My Inner Ability System

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My Inner Ability System

By: LegalWolf OngoingSystem

Language: English

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"I'm Electric" - Obed Obed, the main character lost his father in a war with the demons. He founds this book in his school library which gives him an electric ability. Obed then attends a magic school where they have to save humanity from alien invasion. Will Obed be able to defeat the aliens and save humanity or will the aliens rule over this planet for the second time?. Join Obed on this phenomenal adventure to make it your inner ability system Gained electric ability. Face a demon king. Face the mother alien Save humanity.

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36 chapters
A Mysterious Book
Hi.My name is Obed. But you can call me "Ob" for short. I grew up in Detroit and then moved to Texas where I'm staying for now. Earth had a war against aliens and Earth was defeated. Because of this, my parents were part of the war and eventually died. Now we must fight for Earth, protect Earth and defeat those aliens. Let's rewind to how I had my inner Ability System.Well, I went to school in Nevada elementary. I was being bullied by my classmates. While in school, I often visited the library to check out new novels or comics to read. Reading was like my food and I can't do anything without reading. Let's continue, shall we? As I was glancing through all the books, I found a book which was old like in the 18's hundreds. But before I had to open the book, there was an inscription on it saying "Ye who gets this book gets everything."Obed's mind went spinning as he read the inscription over and over again. He didn't understand what the inscription meant. Becaus
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New Ability
Obed had been on the ground for 30 minutes after the book soul entered his body. After a few minutes, Obed rose to his feet and began to talk to himself, "What the hell happened?" After saying that to himself, the system which was now in Obed's body began to speak to him. I'm in you now, said the system. Now for your first achievementGained knowledge about the book, 1 expLevel 1 user.Obed was shocked to see his system telling him about this achievement. After a while, the system also told Obed that he had a new ability."Ability," said Obed. "What kind of ability do I have then," he continued. Just as Obed finished his sentence, his whole body started to melt as if he was an ice cube that had been put in the sun. Obed started shouting to the system to ask him what is happening but the system didn't mind Obed. Two minutes later, Obed had melted and was now a liquid and could move under doors and also hid. Obed was shocked to see himself turn into a liqu
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The cock crowed the next morning and the system worked Obed up with a messageTake two fried eggs and teaPs: don't take bread until I tell you to do soObed didn't understand why the system told him not to take the bread because Obed cannot have tea without taking in bread. Obed did as the system said and took the tea with two fried eggs. Obed checked the time and it was past six. Obed knew he was getting late for school. Rushed to the school one minute early before the school gate had to be closed. When Obed entered the class, he sat at his sitting position which was in front. Obed was the shortest in his class and that was the reason why bullies always worry him. Today, Obed had a free period because the teachers had a meeting with the principal. Obed still had a lot of questions to ask his system. As soon as he was about to ask, his friend Joyce came over to see him. Joyce liked Obed because he was brilliant and hardworking but she could not express her feel
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A New School
Obed and Joyce didn't know what happened because they have been kidnapped by a young boy and girl. Obed and Joyce's faces were covered in a transparent bag so that they can be able to have at least some air to breathe. After 3 hours of driving, they reached their destination. The two young people got off the van and opened the back boot of the van. Obed and Joyce were removed from the van and sent to a room. As soon as they were sent to the room, they were unmasked by the young people, and there stood the young people and three teachers. The teachers now ordered the two people who were kidnapped to leave the room and left with their response, "Yes Sir." The teachers saw Obed and Joyce apologized for the kidnapping and said to them that this wasn't a kidnapping."It's like we've entered a new school I suppose," Joyce said to Obed. Obed was furious and since he entered the school not because his system had not spoken since the kidnapping but was furious by how the young boy gra
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First Training
Nate called Obed and Joyce over and as they came towards Nate, he began with dos and don't of the school. After a 4 minutes talk, off they went. As soon they started walking, Obed's system told him that Nate had an ability of time and that he could forward time or reverse time but only in an emergency. Obed also asked his system what ability Joyce has but his system replied by saying; "I don't know her ability but very soon you would find out." Having heard this, it gave Obed more faith and hope that he may find out Joyce's ability. Nate continued to show Obed and Joyce the school cafeteria, which was like a half stadium. Nate also showed them the classroom and in the classroom, they were no boards nor projectors so Obed was thinking about how the teacher is going to teach the students. Nate also showed them the dormitory for both boys and girls. He also showed them the huge auditorium and the training room.When they went outside the school, the serene environment was much n
