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A young boy chokes to death after seeing his talent result. Another gets reincarnated into his body. Upon receiving the necessary information pertaining to the world, he realizes he's now an orphan and his elder sister is a dud. Chris, now Jake who was once his sister beacon of hope was now a blown out candle. Not until he received a message only he could see. 'Welcome to PRIME' the user interface read out, 'Say cheese for more info'.


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"Hey man, you still there ?" [BRAVO TEAM, YOU ARE FAILING THIS MISSION.]"Jake you there!" "Cmon man, you are the last man standing, plant the energy beam box""Ahhh, the monsters are coming Jake run! Get out of there now!"The voices blaring from the fallen headset continued as the unconscious body slumped over his desk with water dripping down the floor slowly, remained unresponsive.The monitor screen kept on flashing light before displaying [GAME OVER]."Jake! You still there?!" "Forget him Aiden, Man let's us down"."This is the first time though. Ugh, we lose again"."I'm off man, later"."You too""Jake, we coming around later".Slowly the monitor screen dimmed due to inactivity while still humming slightly. "Ughh" Suddenly, the unconscious body jerked up violently, as water and also a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth. Coughing violently and also wheezing along, his left hand brushed against a game pad. Immediately he shielded his eyes as the light rays violentl
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Chapter Two : Welcome To PRIME
"What?" "Take a deep breath boy, this isn't real".He said to himself as he quickly shut his eyes, tightly for a moment and controlled his breathing.Upon opening his eyes, before him was the same user profile.[WELCOME TO PRIME] [Name: Jake French][Race: Human][Talent Rank: F Rank][Ability: Nil][Special Ability: Copying Ability][For more stats options, say cheese]"Ahh shit, I may be losing my mind" He ruffled his head for a moment before looking up and down, but still nothing changed.Looking up briefly, he noticed the words: special ability."Copying ability?" He muttered to himself as he glanced around quickly before standing up."Copying ? I can copy anything I touch or what ?" He asked himself again as he held a game pad. "Hm, it didn't ? What if ?" Like a bell going off in his head, he quickly ran off to the dining room. Moving in like a breeze, he was barely able to stop himself from running into his elder sister.Suddenly a screen came up before his eyes, just like
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Chapter Three : Copying my First Talent
[Enroll in the Bronx Academy and secure your future now][Want to be a beast hunter and live a good life, Bronx is the way!][Registration ends in a week time]"Huh, another floating advertisement. I wonder how long it would have taken my world to get to this stage". He said to himself while weaving through the market he just entered. He thought about Bronx Academy. The third and lowest Academy in the city.Bronx was where the commoners and anyone who couldn't afford to go to Pearl ended up in.Pearl was for the wealthy folks and the elites of the city, your good money could buy you a spot in it.And lastly was Ruby Academy. One could only get in with a high talent rank, which must be at least a B Rank.Upon getting home, he did his registration for Bronx Academy, got a smart watch delivered to him from the school as he prepared for the resumption date after informing his sister of his decision. As usual, she was exceedingly glad.A week later, on a Monday morning under the gaze of t
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Chapter Four : Choosing a Class
"It worked!"[ C Talent Rank Copied.][Do you want to activate it? ][Yes / No]"Yes"[ C Talent Rank activated.]Quickly he walked away from the group of students, and headed for a shade.Seated under a mango tree with its fruits yellow and ripe he looked at his status screen."PRIME, show status, with more options".The say cheese was probably cringing him out which made him not to forget. [PRIME] [Name: Jake French][Race: Human][Talent Rank: F Rank][Copied Talent Rank: C Rank][Ability: Nil][Special Ability: Copying ability] [Physical Stats][Strength : 10][Agility : 10][Stamina : 10][Health : 50][Vitality : 20] [Mental Stats][Intelligence : 30][Charisma : 10] [Extra Points][Stats points : 0][Mission points :0][User can gain status points through the completion of daily, weekly or monthly tasks].[User can gain mission points through the completion of Missions given by PRIME]. [Perks] [PRIME store] [Locked][THE ORIGIN OF PRIME] [Locked]"Okay, this is a lot of
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Chapter Five : Warriors! Ahh!
CLANG!The sound of metal clashing reverberated in the air as he walked into the training ground. Both fighters clashed mid air before putting some distance between themselves as they landed on their feet. They kept at it for a minute or two, as more first years trooped in to meet the ongoing battle. "That's second year Farok against James.""My money on James, to win""No, Farok is a true warrior; he got this."The students discussed amongst themselves as both fighters continued to stall each other of the victory. The sound of a whistle brought the fight to an end as both competitors sheathed their sword and dropped their shield and slammed their right hand against their chest. "That's enough for today. Wrap it up second years, it's time for your juniors to learn the...."He paused just for a moment before screaming:"THE WAYS OF A TRUE WARRIOR!""AHHH!"All the second year students, joined him in screaming up to the sky, their voice creating a rhythmic echo across the building.
