System Activated: Soldier's Returned

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System Activated: Soldier's Returned

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Bruce Waylen is a young man with a troubled past as the illegitimate child of the Waylen family. He was raised by his mother, who later passed away. Bruce was forced to leave his childhood home and go to Carthage to live with relatives. However, years later, his father's family comes after him with intentions to take his life. This is when a mysterious System from another world saves Bruce from the dead and gives him new abilities and knowledge. As he navigates through his life filled with challenges and secrets, Bruce transforms into a strong and independent individual, determined to uncover the world’s secrets and stay out of harm's way.


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Chapter 1: System Activated
When Bruce Waylen opened his eyes, he saw bright lights and smelled the strong odour of hospital room disinfectant. His head felt heavy with dizziness. His vision could be more precise."What happened to me?" Bruce mumbled as he rubbed his forehead.Flashes of memory seemed to shine back in his blinking eyes. Bruce was at a Halloween party. He came because he heard the news that his girlfriend, Valerie Brown, was dancing with a famous guy who had just joined their Officer Military School.Bruce had heard the rumours about their relationship lately, but he decided to close his eyes and believe Valerie's words, even though his girlfriend was treating him so coldly."Why didn't Valerie invite me? Why did she have to lie to me too?"Bruce realised that the gap between Valerie and him in their relationship was getting wider. She often made excuses whenever Bruce wanted to spend time with her.While thinking about his life, Bruce took the medicine he bought online. The pill is helpful as an
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Chapter 2: The Last Breath
They then took Bruce to a building opposite where they hosted the party. It was a modern mausoleum where rich people were usually buried.One of them managed to trick the security guard, and the other students continued bringing Bruce into the building. In a high state, they put Bruce into one of the empty lockers where the organisers would usually keep corpses before the funeral process. After that, they all left Bruce alone without feeling guilty.Running out of energy, Bruce eventually passed out inside the locker. But strangely, something seemed to glow in Bruce's body. An hour later, he managed to wake up.System: "The user's body condition is detected to be weak. Immediately exit to get an energy boost."Bruce, who felt claustrophobic, immediately shouted for help. Luckily, a security guard patrolled the building, so he heard Bruce scream.Despite feeling anxious and scared, the security man ventured to open the locker, where he kept hearing the screams for help. And what was th
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Chapter 3: Return to Life
As a result of the attack, he lost consciousness to the point where he didn't know which kind of person had taken him to the hospital. The last thing he remembered was that there were police sirens on patrol. But Bruce was too weak to know what happened.Remembering everything that happened last night made Bruce's anger flare up. Aside from his failed love affair and ruined reputation, he was also intentionally harmed on the same night.Bruce recognised who they were during the attack, thanks to specific traits. He concluded that they were servants of the Waylen family.Bruce was born as part of the Waylen family from Jericho City. Although he was the youngest son of the Waylen family, his mother was only a housemaid, so she was not considered more than a mistress by them.Because of his status as the Waylen family's illegitimate son, he also had a low position in the family. Because of his birth, her mother suffered from an illness, and they could only rely on the kindness of the Way
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Chapter 4: New Mission
Bruce is a student at the Officer Military School in Carthage. He only stayed in school because of his mother's last request that he graduated from university.Even though his mother had passed away, Bruce insisted on fulfilling his mother's last request. Hence, after leaving the Waylen family, he decided to return to his mother's hometown in Carthage and start his life as an ordinary person.By this time, classes had already started. However, as Bruce walked towards the school gate, a couple appeared in front of him. The same people he saw at the party.When they saw him, the lad said in a disdainful tone, "Oh, why are you late today? If you keep being late like that, you won't be able to get accepted into the university.""Bruce, I told you there is no more relationship between us. Stop bothering me." The girl looked at Bruce with disgust. She thought Bruce hadn't given up yet.Bruce didn't answer them; he looked at the couple with disgust. They were Mateo Kovacic and Valerie Brown.
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Chapter 5: Expert Intelligence
Having said all that, Bruce walked in. Hearing his words, the security guards just looked at each other without stopping him. Classes had already started, so only a few people were walking around the school area. As he walked, Bruce flashed a satisfied smile.System: "You have completed your mission to teach Mateo Kovacic a lesson and received one Expertise Point.""Create a list of abilities that can be exchanged for one Expertise Point."WHOOSH!In an instant, a list of skills appeared before Bruce's eyes. The list consisted of Academics, Communication, and Gait.The details of the three skills were straightforward. Academic Expertise would make Bruce highly knowledgeable, his Gait would improve his walking, and Communication would enhance his speaking ability."It seems like one Expertise Point can't give me much. Well, I'll choose Academics first. It will be helpful to help me in the university entrance exam later.Bruce considered his desire to go to university before choosing. H
