Rise of Power: Return of The Pathetic Commoner

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Rise of Power: Return of The Pathetic Commoner

By: Iwaswiththestars Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Augustus Fordman was an outcast— someone people won’t want to be involved with because he might bring them at a disadvantage. Growing up at an orphanage, he worked hard to survive, maintaining his mediocre and pathetic life. But when his girlfriend, betrayed him for power and money with Bruce, whose power was beneath his capacity, his world crumbled. They even destroyed his reputation, making August lose everything more than he ever had. Little did he know, he was the son of the great Charles Remington, the highest-ranking family in the whole country. As August regains his power and claims his real identity, he vows to himself that he will return the same pain everyone made him feel.


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82 chapters
Chapter 1: Samantha's Betrayal
IT WAS almost midnight and someone was sitting in front of the computer, working late as he needed to finish some tasks before going home. A man wearing a faded black polo shirt that seems to be worn out from a few years ago and faded slacks as well. His black and big eyeglasses were enough to complete his nerdy and pathetic look, as everyone calls him a pathetic commoner because of his economic status in life. He snapped his neck to the side as he crumbled onto the dragon seeds he consumed while working. A cup of coffee was also near him, too. It was the third cup of coffee he had drank for today, but he didn't mind. His body was almost giving up, but not his mind. August was determined to finish all of his work today. His motivation was more eager than his exhaustion. "Aren't you going home, August?" his female co-employee, prepared to leave the room, asked him. "After I finish this," he immediately answered as he pointed at his already heated computer and the tons of documents
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Chapter 2: Bruce, the CEO's Son
At first, August parted his lips as his eyes widened when he saw the live broadcasting of Samantha and a guy named Bruce. It looked like they'd known each other for a very long time— as his colleagues also told everyone, which means that Samantha was also stabbing him in the back for cheating on him. That was when he realized why Samantha was acting strange even before they got together. She wanted their relationship to be secret, and she even doesn't want to acknowledge him as a colleague in the company. Samantha wanted to keep their involvement a secret, but because of his unconditional love for her, he didn't question even one of her requests as he promised himself to always understand her, no matter how hard it was. August clenched his fist tightly as he continued to watch the live broadcast. Bruce was kissing Samantha passionately as his hands traveled onto her waist, while Samantha's hands clung to his neck, deepening the kiss. Samantha never got intimate with him like that.
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Chapter 3: The Twisted Truth
When the guards finally took one step away from him, August turned his body to see who was the one commanding those strong guards to release him. He wanted to thank that person for helping him. His mouth was about to open as a genuine smile came out of his lips, only to drop his jaws when he saw who was in front of him.It was Bruce and Samantha.“So it’s him…” August even heard Bruce whisper to Samantha before he licked lightly onto her earlobe. “No wonder why you wanted to dump him so badly, baby.”Samantha, as she felt slightly awkward because Bruce was doing a naughty thing in front of her boyfriend— Or ex-boyfriend because she was sure that August will break up with her this instant, only closed her eyes as she felt how good Bruce’s tongue was.For her, Bruce has everything she could ever ask for. Wealth, reputation, and oozing sex appeal that for sure could make her moan in ecstasy every night, what more she could ask for? He was totally the opposite of August whom she just use
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Chapter 4: Young Master
"Did you already learn your lesson?" One of the bodyguards asked as he grabbed August’s hair and made him look up at the three men standing in front of him. One was crossing his arms while biting his lower lip, the other one was puffing on his cigarette, and the other one was squatting in front of him as he snapped out of his thoughts when he received another punch from that person. After Bruce told them that they could do anything about him, a strong punch in the gut was enough for him to scream in pain. Being unable to move as he felt his body was paralyzed, the bodyguards carried him to the parking lot. The other people didn’t care about what they would do to him, even though it would be something horrible. There, the bored bodyguards made him like a punching bag as he needed to take all the punches and kicks they gave him. August even heard how those men chuckled and laughed in ecstasy as they watched him cough blood while breathing rapidly. However, instead of letting fear
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Chapter 5: He Needs To Be Strong
A week passed and all August did was sleep. The medicine the nurse injected helped him to heal in no time. He only knew that one day, he felt how his body became lighter, and how the swelling on his knee faded. Although the pain was still there, it was more tolerable than the last time. What the nurse told him before wasn’t a joke. The hospital, which is the Remington Medical Center owned by the multi-billionaire Charles Remington, didn’t ask him for a single penny for the days he spent in the VIP room. Someone really paid the hospital bills for him, and he knows that he should be thankful for it, but as Samantha broke his trust, it felt like he also lost trust in the world already. “Is there really no hidden motive here?” he asked, slightly suspicious of the nurse who gave him a document to sign. “Can I really go unscathed?” “If we’re planning to do something, do you think that we’ll cure you?” The nurse answered sarcastically and shook her head. As August parted his lips, comin
