I'm Not A Useless Son-in-law

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I'm Not A Useless Son-in-law

By: Chanhlee OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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On the surface, Ethan appears to be a useless groom, but behind the scenes, no one knows that he is the heir to the most powerful family in the United States! His wife divorced him for money and power, and others constantly looked down on him. Until everything was exposed, Ethan returned to his true position, and everything was just beginning! All those who had scorned and oppressed him had to regret and pay the price!

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50 chapters
Chapter 1: Divorce
In the top floor office of AG company, a woman dressed in office attire didn't even bother to knock as she entered.Inside, there was only one man, who stood rather than sat. He was tall, with striking blonde hair and deep blue eyes akin to the vast, serene ocean. Just standing there, he exuded a certain aura, making it hard to imagine him as anything less than a capable individual.Despite the arrival of the woman, he showed no surprise. He simply looked at her and asked in a calm voice, "What brings you here?"Indeed, Ethan was summoned here, to his wife Alice's company. And standing before him was none other than Alice's secretary. She seemed perpetually dissatisfied with him, and now, her gaze was filled with disdain.She gave a cold laugh before advancing, placing a document on the table, almost mockingly saying, "Here's the divorce agreement. Sign it."At this, Ethan couldn't help but widen his eyes in clear surprise. The secretary, seeing his reaction, only smirked more.He
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Chapter 2: Physical Assault
Until the door closed, Alice regained her composure. She looked at her secretary with a hint of uncertainty and asked, "Do you think I did the right thing by divorcing him like that?"Ultimately, Ethan hadn't done anything to make her sad. The secretary, seeing Alice like this, quickly said, "Madam President, this is definitely the right decision in your life!"She truly felt that someone as lacking as Ethan didn't deserve Alice. Alice rolled her eyes without saying a word, clearly still saddened by Ethan's departure.Meanwhile, Ethan made his way to the elevator, his eyes slightly downcast, seeming strangely gloomy. It was truly regrettable; even he didn't feel comfortable about divorcing Alice.Their marriage ended just like that because of his simplicity. Perhaps from the beginning, all his choices had been mistakes.As the elevator opened, Ethan stepped inside.Almost immediately, his phone rang. It was an unknown number, but Ethan almost instantly recognized it.John Cartie,
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Chapter 3: Aboli Campbell
Alice's mother almost immediately froze when faced with Ethan's gaze. However, her son's yelling grew louder by the moment. Alice's mother seemed to just wake up at this moment. She quickly shouted, "Security, where is security?!"Not only the security but also the passersby were attracted by her yelling, quickly noticing the chaos here. At this point, the security had also rushed out and quickly moved towards Ethan, shouting, "Hey, what are you doing? Do you know who these people are?!"The security didn't care about who was right or wrong. He didn't know the conflict between Alice and her brother, he just knew they were mother and son. He needed Alice's praise, so he would surely not hesitate to win Alice's mother's favor.However, Ethan seemed to not hear the security's voice at all. His speed didn't slow down at all. Alice's brother's face was already bruised, crying incessantly.Seeing this, the security grabbed a baton, advancing aggressively as if to attack Ethan. "Stop
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Chapter 4: Suspicion
Alice looked at her mother with a mixture of astonishment and skepticism. However, she refrained from asking any further questions and simply said, "Mom, it's best if you take him to the hospital first."Indeed, Alice's brother was still writhing and yelling on the ground, attracting the attention of many passersby.Her mother pursed her lips, seemingly surprised by Alice's reaction to her words. However, under Alice's gaze, she couldn't say anything more and could only urge her son to leave.Alice didn't even glance at them as she continued walking forward.Suddenly, she spoke, "How do you feel about this?"The secretary walking beside her startled slightly but quickly replied, "Ethan assaulted someone, that much is clear."Alice furrowed her brows slightly; she could deduce that much. Nevertheless, she remained skeptical, certain that her mother had embellished her words.As for her brother, he truly was a scoundrel.The secretary glanced at Alice's expression, seemingly understa
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Chapter 5: The Arrogant and Foolish Chief Doctor
Ethan spoke his diagnosis slowly, but Melly couldn't help but widen her eyes, filled with astonishment. Ethan had completely guessed her illness!Aboli, understanding her younger sister, nodded, her trust in Ethan increasing.After her initial surprise, Melly quickly reverted to her demeanor, crossing her arms and turning away, appearing resentful as she said, "No, he's completely wrong!"Nevertheless, she didn't stop Ethan anymore, even displaying a bit of shyness as she glanced at him discreetly.Ethan didn't pay attention to Melly's reactions. He approached the hospital bed, and almost immediately upon examining Mr. Campbell from such a close distance, he deduced that Mr. Campbell had been poisoned.Placing his index and middle fingers on Mr. Campbell's wrist, after a moment, he identified the type of toxin. It had no specific name, more like a mixture of various toxins, even emitting a hint of magical energy, something quite rare in the current world.He blinked, then began hel