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Obed's Liquid Ability
As Obed headed for the training room, his system told him he would be using only his liquid ability. This meant that Obed had a lot of ability to use. Obed questioned his system whether he had other abilities. The system replied by saying yes but has been locked unless he kills any alien-like creature or defeats an opponent in a fight before one of the abilities can be unlocked. Obed was surprised to hear that he had to kill an alien before unlocking an ability. In the training room, Ben decided to call the students in the group one after the other. "With each training you do you get a level," says Ben.The first to be called upon was Michael. Micheal's ability was the fire. Ben began to smile as he saw Michael shoot out fire from his palms. He then brought out an alien-like creature which was a robot and was controlled by Ben. As Ben turned all the robots, Micheal started to fire some shots at the controlled alien but Ben had other ideas. He designed the controlled alien jus
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More Gains
The next morning, when Obed woke up, he could see brand new clothes on his bed with an indication, from Pearl. The clothes were packaged in a wrapper. The first wrapper was his school attire whiles the second wrapper was his outings. Obed decided to wear the school attire to class today so he ironed his uniform and put them on to head for class. But first, everyone had 30 minutes to look for snacks to eat before heading to their respective classrooms. This was different from his former school because they usually sit in class and learn before the siren rings for the break. Students decided to go to the cafeteria to be served. Some students were served hamburgers and Pepsi while others used their money to buy food for themselves. Obed decided to take the hamburger and Pepsi since he didn't have money on him. As he took the food, he noticed Michael and Chris talking at the other end of the table. Before Obed could take a step to head to their table, a familiar voice was heard and it s
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Question Time
Michael, shouted Obed as he was coming closer to him. Obed, said Michael as a grin of smile of seen across his face. But before Obed had to question Michael's ability, Obed thanked Michael for giving him a place to sleep. "No problem, that's what mates are for," said Michael. He brought out his as a sign to handshake towards Obed and Obed also brought his fist out 🤜🤛 Obed asked Michael were he was heading towards and he said dorm just to take a nap. After this Michael, looked on Obed's face and could see that something bwws bothering Obed's mind so he then asked Obed, Hey, is something wrong? I can see you wanna ask me something. At first, Obed said, "No but he then suddenly changed his mind and said I wanted to know how you got your ability." At first, Michael didn't want to tell Obed but he remembered that they were in the same dorm and he had told Chris so at least he should tell Obed a little not all. Michael then agreed to tell
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A Fight Situation
After both girls talked about Chris's situation they didn't know the time that Chris left because he was with Michael and Obed. Soon, the boys got up from the bed, and as they were setting off, as usual Florence held Obed by his hand and Joyce went to Michael and also held him by the hand. Joyce wanted to hold Obed by the hand too but she didn't want to show her feelings for Obed at this very instinct. As they headed out of the dorm, Obed then asked Florence this question, "where did they see Chris?". Florence then answered, "at the school park outside the school premises."They all ran fast as if they were being chased by a cheetah. When they reached the park, Joyce was panting heavily. Obed then noticed Chris on the ground who was severely beaten by a group of boys. A message from Obed's system started beeping and Obed had to check the message. As he opened the message, it read;Beat the leader to acquire new ability, a charm, inspection skills, +1 strength, and exp.
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A Weird Dream
The next morning was a peaceful day for Obed. He went to the canteen to enjoy the food and headed for class. Pearl was in their class again to continue about the types of aliens. Obed wasn't particularly paying attention to Pearl's teaching but thinking about his rewards especially the new additions to his system; the charm and the inspection skills. After 3-4 hours of learning, the siren rang for break time. Obed quickly dashed out of class and headed for the training room to check out his skill and charm. From Obed's class to the training room wasn't that far and so he decided to walk slowly. When he headed for the training room Florence decided to tiptoe to see what Obed was up to. Obed then checked out his system to check the charm. The system read;The charm is the most expensive and must use it wisely. For every fight you do as your exp increases, the strength also increases, the charm also increases until it reaches a maximum level and could cause a devastating blow to
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