It All Started With Lightning

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It All Started With Lightning

By: monstersells OngoingSystem

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When death suddenly claims you, what do you feel? Regrets? Longing? Fear of the unknown? What if you are given another chance to live? But the world you will be born with is far different from where you came from. This world is full of swords and magic! Join William as he embarks on a journey in a new world after his death. A second chance. A new world. A brand new adventure. A brand new sys... Dreams... all he wants is dreams come true... ... VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Hello everyone. I regret to say that I will be joining the army to fulfil my compulsory military service. I can't escape this, because I don't have enough money to do paid military service. I will do my compulsory military service for a full year. Thank you for supporting me so far. But I would like to add a final note that this book will continue to be written a year later. I won't give up until I see the end of this book! We're taking a one-year break from William's adventures. See you later, goodbye! Don't forget to add your library and leave a review. Publish Schedule: 7ch/week


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It All Started With a Lightning
Serkan woke up to another crappy day. Beer bottles and plates of dried noodle pieces staring at him face beside his bed. He hadn't been able to get out of this state since he graduated from university. He had been in this state for almost four months. His dirty and messy life was never cleaned. He didn't even have a girlfriend or even a normal friend after his last girlfriend. There was only Mehmet from primary school, whom he could call a friend. The reason for this was that they had always gone to the same schools since primary school. Mehmet graduated high school in first place and Serkan in second place. In the same year, they wrote Çukurova University Materials Sciences and Engineering and they were accepted on their first try. He brushed his messy hair to one side and looked at the computer in front of him. He had forgotten it on at night. There was still a video playing on youtube. A bald man was constantly sharing survival tactics. He was spending his days with these
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Göbeklitepe was surrounded by the police. The police had given Mehmet, Selin, and Merve a chair to sit on. Sitting in old iron chairs, the trio's eyes were still wide open and filled with tears. Especially Merve's face and body were still covered with Serkan's blood. Small body parts of Serkan could be seen in her hair. None of them could speak. While hundreds of policemen were doing their job, time was not running for them. The moment it exploded before Serkan's eyes were still playing in their minds like a movie. A skinny policeman with long hair, a mustache, and a leather jacket took an empty chair from the edge and sat upside down in front of the trio. He watched their silence for a while and spoke, unable to bear it. "Wake up, it happened. It's not like he'll ever come back even if you wanted to. Let's hear, what exactly happened?" The trio awoke from their awkward silence, they looked at each other, and the two girls nodded to Mehmet. Mehmet began to ex
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A New Beginning
William was feeling very lonely right now. The vulnerability of being in the body of a baby in an unknown world, and the fear and excitement of the beginning of a new life, surrounded him. He knew he needed to get rid of the thought of loneliness. He wanted to forget his past life little by little, but he could not control his mind. One of the three thoughts that came to his mind as he was unable to move in his cradle was his past life. There was one person in particular that he always remembered. He wasn't even that upset about his family anymore, but when her face came to mind, he couldn't help but dream again. He still remembered Merve with her moon-like face. Despite such strange and unfortunate events, Merve still shared the number one in his thoughts. Perhaps it was an illusion he felt from remembering the thought of it being unfinished business. Even if he was a baby in the cradle, every time he thought of Merve, the baby's body's face, the strange smile, and the droo
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The Tradition of Election
The day everyone had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was pretty hot today. The sun looked like a giant firefly in the sky, scorching the air. There were almost no clouds. Instead of being inside the castle in this hot weather, they decided to do this little activity in the garden. The castle's garden, used by the Baron, was quite large. Run with dozens of horses in it if you want, but it was still very spacious. William was going out for the first time. It was the first time his skin was exposed to the sun of this world. Previously, his parents had avoided everything in the excitement of being their first son. When he saw the blue sky and the warm sun, he thought of the days when he went to pick olives in their garden with his family one summer day. Again, a feeling of longing flooded his body. After a while, when his mother took him off her lap, that feeling quickly disappeared. At a long banquet table, dozens of noble guests were staring into his eyes. He thought
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Zimo's joy and William's pain
