Supernatural Hunter in the Modern Era

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Supernatural Hunter in the Modern Era

By: lynerparel OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After Kamizaki Niel's parents died due to an accident, he did not inherit money, land, or valuable property, instead, he inherited a small shop that sells supernatural trinkets and his parent's mass debt. Without any other living relatives or a job, Niel had no way of paying off the debt. As everything seem to be going badly for him, he suddenly heard a ding sound in his mind and what happened next was the start of an exciting and frightening life.

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A string of bad luck
A man with short messy black hair, and deep dark eyes was in his room having an intense headache. This was Kamizaki Niel a twenty-year-old and a recently turned university dropout. The reason for his headache and dropping out of his university all stem from one event, the death of his parents. It was just a few days ago when his parents died in a car accident. Niel was still, in the university dorms when he received the news. The shock of it all had nearly overwhelmed him almost making him faint. Even during his parents' wake he still could not grasp what had happened. There were only a few people that attended as his parents didn't really have relatives. Niel's father was an orphan who runs a small shop in Shibuya that incidentally was on the first floor of their house. The shop sells supposedly supernatural items from paper talismans to statues that ward off evil, of course, in Niel's mind they were just trinkets that would only attract weirdos. Then there was Niel's mother who wa
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The Supernatural Hunter System
'The Supernatural Hunter System?' The fear that was slowly encroaching into Niel's heart suddenly stopped and was now replaced by confusion. He then noticed that the woman that was approaching him seemed to be moving slower. As his confusion was growing more and more Niel suddenly saw words floating in front of his eyes. [Quest!: Survive the encounter with the Kuchisake-onna] [The Kuchisake-onna, a malevolent spirit that has targeted you. Quest will be completed if you manage to escape or defeat the malevolent spirit.] [Rewards: Will depend on how you completed the quest.] After reading what was in front of him Niel once again heard the robotic voice speaking into his mind. [Host has received beginner's package. Do you wish to open, yes/no] Hearing what the robotic voice said, Niel looked at the approaching woman and no longer hesitated as he spoke in his mind. 'Yes!' [Opening Beginner's package] [Loading, 1%] Niel saw a loading screen appear before him. Seeing this he
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The very second Niel entered his house he suddenly dropped the plastic bag that holding his cup ramen, and knelt on the ground. He was sweating profusely as he remembered the face of the Kushisake-onna 'Okay, first I need to calm down and think.' Niel exhaled and inhaled a few times, and proceeded to head upstairs to get a glass of water. After putting down the plastic bag on the table, he got a glass of water and started drinking. Once he was done he sat on the dining table chair and sighed. Niel raised his right hand and concentrated on making the sword he used a while ago appear again. When he saw the sword materialize in his hands he once again sighed. Niel poked the tip of the sword with his finger making it bleed. 'So it really was real. Okay then... That means I really did fight a malicious spirit and actually won, and that I'm also truly hearing a voice in my head... A System huh, it's not like I have never read web novels before but to think it could actually happen and
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Main Quest Unlocked
After testing the UI, Niel had already accepted his current situation with the system. So not only did he have a heavy debt but he had a system that based on its name would later force him to hunt supernatural beings. Still, he was excited by the sudden turn of events. After the string of bad luck that he had from his parents' deaths, gaining their debt, his girlfriend leaving him, and even facing a supernatural being, suddenly gaining the System made him feel better. "Okay then, now let's take a look at the rewards of the Quest. Hey System, can you give me the Quest Rewards now." After Niel spoke the voice of System echoed in his mind. [Recieving Quest Rewards] [Loading] [1%] The loading screen appeared before Niel and the same as before it was quite slow. So while he waited for it to finish loading Niel got one cup ramen to eat. He was halfway from finishing his meal when the System's voice sounded in his mind again. [Received Quest Rewards] [Mask of the Kushisake-onna]
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Interesting visitor
The next day Niel woke up at four in the morning and started preparing for the shop opening. He cleaned the shop checked the cash register, and double-checked the inventory. His father sold many things here from local items to foreign ones, you could find some paper talismans here that were written by some Shinto priest, to holy water that supposedly came from the Vatican itself. After checking everything and knowing everything was in place, Niel went to the altar he set up in the house to honor his parents. At first, he wasn't sure if he should've buried his parents or not, since his mother was a Catholic and his father was not, and there was also the added shock of it all. It took him a bit more time to come to a decision, but in the end, Niel decided to have them cremated and there were now on the altar. Niel looked at the Urns where his parents' ashes were in. "Hey... Heh, I still can't believe you two are gone. I always imagine every time when I wake up in the morning that you
