Uprising Of The Hidden Heir

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Uprising Of The Hidden Heir

By: Gem OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Two more years was all that Austin needed, to wash up all of Ariel's agony and bring her to fame just like she had always wanted.. A family's tradition that laid him into the street to live the life of an ordinary man, Austin found love on this street. Or maybe a group of people that just wanted what he could bring to the table. Ariel eventually served him a divorce agreement, breaking him into shreds. Even though he had established the family's company, as the company grew, they never ceased to treat him like trash. He was out of their League now, even though he was the only reason that they had progressed during the course of the years. His name only paves ways for them. And when Austin thought that it was all over, he received a call from his father, his voice sprinkled with urgency. The family wanted him back. Even though it was two years before the date that was proposed and now, Austin is back to his fame.

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Sweat dripped down from his face as Austin put the finishing touches on the floor that he was mopping.The loud noises of the steam engines flooded into his hearings.Rising gently from the floor, his bone made a cracking sound that signified how tired he was and the rate of his beating heart was real fast.Even though he had been working for such a long time in the company and he had to cover the whole company daily, the manager had deliberately refused to increase his pay.The last time that he brought up the topic, he almost got fired and that was something that he didn't want at the moment.But all of that didn't matter to him as a smile was hovering on his face as he tossed the mop into the storage room and made his way toward his boss's office.He could feel his heart beating hard against his chest as though it was going to burst through.It was payday today and it was also his marriage anniversary.He wanted to surprise his dear Ariel with the pearl that she had always wanted b
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The world around him seemed to have crumbled immediately as he continued to stare at the one that he thought he loved so much.But even though his heart ached, he had to make out his words."So this is what you have been looking for. A way to push me away from your life so that you will have all the time in the world to cheat right." There was pain in Austin's heart as he spoke the words to herFor a moment, Ariel was stunned not because she caught her husband cheating on her but because she thought that she was already out of the house already"What is he still doing here? I thought that he took the money already and signed the documents?" Her gaze moved swiftly towards her mother without placing her gaze on him even for a single moment."Well, you should know the punk better than I do. He has refused to sign until you spit the words in his face. Now that you are here, I guess that would be a lot easier." Ariel replied accompanied by a long hiss from her mouth.For the first time sin
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Austin's heart was clouded with joy at the thought that he could now return to his family after such a long time.But there was something strange about this sudden callback call but he just couldn't place his hands on it."Something doesn't seem right." He said under his breath almost immediately.He could feel his heart beating hard against his chest as though it was going to burst through."I guess that I will have to go and see my father now." He said to himself.For the first time in a long while, he took an Uber to the venue of the meeting.His eyes sped off towards the wristwatch that he had in his hands only to notice that he was just in time.For some weird reason, his heartbeat continued to go faster than normal as his eyes sped off toward the large building.Following the news that he has been following about the family's company, it was one of their latest collectionHe sipped in a really deep breath and walked slowly into the place. So large that he could hardly make his
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There was a swift change in Rose's facial expression as she continued to pair with them, trying to make things out in her head."This has to be some terrible mistake." She thought, flinging a stale stare towards Austin, who was able to maintain a strange calm around him, getting her spilling over with rage.Her frown deepened. "I can't believe that you have the guts to accept the manager's acquittal." Rose's voice was like the clap of a lightning bolt.And before it could get to the mind of anyone in the hall, the air hand was already high up in the air, wanting to throw Austin off balance with a slap.But before she could achieve her aim, her hands held her up in the air, preventing her from doing anything.Her eyes made a swift pull towards the one that was holding her hands high up in the air only to notice that it was Ramsey.Her face filtered with dread, making her to pull off her hands away swiftly but that didn't stop her from trying to explain her point."Have you suddenly gon
