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Once a man mocked and humiliated for his chubby appearance, Igarashi Kazuki, stumbled upon something extraordinary in his ancestral warehouse. Kazuki discovered a mysterious gateway that transported him to a new world full of unimaginable possibilities. In this new realm, Kazuki faced various challenges and obstacles, forcing him to use all of his abilities to survive. In this new world he discovered, Kazuki met an AI system that helped him train and evolve into a stronger, smarter, and more cunning individual. Throughout his adventure, Kazuki discovered many new and fascinating things that made him even more curious about the incredible new world he had found. He obtained many rare treasures, found his true love, and experienced all the happiness that both worlds could offer. With colossal battles, an intriguing love story, becoming the strongest and fighting off countless opponents, this novel will take readers on an incredible adventure where Kazuki will face unexpected challenges and obstacles in his efforts to survive and explore the amazing new world. This is the tale of a true Progressor who will become the best in both worlds!



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Chapter 1: The unfortunate Piggie...
"Is there a place for me in this world?" That was what Kazuki always pondered about in his life. "Hey, you stupid pig! Hurry up and oink like a pig! I can't wait to record it!!!" commanded a young man with a gangster appearance to Kazuki, who was lying on the ground with a beaten face. For Igarashi Kazuki, he felt like he had no place in this world anymore. "Hurry up and do your job, idiot!" "Kuhahahahah!! This is so funny!" The gangster's friends also joined in, mocking Kazuki again and again. "Why am I always bullied? Is it because I'm not physically attractive...?" Kazuki thought, feeling completely immobile due to the multiple injuries in several joints in his hands and feet. "Hurry up and do it...!!!!" the young man roared, kicking Kazuki hard in the head! Kick!! Thud! "Arrghhh...!!!" At that moment, Kazuki lost consciousness due to the force of the kick that shook his brain. But before he blacked out, he overheard a conversation between two people he knew.
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Chapter 2: The gate that connects two worlds?!
*** "So... I'm in another world...?" Kazuki asked incredulously. [... Yes.] The Great System responded. "What's your name...?" Kazuki inquired. [You can call me The Great System.] The System replied. "Do you have any other nonsense to say...?" Kazuki asked, slightly annoyed. [... No.] The System answered. "Then, can you explain my current situation?" Kazuki requested. [... No.] The System replied once again. Kazuki, now slightly recovered from the shock, started to explore the palace he found himself in. The thought that he was in a completely different world was still sinking in. He couldn't believe his eyes and ears, especially with a voice in his head that responded to his every thought. "This is ridiculous, talking to myself like this." Kazuki muttered to himself. "System... How stupid..." [You stupid one.] The System retorted. "Up to you..." Kazuki replied, realizing that he wasn't going to get anywhere arguing with the voice in his head. Kazuki explored the palace fo
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Chapter 3: Kazuki is determined to change!
*** [Magic Stones] Type: Material Rank: S- Magic stones can be used as materials for making magic tools, these stones can be obtained from monsters that have a magic core with high magic power. [King Deity Necklace] Type: Accessories Charisma +2,000 A necklace that has some of the charisma of a King, a necklace that is highly sought after by others because of its prowess, but this necklace is so rare that it makes its price very expensive. "...This is great!!" exclaimed Kazuki in great joy! He had obtained hundreds of thousands of yen in cash, the Secret Palace of the Ancient Emperors, and even weapons of unreasonable power! “The warehouse is much more mysterious than I thought...” muttered Kazuki while looking intently at the door. The door was hidden in the middle of the palace, so he was a bit confused when he wanted to look for it again. "...Then what about my hand...?" he said while looking at his unusable left hand. Previously when he killed that monster slime, Kaz
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Chapter 4: One month surviving hellish training!
On the first day after resting for the day before, Kazuki was ready to train his body. However, he didn't want to exercise normally like most people do. Instead, he wanted to train his body by learning how to use weapons like the ancient emperor in the palace! Despite weighing 150 kg and standing at a height of 174 cm, Kazuki was determined to achieve his goal by the end of the month. The first weapon he decided to learn was the spear, which he studied by reading martial arts books. Despite his injured left hand, he was able to learn and practice the techniques. "I'm ready to start. Let's do this!" said Kazuki. [...Yes.] Kazuki then demonstrated spear techniques repeatedly, even with just one hand. Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Kazuki continued practicing the techniques until it got dark, switching to different techniques along the way. *** "Hahh... Hahh... Hahh... This is really tiring, but also fun!" he exclaimed as he put the weapon back in its pl
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Chapter 5: Kazuki becomes an Impromptu Model?!
*** Kazuki searched thoroughly, even trying to find the narrowest crevices. After a long time of searching, he finally found a new pair of clothes that his grandfather had never worn before. "One white long-sleeved shirt, and one black pair of trousers," Kazuki said as he took out the clothes from his case and checked to see if they fit him. Maybe because his grandfather was old, the size of the clothes he had were too small and short for Kazuki to wear, so he had a hard time finding one that suited him. "The length is quite suitable and the height is also just right. Alright, here we go!" exclaimed Kazuki cheerfully. Finally, Kazuki had found clothes that suited him, but he knew he needed to buy new ones for the future. He also wore the necklace he had obtained after killing the weird jelly to add some color to his outfit so that it didn't look flat and unflattering. "I hope there are lots of good but cheap clothes available. I'll have to go to the shopping center to find them
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Chapter 6: Modeling contract and battling a strange man...!?