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The Haunting
"I want to hear your story, what is bothering you so much that you needed my old man's help?" Niel asked Manami. "..." Manami's body trembled as she tried to speak. It suddenly became so quiet that you could hear the dripping water from the sink, and the moving hands from the clock. "Manami-san I'm here." Niel looked at Manami and showed her a serious look. He didn't know what else to say to make the girl feel safe and he spoke the only thing he could say while nodding his head. Seeing Niel give her that look, Manami sighed before she responded. "Alright, I'll tell you... It all started a few days ago. I wasn't doing anything special and just did everyday things. It was after I was done studying I took a bath watched a few videos and went to sleep... Though I'm not sure if I really was able sleep but I had this dream or I thought it was a dream. There was this shadow that appeared near my bed it had a shape of a person. When I saw it I tried to move but I could not move nor co
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Night time
Manami called one of her friends and convinced her to tell her parents that she was staying with her. "Wait what?! Why do you need me to lie for you?" "It's complicated, can you just cover for me." "Heh, what are you hiding, can you at least tell me that?... Wait, wait a minute, you're out so late and you have a secret that you can't tell you parents, are you in a guy's house?" There was a moment of silence and after a few seconds the voice of Manami's friend burst out from the other end of the phone. "Are you for real?! Are you really in some guy's house?! Kyaa, if the guys in our school knew that our little empress actually has a boyfriend I bet they'll die from envy, or most likely they'll kill the guy that stole your heart. Anyway, Manami how could you do this to me?!" Manami's friend Yuno became incomparably excited as she spoke at a fast pace. On the other hand, Manami could only sigh as she listened to her friend's excitment. Even if she tried to explain it to Yuno the
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The Shadow
After hesitating for a bit Niel held tightly onto his sword and steeled himself. If he were to leave this creature alone without anything it wouldn't solve Manami's problem. Niel knew that he needed to do something right now, or it might be too late. Niel looked at his equipment, he still had four of those immobilization paper talismans and one healing paper talisman. There was also the Kampilan of Lam-ang which was his main weapon. 'Alright, it's now or never.' The banging on the door intensified and Niel unconsciously flinched. Niel then gritted his teeth grasped his sword tightly and opened the door. The moment the door was opened there seemed to be a cold breeze that passed through his body. Niel tensed up his eyes wide open wanting to see this so called shadow, yet no matter how hard he looked he could not see anything unusual. Niel then turned around and looked at Manami she was no longer looking at him and instead had her eyes closed. Niel came closer to the sleeping Ma
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The End of the Nightmare
Manami was in a state where she was asleep but awake at the same time. She could see what was going on around her but she could not move. Still, she was not panicking like the first time she experienced this as this had been going on for a few days now. In this state, Manami could only move her line of sight and that was it. Manami looked around the room and saw Niel sitting near the door. She was surprised to see that the item in Niel's hands was an actual sword, it wasn't a katana but something else, it was thicker and looked heavier than a regular katana. 'When did he get that? Is that some kind of ritual sword to defeat the Shadow? This guy might actually be the real deal.' Manami was now feeling a lot more confident as she looked at the vigilant Niel. At first, when she met him she was really skeptical about Niel as he didn't have the air of a spiritual master he didn't even look like a professional. Still, since she had no other choice she made a gamble. 'Looking at him no
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A Stalker's story
Tanaka Itsuki was a gloomy high schooler who had no friends, had a family who didn't care and was occasionally bullied. Itsuki was miserable and on several occasions wanted to commit suicide, unfortunately, he was too much of a coward to follow through. Living was hell but death was too scary, he did not know what else to do. As he stopped going to school and got immersed in the land of video games, he earned quite a bit of money from online tournaments. So now instead of going to school he directly gave his parents money to stop bothering him about school. At first, his parents were infuriated by this, but after trying to convince him numerous times his family had fully given up on him. Seeing as he was giving them money like he was paying rent they no longer bothered with him. One day Itsuki heard that there was a limited edition game coming out that could only be bought in a certain shop, so for the first time in a long time, Itsuki went out of the house. It was early morning w
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