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Mr. Rufus Gerald pulled off from his seat, hugging Austin tightly until he could feel the warmth of his hands.After a while, he pulled off and held on to his face."I'm glad to have you back and see your face once again even though it's not going to be for long." His father noted.Mr. Rufus' face was so flooded with so much joy that he didn't notice the extreme words of his father. His heart was racing fast."Glad to have you back too father. And I promise to have a great time with you now that I am back." Austin addedBut he could feel that something was wrong with his father. His breathing beat and his extremely cold hands.And immediately he said the words, there was a sudden change in his facial expression but he could not pinpoint what exactly it was that was wrong."Are you okay father?" He inquired staring right into the eyes of his father with so much passion.Mr. Rufus pushed a smile forward almost immediately as he gestured to a seat that was right before him."I'm fine.
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Meanwhile, Luther walked into the room with a smile on his face. It was Ariel's birthday as well as the day that he was officially going to be divorced and start a new life altogether.She could feel her heart racing fast. Overjoyous as she could not wait to get over with the punk already."Finally, we are getting rid of that fool from our lives forever." He muttered under his breath swiftly."I wonder how he is going to survey on the street." Lady Willow said swiftly under her breath as everyone in the room burst out into laughter."This is going to be the best." One of them said under their breath.Just then Luther cleared his truth, walking gradually towards Ariel with a smile on his face.Ariel had a weird expression on her face, flooded with so much confusion as he continued to stare at him."Is there anything wrong?" She could no longer help it but inquired swiftly.Her heart was beating hard against her chest as though it was going to burst through, still staring right into hi
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Austin could barely hold his laughter as he continued to stare at him with so much awe.His heart beating hard against his chest as though it was going to burst through. He watched as Ariel walked up to him, her hands firmly around his neck, and she kissed him."I never knew that I had gotten a blessing in disguise." She muttered under her breath.Soon, Austin could no longer control himself as he burst out into laughter making everyone in the room fling in his direction."Is the fool real right now?""What makes him think that he can laugh?" Another voice streamed swiftly into his ears.He could already hear the pattern of feet from behind and he turned around to see who it was only to notice that it was Lady Kate.His hands had a tight frown on her face, one that was enough to throw him off balance."And what right do you think that you have the right to laugh?" She thundered at him, her voice laced with so much hatred and disgust but even at this, he was still calm."I just wanted
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CHAPTER     8 
Austin's stare was shot from afar. His eyes brightened with so much bewilderment."I'm going to ask you once again, what do you think that you are doing?" There was an obvious frown on his face as he spoke.But Ariel could not hide her stiff hatred for him as she went ahead to speak. "I just want to ask you one question." She began.His eyes were farrowed as he waited for whatever she had to spew, tagging slightly below his thigh with his index fingers."What makes you think that you can get a drink here? Right after you stole your way into this place?" She glared at him with so much fury in her voice."And I should return that question to you, what makes you think that I stole my way into this place?" He responded.Luther laughed out, his voice lashed with so much mockery."Spear us little fools.""And we didn't come here to utter words with you. Not again. We just came here to tell you to leave.""Or what?" Austin's hands were clenched and his stare was fierce."Or you, we are goin
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"You are frightening the guest so that's the only decision that I can make." The guard responded.Thoughts were running through his head and his hands were clutched almost immediately. "And what if I decide not to?" He frowned.Luther burst out into laughter almost immediately and after what seemed to be like forever, he paused, staring right into the eyes of the pauper that was right before him."As though you have a choice." He said but Austin firmly ignored the words."You should leave peacefully at least. I don't want to force you to." The guard said calmly."You should listen to him already and go," Ariel growled afterward.There was a tense air in the place as everyone waited for what was going to be the reaction of Austin but he wasn't ready to leave, even for a single moment."I am not leaving for anywhere. You can make me too." He replied.The guard walked towards the previous post and got the phone that was meant for his work. Luther's heart raced after.The guard said wa
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Before he could say any further words, he received a slap on the face, his face hot red with anger.Everyone in the room was stunned and their jaws were far apart with so much shock."First, you wanted Austin out of this place, and now the both of us? How dare you." Austin thundered at him.Luther's fury increased greatly, wanting to return the slap as his hands were already raised.But before his hands could make a landing effect on Austin, the guard held his hands high up in the air.He already knew that this was the only way that he could redeem himself."What are you trying to do?" The guard sprouted out while Luther continued to stare at him in disbelief."Do you realize that this is the closest person to the Young's family?" He inquired.Immediately he said the words, the crowd that had gathered was awe-struck. They brought out their cell phones from their pockets to search."It's true. It's him." Chatters floated through the hall.Hearing this he was extremely shocked as he co
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