The Narcist

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The Narcist

By: Anggin Kenari Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Born in a weak economic family among his sisters who extorted their energy until almost out of limit ,they always demanded beyond his limit , and at his school he became the target and bully of their schoolmates, Abyaz tries to remain a good son all the way even though his sisters are jealous of him because their father loves him the most. He has a younger brother whom he took care among his many other responsibilities. He lives as a tough and relentless fighter until his adulthood, he constantly fighting for his betterment in career, family and life in overall to become a strong unbeatable figure.


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The Fazan Family
Abyaz Adhigara is the ninth son of ten children. Above him are all the older sisters and one younger brother. His father loved him and his younger brother very, very much, so that all of his elder sisters considered the two of them to be golden children while they were only copper ones.On the other hand, their mother seemed to care more about her eight daughters. So it seems that the symptoms and tendencies of matriarchal and patriarchal seem to be fighting without weapons in the family.When they were all small,they enjoyed playing a lot.Girls liked to play with girls ,boys liked to play with boys but sometimes they were mingling around and just having fun chasing cat and dog,,hide and seek or eating guavas at their grandma backyard house in the village .There always rules in every games they created . When one deceit ,others would yell and bullied him or her before starting again to be fairer..and telling each other with sort of serious menace " lf you cheat must go o
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Agent of Change
Mr Fazan sighed heavily when he saw the tv programs . Slanderous acts among celebrities on medias lately is going crazy , from the movie stars to the political parties and those common people who want to take parts on the programs..audience are there to give applauses to the entertaining segments.... careful,many programs done only for getting ads . Sometimes it hurt humanity and life virtues.. Labida sat beside him without any words,watching the tv program that her husband chose. Mr Fazan looked at the clock on the worn out wall.Aby hasn't come home yet, maybe in the next quarter an hour. He was thirsty .He got up to get himself a glass of water . ,,Why are you avoiding me ?" Said Labida . ,,I'm just getting some water " ,,You can ask me to get it for you ,,she said and taking the remote to change the tv program. Fazan ignored her ." You can simply get the water for me if you intent to" he said it to his own heart ,silently ,then having the water before going to
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The Bully
Having 12 family members in one house is not easy. The fact that there are many basic human needs which must be fulfilled well physically and non-physically become very complex when each member who lives under the same one roof have burden on their shoulders ,along with their respective rights and obligations to carry out. Small income can be triggers to yield jealousy on each others. If Mr Fazan prioritizes one of the children for example ,Arkadevi is bought a raincoat jacket, then Gerina will ask for the same or another stuff ,but the point is that everyone demand for having the similar stuff at the same time . If mother deals with it unfairly by giving unwise opinion and indulge any girl who complain ,l want shoes.Asfarina got what she asked ..why dad doesn't do the same for me ?" And that's what often happens Mom ,instead of giving her understanding to give in and waiting for other time for dad to get his time ,she consoled her in a wrong way by indulgence. Sugarcoating w
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The Angry Madam
Aby came home from school that afternoon, found the house rather quiet. Father was at work, of course, mom probably slept with Lev and his older sisters were still at school. Aby sat in a chair for a while, very tired, wanted to eat or sleep for a while. He thought about a few tasks he had to complete first. Alright, if he sleep for a while before eating it might not be a problem, he'll do his routine tasks after that.He tiptoed to his room ,avoiding in making any noise that can awaken anyone .He changed an started to close his eyes . Sleeping is the best way out for tiredness.Empty highway to dream .Where to go... memories of the late Grandpa and grandma..The old house with some trees around.Create peace and garden of eden in your own heart...again the memories coming in a various forms joyous ,palaver , strained and prod .They played to be queen and king .A kid sat in a piles of pillow so she could be higher than everyone then commanding this and that while the common people a
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The Hardworking Boy
A few hundred meters from the house around the corner from the market, there was a business of refilling gallons of mineral drinking water. Aby came there that afternoon after school. "Is it still needed here a vacancy for a boy delivering the gallons of water ?" He asked someone there. The person pointed at a young man who was preparing gallons of water to the saddle of his motorbike."Oh, sorry," said Aby as he approached the young man.Whom he pointed at. He asked the same thing.The worker replied , "Maybe it's still needed. But just ask my boss." "Can I see him?,,,,Wait a minute, " Soon the young man returned.,, Incidentally the boss is in his workroom. Wait a minute.Later you will be called " ,Okay . Thank you" . Then Aby was called.,, Good morning sir ,,,, want to work here ? Wait .. you're Mr Fazan ' s son ..right ? I think I saw you a few times buying some gallons of water here ""That's true,Mr ,"Well yes l still need one or two deliver boy here
