Phantom Seed

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Phantom Seed

By: FleetingDawn CompletedSystem

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What will you do when your world suddenly turn into a MMORPG? A certain student : What?! Am I facing an apocalypse? Then of course I will hoard supplies and become the richest Lord!

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  • Xhin Liu


    I love how the author use the game element in this book!

    2023-02-01 21:00:58


    Booo Not my type of story

    2023-03-13 03:16:16
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392 chapters
Chapter 1
Tak.. Tak.. Tak… Click.. Click.. Click..The sound of the keyboard and mouse echoed in the silent night. In the dim bedroom, a young man with black headphones and messy hair muttered to himself excitedly while biting a dried squid."Hehehe, in terms of gathering resources, no one can compare to me." His deep voice was full of confidence.Bang!Loud sound of BGM was heard clearly by Feng Yue through the headphones. Seeing the huge golden word 'Mission Clear!' on the screen, he laughed and said, "I finally got this legendary seed."Just when he was immersed in happiness, he heard a notification sound, and a series of words appeared on his screen.Ding!Congratulations to player 'Shuang Yue' for completing the legendary hidden mission 'Phantom Seed'. As the only player to complete the hidden mission, you can choose 4 rewards from the list.1. Phantom Seed2. Lord token ( Own safe area )3. Keep the life skills level and skills.4. Keep the combat level and skills.5. Keep the current gea
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Chapter 2
He was startled by the sound, and when he turned around, he saw a green slime as big as basketball get into his house from the window. Slime is a level 1 monster, but without any weapons or armor, it is difficult to kill it due to its elastic body.Without wasting time, he rushed to the kitchen to get a cleaver and a pot lid. As soon as he picked up the pot lid, the Slime attacked him from behind. The Slime threw a gooey ball in his direction.Splash! Bang! Crack!Feng Yue blocked the attack with the pot lid, but the moment the gooey ball touched the pot lid, he was thrown away and hit the wall by the impact. When his grip loosened, the cleaver was thrown away."Akh, Cough!" He coughed up blood and blood trickled down from the corner of his lips. He could see the red bar in his status was dropping by 20. "This is bad, my max hp is only 150 now. If it goes on like this, I'm going to die."His eyes looked around the room before he remembered that he still had a closed beta novice dagge
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Chapter 3
“Help!!! Someone please help us!!” Feng Yue ran towards the park and saw a group of people surrounded by slimes. They turned pale when they saw one of their friends die after being hit by a gooey ball. A hole could be seen on his stomach. Looking at their situation, if he does nothing, they will surely die.Feng Yue raised his staff and cast her skill, "Frozen orbs!"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!In the next second, five ice orbs flew towards the slime and hit the core of the slime with a loud sound. The slimes turned into ice sculptures while they moved slowly. Looking at his mana dropped by 30 with one skill, his forehead was covered with sweat. Gritting his teeth, he used his skill again, “Frozen orbs!”Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Prank!!This time, when the ice orbs hit the slimes, its body shattered and disappeared, leaving a dozen coins and a few bottles filled with green liquid. Feng Yue walked towards his loot and picked it up.When they saw him picking up coins and bottles
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Chapter 4
There are five arable land in the building, each about twenty square meters. From the outside, the building is only the size of a hut. But when he went in, the size was bigger than he thought.Looking at the plowed fields, he took out the phantom seed and the little leather bag. He started sowing the wheat seeds. The small bag is only enough for one field. After sowing the wheat seeds, he went to the farthest place and found a small piece of separate land, which was in the shape of a circle. He took out the phantom seed and planted it there.When he finished planting, several lines of numbers appeared above the fields. It shows how long it takes for the seed to mature and be ready for harvest. When he played the Phantom online closed beta test, it used to take 14 days for the plants to mature and be ready for harvest. But when he looked at the floating number, it showed 2 days and 23 hours.Satisfied, he left the farmland. The moment he left, the farmland became invisible. Feng Yue wa
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Chapter 5
Outside the camp, the group of people were currently arguing. "Let's pay for one night, we have enough money for all of us." Said a girl while looking around. It was pitch black all around, and she could only see one meter around her. They need to stand very close to see each other. "We only have 81 coins, and if we pay for one night, we only have 11 coins left. What should we do tomorrow? We don't even have food." "We'll think about it tomorrow. Now we need to find a safe area first. According to the MMORPGs I've played before, the monsters will become more hostile and stronger at night. Not to mention that our visibility has dropped so much." A boy said with a solemn tone. “AAahhhh.. Helppp!! Akhh!!” Bam! Bam! Just when they were still hesitating, they heard a scream coming from nearby, before it became silent again. Their bodies turn cold instantly. What's the use of money when you lose your life? With this mindset, they paid for temporary residence and stormed into the ca
