also there. Rehan and Jean decide to engage him first.Eris Comes down and tells Ivar that the mystery is that he was an external human. "Yes, An Alien it was.", Says Eris. Ivar is shocked at first and don't even knows what Eris means. Eris explains that he is not of their planet and surrounding they live in. He is from an other planet in
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