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Chapter 6: Slap in the Face!
Aboli furrowed her brows, immediately stepping forward to grab the collar of the chief physician. Her strength was considerable, and the chief physician was quickly pulled upwards.She spoke icily, "What were you just doing? I told you not to touch my grandfather! Can you bear the consequences of this?!"The chief physician felt somewhat intimidated, but quickly raised his voice, "The issue here isn't about my competence being insufficient! Clearly, it's because of your friend, he must have done something for your grandfather to end up like this! I just happened to be coincidentally involved!"Aboli was truly furious, almost laughing at the chief physician's attempt to say something more.Without hesitation, Aboli raised her hand and slapped him hard. The slap was so forceful that it caused the chief physician's face to tilt to one side.In a stern tone, Aboli said, "Don't speak nonsense at a time like this, you useless fool!"After her words, she quickly pushed the chief physician
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Chapter 7: The Curse?
Mr. Campbell, who moments ago seemed to be gasping for breath, suddenly sat up from the hospital bed! This nearly left everyone stunned, except for Ethan, of course. Doctors almost couldn't believe what they were witnessing. A rare disease that they couldn't cure was now healed by an unknown guy; could there be anything more absurd and unbelievable than this?Melly almost immediately rushed to Mr. Campbell's side, while Aboli glanced at Ethan, bowed respectfully, and said, "Thank you very much for saving my grandfather, Ethan. From now on, you will be a good friend of the Campbell family; we all are deeply grateful to you."Ethan nodded and said, "Just doing what needs to be done, as long as you provide me with what we agreed upon."Aboli immediately nodded in response, "Certainly."The chief doctor standing aside frowned uncomfortably at the scene. Compared to Ethan, he truly felt redundant. He was skilled, but he was overly arrogant and unwilling to accept that others could be
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Chapter 8: Ambushed
Upon waking up, Mr. Campbell was placed under a special care regimen to ensure a swift recovery.Meanwhile, in Aboli's car, she insisted on taking Ethan home. Despite his refusal, she was determined to do so, and Ethan didn't argue further.Aboli looked at Ethan and then suddenly pulled out a bank card, saying earnestly, "Thank you for saving my grandfather; please accept this."Ethan glanced at the bank card, his face devoid of any shock or joy. He simply said, "I thought we had already agreed; I don't need money, just dragon's blood grass."Aboli smiled faintly and nodded, "No, the dragon's blood grass is given to you on behalf of the Campbell family. This is from me, Aboli, as a token of gratitude. Please accept it."Aboli's sincerity was strikingly different from Alice's previous haughtiness. Ethan was about to say something when suddenly the car screeched to a halt, causing both Aboli and Ethan to lean forward instinctively.The bank card in Aboli's hand fell to the floor of t
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Chapter 9: The Campbell Family's Business Banquet
Ethan couldn't help but feel a bit surprised hearing Aboli speak like that.Seeing Ethan's reaction, Aboli immediately burst into laughter, shaking her head, and said, "No, I was just kidding."To Ethan's surprise, the astonishment on his face became even more evident at that moment.Unable to help herself, Aboli glanced at him and asked, "Is something the matter?"Ethan shook his head, his expression returning to normal. "No, it's just that when you joke, you should smile a bit. Your serious demeanor makes it seem like you're really serious. Plus, I was just somewhat surprised to see you laugh."Ethan had thought Aboli didn't know how to laugh; her demeanor and presence were akin to a snowflake.Upon hearing this, a slight curve formed on Aboli's lips, though it quickly returned to normal.She looked at Ethan, suddenly serious, and said, "The Campbell family is hosting a business dinner tomorrow night. Could you protect me until the end of the event? I'm afraid there might be some ot
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Chapter 10: Scheming
Alice looked at Ethan and the beautiful woman walking beside him, feeling a slight hesitation. However, she still walked towards Ethan. Instead of apologizing, she simply said, "Hello, I didn't expect to see you here."Upon hearing Alice's voice, Ethan turned back, and Aboli also glanced at Alice, her brows slightly furrowing with suspicion. Seeing the girl next to Ethan looking at her like that, Alice couldn't help but frown a bit.At this moment, Aboli suddenly asked Ethan, "Ethan, who is this girl? She's very beautiful."Ethan replied honestly, "She's my ex-wife."Aboli couldn't help but hesitate for a moment, a hint of surprise in her gaze as she looked at Ethan and Alice. Her eyes scanned over Alice, silently evaluating whether this girl had anything good to make Ethan marry her. Moreover, she was curious about the reason for their divorce.Alice felt a slight discomfort in her heart hearing Ethan speak so bluntly. She didn't understand why she felt a bit uneasy. She sudde
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