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Dream and Wishes
A day to collect his wage would come was like a tonic water. Aby hoped to have some amount that enough to pay for the angry madam whose children' s toys were broken by Lev last time .What about if it's more ? Wow, that sounds great.He would buy something for mom and dad and if possible,for his sister and of course for Lev . Little kids need new things always . Actually the father of the kids thought that his wife was imprudent to force Aby to replace the broken toys .He even saw that his wife bungled the issue..and she was rather crabby .But she told him that Aby insisted to replace as a form of responsibility and also to make Lev got a lesson whilst playing .Aha.. it's more than the target. He can use his month's salary to buy some simple things. Not enough for himself, but he's happy because he can buy something for his family.After finishing his business with the madam, he went to the cake shop and buy a big size for everyone, and a special little cake for Lev. A
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Blind Date
Today's decision may differ from yesterday or tomorrow,if ones activate their minds in seeing things around.,but don't be like machines in producing same stuff each day.. Gerina took her clothes which already ironed by Aby then picked one of them after about 15 minutes thinking about which would be the best wear to meet someone at a blind date ocurrance.She was going to meet him at a cafe just nearby the house .Still ,he need Aby to chaperone her .,, Don't let dad know I meet someone ,ok ,, she said .Aby just nodded and followed her walking out . Human knowledge can be developed if it stuffed by more and more data in a insatiable curiosity. Gerina have been known the man from social media .She was thrilled by the first meeting in person after a few months chatting on phone .She must be careful in deciding to meet in person ..quite many bad stories happen on a date from social media.One day it return to the similar conclusion ,whether the friendship would be in good
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Time Management
Lev is listening to the talk and doesn't catch what is it all about.Sometimes his sisters take him out and proudly telling them that he is their youngest brother.Cute ,smart. ...that's all the comments they got .So different from Aby .They never introduce him to anyone . Wanting more times to have nice talk with mom is not possible for Aby .It's seldom to have good time with her . Desara was just coming home from somewhere and asked mom and dad whether she could take Aby with her. ,,Dad is speaking to someone at the porch .You hear that ? Sound important " ,,Talking about making a business again maybe" They were laughing.,,Again ? What business? Doing business need enough money as a capital" ,, Forgive her for saying that mom " ,,Ask him about our financial issues.How to solute this ?Your career , one need a good base of education...and so does our social life. We need to have good position to be respected again when our grandpa still have lots of land ". ,,Maybe
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Lev wanted to join Aby playing .But his chummies minded it as Lev was too small to gather with them . Their sisters allowed him to go but dad forbid them .He said ,"What about when they enjoy playing,Lev is left behind and none aware of him ...he can be lost,,But Lev is a boy .It's good for him to play and learn with elder boys he can learn how to be a man " said Milena theoritically.Yes it's a heyday time for him to learn whilst playing ". Said Gerina.Asfarina was masticating some food when she said something but none care as her words were bleary.Mama looked shocker by the disagreement among all of them.She heard the girls say those pontifical statements.It maybe derived from their academic education they bring to the houseWhereas their dad is a conformist still .Aby was standing in the corner, baffled.The quarrel seemed scaremonger.Mama saw the situation as inglorious thing.She always consider her family as philistine.But the quarrel seemed like all of them were s
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Wolfish Sisters
Lizette,Milena pal at the vicinity neighborhood saw the boys group were heading along the south road.It's a spacial marshy site .Some of them cycled, some others rakish in laughter.Lizette met Milena about it at the porch . Hearing this,she widened her eyes, baffled.She prepared herself to scold Aby .He was 14 ,age of pubertyteenagers where they tend to rebel to show their being nomore little kid .But it's an odd thing to do for the obedient boy .She took Lizette hand to the living room and served her some frost water .Lizette sat and looking around the house which quite commodious in her eyes even it's old.Lev was crying unstoppablyMom came in with monstrosity of angerGerina masticated a bowl of toothsome mushroom soup when she came in and meddling on the rigmarole.She carried Lev who was crying intermittently.He was in the condition of abstemious vibes.Asfarina hard bitten herself in seeing all that .,,Aby is weird today.He is not himself.. what's going on?"She looked
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