*** After the shooting session ended, Kazuki found a nearby seat and rested there. "Ughhhh..." It was the first time Kazuki had done modeling, and he felt that forcing a stiff expression was too much. step... step... Turning towards the footsteps, Kazuki saw that Marin was now approaching him while carrying two glasses of hot chocolate. "Do you want one?" asked Marin, offering a hot chocolate to Kazuki. "Ah, thank you," he replied while taking the hot chocolate. Marin immediately sat beside Kazuki and drank her hot chocolate. Sruppttt... "Ahh~... It's delicious..." Kazuki then drank his. Sruptt... "...It's delicious." Glancing at Kazuki, Marin softly asked him, "Hey, what's your name, and how should I address you?" Kazuki lightly answered, "My name is Igarashi Kazuki, you can call me by my first name~..." "Wahhh... Alright, I'll call you Kazuki-kun, okay?" asked Marin while looking at Kazuki's face. "It doesn't matter." "Oh, by the way, I haven't introduced myself. M
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Chapter 7: We're about to embark on our first journey into a new world!
*** After purchasing his cell phone, they decided to head home. "Hey Kazuki-kun, how did you learn to move so quickly? Did you study martial arts?" asked Marin curiously. "...Well... my family clan has always been an ancient samurai clan... And if you're asking if I practice martial arts, then the answer is yes," explained Kazuki slowly. "Wow...!! You practice martial arts! Really?!" Marin's eyes lit up when she heard that Kazuki was a martial artist. "Correct..." Marin had previously admired Kazuki's sturdy physique, but that wasn't the main reason she liked him. The main reason was that Kazuki had a very kind nature and could make someone feel very comfortable around him, but also had a ferocious side. "Where is your house? Can I come over?" Marin asked with a pitiful but enthusiastic face. "Of course, feel free to come to my house whenever you want." "Then where is your home address?" Kazuki looked around the surrounding area before asking for Marin's cellphone. "Lend me y
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Chapter 8: The first time exploring the forest!!
*** "...Sword or spear, which one will I take with me for my first trip..." Kazuki was a little confused about what weapon he would bring. [Sword God!] Type: Weapon A sword made with blood and tears, countless sacrifices were made to make this sword that could even split the firmament, an indestructible sword because it was made from many souls who sacrificed just to make this weapon. The battle cry will always flow in the user's blood when fighting with this sword which will increase the penetration damage dealt. After Kazuki put on the armor hanging beside the cupboard, he was a bit confused and thought for a few minutes about what weapon he would bring. Speaking of armor, according to Kazuki, the appearance of the armor itself was too cool but also very terrifying. The armor was solid black, with lots of strange symbols and lines on each side, and was adorned with many small horns in each corner, giving it a scary look. Even on his shoulders, it had a shape that resembled a
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Chapter 9: Watching a swaying tree...
*** At this time, a large cavalry procession with horse-drawn carriages was passing through a road in the midst of an extremely wide and dense forest. A knight on horseback, clad in full armor, who had previously been at the forefront, now slowed down and rode his horse into one of the nearby carriages. The carriage window also opened slowly. "What about the road ahead, Robert?" asked the princess, who was in the carriage. Robert, who was now listening to the question, replied, "The road conditions ahead are still quite safe, there is no danger ahead." Staring at that face full of doubts, Robert asked the princess, "Erm... Princess... Is there a problem...?" "Just a moment…" the princess whispered as she closed her eyes quietly. Not long after, Robert felt the aura of an extremely terrifying monster in front of him, and he felt not only one aura, but many auras! "Alert for battle!!! Alert for battle!!!!! There's a monster ahead!! There's a monster ahead!!!!" One of the soldier
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Chapter 10: Discovering the world's first human under attack by monsters?!
*** The state of the battle now being faced by Robert is dire. Out of the 300 elite soldiers he had brought with him for escort, only 89 soldiers were still alive. The number of deaths was terrifying compared to the monsters they killed, only 7 low level monsters and 4 danger level monsters they managed to kill! As for the other levels that are quite dangerous and really terrible? They were having fun slaughtering the soldiers and enjoying torturing them. "Uwarrghhhh!!!! My legs! Please just kill me!!!" "No!!! Don't eat me-!!" "Bast*rd!! Monster bitch!!" "Let's die together you darn monsters!" Many screams and cries were heard on the battlefield, cries of hatred and fear shouted by the soldiers. Some commanders had managed to kill low-level monsters, but they also put their lives on the line in the process. Robert, who had bravely fought monsters before, was now covered in blood as he guarded the carriage with all his strength. As for the princess, she cast numerous spells
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