William felt that time was running faster in this world than before. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed and he had turned two. Election day was still vivid in his memories as if it were yesterday. In this world, a birthday celebration would be done any time you wanted to, when a person turned their first birthday when you took their first step into adulthood, and if you were a strong, respected person. Even if William had a noble father, he probably wouldn't celebrate another birthday until he was sixteen. He was sitting in front of his teacher right now, listening to him with great attention. "William, there isn't much I can teach you about the Argos language. I thought until now I could only teach you some normal reading and writing tricks, but you exceeded my expectations! You absorbed whatever I gave you like a sponge. I think you're just as skilled in Argos as I am now. Today I officially stop teaching you the Argos language. Now we will move on t
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William had woken up an hour before dawn. He felt quite rested. He got up and lit two large candles on the table in his room. When he got in front of the bronze mirror, he noticed that his body was almost completely healed, except for slight aches. All the bloating he felt yesterday was gone. He was hungry like crazy, but still, because of his previous life, not used to this noble life, he could not wake the maid and ask her to prepare dinner. He was going to go to training soon anyway. 'I'll eat later.' he thought. When he arrived at the training ground, no one was there yet. Half an hour later, when it was starting to get light, he saw Pierce, who had carried him in yesterday, come with a torch. Pierce grinned when he saw William waiting in the dark. "You're early." Said William was already ready. "Yes sir!" he greeted Pierce. Pierce just grinned. 'I hope you will not regret it.' He was passing through it. About half an hour later, t
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Just like the sunrise and sunset, time continued to flow without a hitch.When William turned five, he had the opportunity to see his sister for the first time. Theo had given a big banquet as he had received happy news from his only daughter.When Valynn turned sixteen, when mages went to the tower to find new talent, they discovered she was gifted and accepted her into their tower. After that, she would train as a mage.His mother was overjoyed to hear this news, even more than Theo. Since she was a mage herself and William wanted to train as a warrior, for the time being, she was delighted and proud to be the daughter of the one who would continue her legacy of knowledge.Valynn's affinity was water and flame, but the affinity she received from her father was so little that she only needed to use it to start a fire. As it would be Valynn's last visit to her home before she embarked on her long training career, Sophia told everything she knew about wate
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William eagerly awaited the next day. Since the training ended early, he continued to read the last book in the study. He loved this room and the books in it. He had almost finished all the books now. It was the last book he had.There were hardly any unnecessary books in this room. All these books, which helped him complete the personality of his grandfather and father, gave him a more detailed idea of ​​what kind of people his family was.He was also affected by them. Almost all of these were storybooks that contained either information about the world or reality. He was never bored while reading a book.The book he was holding was an example of this. His father had told him to read this book last. It was a storybook. It was the story of someone who started as a farmer, grew stronger through various encounters in his life, and climbed the noble steps.In his old world, he certainly wouldn't have believed it. Because once you were a farmer there, you wou
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Not lacking in motivation, William immersed himself in meditation. He knew now that he would have to continue with meditation rather than physical training. The suffering he would suffer next was probably not physical but mental.Two weeks after opening the first meridian, he was able to open the second meridian, and a month later the third, healing meridian. This meridian, just like its name, had increased his healing speed to an insane level. When he cut off his hand with a small dagger, he saw that the wound, which normally takes a few hours, healed in about half an hour. 'This world is truly magical,' he thought.Since he opened all three meridians in a month and a half, he wanted to spend the rest of his time building up spiritual power to attack the other meridian, but the facts disappointed him. He felt that things were starting to get difficult. Even the sum of the spiritual power he had accumulated for the first three meridians could not come close to half the
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Real Training-1
A month and a half later, when William came back to the training ground, his body was covered with bruises and sores. But as if he was used to it, a slightly wry smile hung on his face. Even though the beatings he was taking now affected him physically, he didn't care mentally.After the first day, his grandfather said that he would not teach again until he had completed the iron body. William had also come here today to find out what would be called 'real training'. Moreover, he wanted to learn the skill his family used for those with a fire affinity.This time, as then, Pierce and Theo had also arrived. They quickly staged a demonstration to deceive the soldiers. Pierce was not intrigued, but everyone was watching Theo with great anticipation.Theo took off his long robe first. Then he took a metal sword and focused for a second. What happened next could not be described with any other word than 'magical'. When William saw him, too, he thought his father must
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