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Chapter 6: A Grain of Salt
On the next day, August was staring at the screen of his phone while wearing a white faded t-shirt, faded pants, and a black old bag on his back. He slightly scratched his nape using his palm while thinking about what would he do with the huge amount of money that came into his bank account like a miracle. It’s the first time in a while that he’ll go to the Sandoval Corporation— and even though he wasn’t sure anymore if he was still an employee there, he would still take the risk and explain to the management the reason why he wasn’t able to work. “I don’t know whether I should use this or not…” August sighed as he tapped something onto the screen and used it to pay his monthly expenses. “But, yeah. At least I now have the money to pay for my expenses, or even ride a taxi.” Since the money was large enough for his expenses, he still has money to buy his wants, which never happened in his paycheck unless he would live a frugal routine. August didn’t know who sent him the money. He
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Chapter 7: Brown Envelope
After the scene earlier in the room, Bruce, although it was against his will, carried August on his back and bring him to the hospital. Remington Medical Center was the nearest hospital to the Sandoval Corporation. Bruce also wanted to see Charles so he could have a good impression of him helping an employee. Since the Remington Family was an influential one, it was hard for the Sandoval Family to encounter them, even just a coincidence. Especially right now that the Remington family doesn’t want to ally with everyone. Yet Bruce won’t give up— knowing that there are rumors that the eldest heir of the Remington Family died a long time ago and Charles was just concealing the truth. If that were true, the second child of Charles, which is Sapphire Remington, would be appointed as the heir. Once he seduced Sapphire, everything would be easy for him. He was willing to dispose of Samantha for his greed. ‘With this, I can make the highest-ranking family my ally,’ Bruce said at the back o
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Chapter 8: Shivers
“This is the crucial evidence Samantha had given to Bruce, proving that you abused her when you forced her to be with you.” Henry’s words lingered in his mind while staring at the polaroid pictures he was holding. It was Samantha’s pictures— where she had bruises on her skin, and a selfie where her face was swelling like someone slapped her. August saw this before, not because he was the one who did this, but because he was the one who treated her wounds every time Samantha calls him to seek comfort. He remembers all of it— the time he asks his girlfriend what happened but she never opened up to him, not even once. ‘Yet sir Henry tells me that it was evidence for an accusation against me.’ Thinking about it makes August crazy. When he played the mini-camcorder attached to the brown envelope, he gasped in anxiety as he realized where the scene on the camera takes place, and Samantha’s strange reactions at this time were planned all along. “N-No…” he muttered while watching. “This
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Chapter 9: Yellow Liquid
“BREAKING NEWS. Bruce Sandoval, the eldest son of the Sandoval Corporation received an award from the Brooklyn Nominations for his new virtual game that was launched recently in their company. According to him—” August clenched his fists and tried to ignore what the newscaster on the television wanted to tell. He heard the news loud and clear yet it was mumbled in his mind. He was the one who created the proposal about the new video game for the company he had spent his life with, yet it was someone who took all the credit. “He is such a lucky man.” “Rich was getting richer, while the poor were getting poorer.” The conversation between the two drunk customers in the restaurant where he works as a waiter and dishwasher struck him. When Bruce and Samantha ruined his reputation, they didn’t just destroy him, but that rumor took everything he ever had. “Hey, man.” One of the customers called him and he immediately went in front of them. “Two more drinks.” “On it, sir.” August nodde
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Chapter 10: The Offer
WHEN AUGUST opened his eyes, a room full of darkness greeted him. He was sitting on a chair made of steel, and when he tried to move his hand, he groaned in pain as he realized that both his hands were tied behind him. The rope tied onto his hand was tight to the point that he couldn’t feel his fingers even if he moved them. He roamed the whole area and noticed that the only light shining inside the room was coming on the little window at the top of the wall. It looked like an abandoned building, and he didn’t know why those people kidnapped him. ‘As if they would get something from me,’ August told himself. Aside from Bruce, he didn’t know anyone who could do something horrible like this— or even if people hated him, they wouldn't go to this extent. August snapped his neck in annoyance as an idea went into his mind like a light bulb. No one would do this except Bruce. “That bastard,” August thundered and gritted his teeth. His eyes were fixed on the small open door not too far
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