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Chapter 6
The next morning, Feng Yue woke up to see more and more people in the camp. After putting away the tent, he came to the mission hall and saw that some had been completed. He collected the items from the mission hall and left the camp after a simple breakfast.It's the second day and he should find more skill and gear cards. It will be more difficult to find a good card in the future. As he left the camp, he saw groups of people walking in his direction. During the day, Winter Night Camp didn’t require payment to stay, and many people came here to rest.This is just the second day that the world has become a game. Feng Yue currently has no skill, so he needs to find more cards and learn skills. He walked to the unexplored areas on the world map. While the chances of finding cards in unexplored areas are higher, the risks are also higher.But right now, in addition to finding cards and leveling up, he also needs to find more supplies. Feng Yue didn't know how long he could still use com
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Chapter 7
[ BOSS ] Merman King, level 15.This is just the second day of the apocalypse. No one can beat this boss unless beta players choose to keep their combat level as a reward. Although in the end game, this boss could only be counted as a small boss, but right now the boss’ level is too high for them.He is only level 2, with only one basic skill and one orange level skill. The best decision is to run away. But looking at the people lying on the ground, he couldn't just run and let them die. Just as he was still thinking about what to do, a calm voice came from behind him."Do you want to form a team to kill the boss?"Feng Yue was taken aback, and when he looked back, he saw a man in an ancient robe. He stood there looking thoughtfully at the boss. Feng Yue sent him a party invitation, which was accepted instantly.Seeing the level displayed on the party information, Feng Yue almost dropped his jaw in shock. This person is a level 12 player!Those people saw other players coming to kill
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Chapter 8
After dinner, they shared the loots of the day and went back to their tents to rest. While Xiao Feng was resting, Feng Yue was checking the inventory and warehouse. He also went to the mission hall, refreshing missions and posting new missions at the same time.He needs to collect more supplies, as now more and more people are hunting higher-level monsters, the variety of their supplies have also increased. In addition to gel, cotton, and thread, He added boar meat, logs, leather, and coal.When he was done, he checked the list of NPCs. Two NPCs came to his camp today. When his mission hall is still level 1, there can only be a maximum of two NPCs visiting his camp at the same time.They will stay for 24 hours and leave when they are rejected or timed out. There is a 4-hours cooldown before a new NPC visits again. Feng Yue checked the status of the npc.[ Name : Jack | Level : 1 | Skills : None | Rank : D ][ Name : Sally | Level : 5 | Skills : Cooking - intermediate | Rank : B ]Feng
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Chapter 9
Today is the third day and he wants to check the crops. The time has come for the crops to be ripe and he needs to harvest them before they rot.As he walked inside the farmland, he saw a spread of golden wheat patches in front of him. The wheats are tall with plump ears. It was ready to be harvested. Feng Yue walked closer and saw the clock above the crops had already hit zero. He squatted beside the patches and started to harvest the wheat. Since it was blue grade seeds, Feng Yue hoped that he could get at least one bag of yellow grade wheat seed. He spent 45 minutes finishing harvesting all of the crops, and managed to get 5 bags of blue grade wheat seeds and 1 bag of yellow grade wheat seeds. One bag of blue grade wheat seed gave him 438 kilos of wheat. White grade seed can be harvested for 50 kilograms, and with every grade higher, it gives an additional 150 kilograms. While blue grade seeds can be harvested for 350 kilograms, with his advanced life skill level, he has a passi
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Chapter 10
Feng Yue got closer, and finally saw clearly what happened. In the center of the circle, a man wearing low-level equipment with one arm is oozing pus and dripping black blood was groaning despite lost unconsciousness. His arm was destroyed because every now and then his blood would form a bubble and pop open, tearing apart his flesh and muscle. Even as a man, Feng Yue felt disgusted when he saw the man's arm. Not to mention the girls who were already throwing up in the corner or turning pale. He frowned trying to control his churning stomach. He looked at the man's arm, and suddenly remembered the elixir he had just refined. One of the elixirs is used to detoxify poison. It is a low-level elixir, so Feng Yue is not sure if it will work or not. But trying is better than doing nothing. "Please make way, please make way." Feng Yue said as he walked with difficulty in the midst of the crowd. After a while, he finally walked out of the 'human barrier' and saw a group of people. As he ap
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