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Chapter Six : Absorbing Energy Essence
[PRIME SYSTEM]'Prime' [PRIME] [Name: Jake French][Race: Human][Class: Warrior][Talent Rank: F Rank][Copied Talent Rank: C Rank][Ability: Nil][Special Ability: Copying ability] [Physical Stats][Strength : 10][Agility : 10][Stamina : 10][Health : 50][Vitality : 20] [Mental Stats][Intelligence : 30][Charisma : 10] [Extra Points][Stats points : 0][Mission points :0][User can gain status points through the completion of daily, weekly or monthly tasks].[User can gain mission points through the completion of Missions given by PRIME]. [Perks] [PRIME store] [Locked][THE ORIGIN OF PRIME] [Locked][New Mission Alerts][Learn how to absorb energy essence.Rank Difficulty: ★Duration : 48 hours Penalty : Special ability Locked for 24 hoursReward : 10 Stat points Status : Uncompleted][ Copy an ability.Rank Difficulty: Nil.Duration : NilPenalty : Nil Reward : 2 Mission pointsStatus : Uncompleted ]'Just like a role playing game. This should be fun'.Seeing the rewa
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Chapter Seven : The First Test
Jake looked to his right, and a cute smiling face with black hair and strands of purple winked at him. She looked familiar, but he just couldn't tell from where or when. Just as he was about to ask if he knew her, she spoke."You know I waited for you all through that day, the next and up till now?" "We agreed that after seeing our results, we would text each other back but you never did"."You were with the boys, weren't you ?" "...And you didn't even call since then, its been more than a month if not more !" She threw a barrage of questions at him, with no opportunity to reply, and a lot of emotional faces accompanying each sentence. She settled with a pout as she stared into his eyes, passing a quick message, that she was ready to listen to his words. All this while, they were still running, not as fast as before as they both dropped in speed and matched each other pace."Sorry, do I know you?" Jack asked with a perplexed but straight face.She grew red just for a second before
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Chapter Eight : The Crazy Geezer
He passed under the barrier, it end almost grazing his hair. Quickly he mingled with other students knowing fully well that it wouldn't take her time to cross the finish line. He looked around andsaw some familiar faces; his classmates.Some of them gave him disdain looks filled with disgust as they saw him, and others quickly averted their gaze.He wasn't bothered but instead used the opportunity to walk around the students checking each of their ability as they showed their friends. There were some whocoudn't use their ability, and it wasexpected that at this point, one should have an ability unless if such person hadn't learn how toabsorb energy essence. Which simply mean't redrawal from school. The rule said nothing about teaming up, and since they were given an hour, it wasn't a surprise to see those with lower talent rank or no ability at all at this side.About ten minute later the barrier dropped to the ground slamming its end against the right leg of the last boy that mad
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Chapter Nine : A Yandere
'That old man?! it couldn't be any harder. The reward is good, but the punishment is nasty. Well, I would need to find out who he's anyway before planning on how to convince him'.'Open Prime shop '[PRIME][SHOP] [CLASS] [PILLS n POTIONS] [ARTIFACTS] [EQUIPMENTS] [PERKS]Upon completing the second mission and getting mission points which was the currency for the shop, it automatically unlocked.However, he had only two points and there was nothing he could buy after checking the catalog of items. He also realized that the minimal amount to buy an item was ten mission points, and the highest was a thousand mission points. But he did notice quite a number of them had their price blurred especially in the Class and Artifacts catalog, but for now a thousand was the highest.Looking at his stats, he was proud of himself. It had been two weeks since he had learnt how to absorb energy essence, and so far, he had improved at a quick pace, thanks to the Stats points gotten from Completin
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Chapter Ten : A Test
"Your memory, what happened to it ?" She looked at him with worry. "You mean you don't remember me ?" She asked, while settling herself in his lap. "umm" He turned beet red as he felt her soft flesh pressing against his thighs. 'Get a hold of yourself man, only virgins behave like this' he chided himself until he remembered that he was a virgin.'shit'."Jake talk to me, you can't remember me ?" She asked this time with worry and fear."Honestly, yes. I had an accident earlier on, when I checked my result." "Your Talent rank ? " She asked curiously. "Yeah. What I saw made me bang my head against my desk in fury and frustration". He said, twisting the narrative to suit the present situation. Of course there was no way he was going to tell her that the real Jake choked to death after seeing his talent rank and he who happened to die at the point, got reincarnated into his dead body. Firstly she would think he was getting crazy as things that happened to him weren't supposed to exi
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