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Chapter 6: Strategists
Bruce turned his head and looked at Martha, seeing his teacher's expression growing angry.Trying to contain her anger, Martha said, "You are fortunate to have mastered the concept of strategy according to General Nathan correctly. Now, try to explain the process of war strategy."Bruce started talking, "Determining national security objectives as the basis of the strategy process. Formulate a grand strategy, better known as a policy. Develop a military strategy. Devise an operations strategy. Formulate battlefield strategy, better known as tactics."A moment later, Bruce finished his explanation. But still, Martha refused to give up. "Types of strategies?"Bruce spoke, "Military strategy, operations strategy, and battlefield strategy.""Who are the theorists of war?""Carl von Clausewitz (1780 - 1831), Antoine-Henri, baron Jomini (1779 - 1869), Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BC), Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840 - 1914), Giulio Douhet (1869 - 1930)."Every time Martha asked a question, Bruce answered i
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Chapter 7: Acceptance and Rejection
A female teacher stood beside them; she wore a black dress and black stockings, making her curves visible. All eyes of the opposite sex would always be on her. The female teacher wore black-rimmed glasses that almost covered half of her face and carried books in her hands. She pushed up her glasses and said, "Mrs Tilaar, is there a misunderstanding between you and Bruce? From what I see, it seems like Bruce is quite well-behaved." "Behaved well enough? Huh, Miss Christine, you are still too young to understand this. Some students may seem well-behaved in front of the teacher, but they will show their true colours outside. A good student is a student with good academic grades," Martha said. There was a glimmer of jealousy as Martha looked at the young teacher. Meanwhile, Bradford couldn't stop stealing glances at the young teacher. Her name was Zara Christine, and she was the Applied Mathematics teacher in the Defence Administration class. Although she was new to education, she had
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Chapter 8: Emergency
But amidst the turmoil of their debate, gunshots were suddenly heard erupting in the air. The students immediately who listened to this screamed frantically. Instantly, Bruce could hear screams everywhere. Outside the room, Bruce, Zara, Martha and Bradford immediately stepped back to hide and protect themselves. The reflex movements of their bodies, especially Zara and Bradford, were terrific. They moved with the agility of soldiers on the battlefield. The teachers exchanged glances as if giving code signals and signals. On the other hand, Bruce was also practising what he had learnt. Although his reflexes were not as good as Zara's or Bradford's, he still put out all his energy. But for some reason, after that, Bruce seemed to daydream; he appeared to be stuck in a trance. The sound of gunfire and the screams of people made him remember his condition that night. Bruce felt weak, as if he was helpless. The condition where he was stabbed several times replayed in his head. Bruce sta
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Chapter 9: Saving Yourself
Bruce and his friends were shocked by this. While preparing an immature plan, they all immediately rushed out of the classroom. Panicked students screamed as they again heard gunshots with increasing clarity.Then they all ducked and took refuge in a small park close to the class."Don't panic, all of you. Form up immediately," shouted Bruce, who was trying to organise his friends.Donna, who was also there, was also trying to help Bruce's plan succeed. They both tried to calm their friends down. Then quickly, they all formed a formation."You follow my signal. If I tell you to move forward, then you walk immediately. If I give the code to stop, you immediately look for the nearest hiding place to cover your body from bullets," Bruce said firmly.Bruce realised that Donna didn't want to lose to him either, so he quickly gave the girl directions. Because controlling their panicked friends in large numbers is difficult. So, Bruce decided to assign Donna to help him. But he ensured she u
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Chapter 10: Combo Fighting
No sooner had the smoke faded than two black people approached Bruce and Zara. Both of them were shocked as they seemed to be surrounded. Bruce watched as Zara stood undaunted with a pointed gun in the air.Bruce was amazed at the attitude shown by the applied maths teacher. Even though she was no longer an active officer, Zara still seemed to have a perfect posture.But Bruce overcame his stupor when the two opponents raised their weapons. He realised that the situation could have been better. Bruce couldn't do much, as he didn't have any weapons, while Zara herself was also in the same besieged condition as him."Hey, man. Don't you have the heart to attack this school? We're all still students, your actions will surely cause a stir in the news soon, and the government will step in to crack down on you. So, how about you abandon the idea," Bruce said, trying to scare the two men dressed in black.Bruce tried to disrupt their focus and buy time to think of a way to fight them. Bruce
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