The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

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The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

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Theophilus Jake was originally a poor man, but he accidentally saved Dulcie Miller’s grandfather’s life. So he decided to marry Dulcie to Theophilus. Dulcie is the most beautiful girl in San Francisco, and many men want to marry her. After marrying Theophilus, she didn’t hate his low-income family, but she didn’t care about him. The two originally had separate lives that had nothing to do with each other. Then, he loves her but dares not say. Soon after, Theophilus’s biological father found him, wanting him back to take over the estates of the noble Alexander family. He refused to inherit because he hated his father, who abandoned him and his mother. He was a noble heir of Alexander’s powerful family, but he refused his inheritance because he only wanted to be in the Miller family. Even though his wife's relatives hated him, he was determined to be a coward. But then Dulcie was ignored, bullied, and... Theophilus accepts his inheritance! The noble son-in-law name Theophilus Alexander is back!


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45 chapters
Chapter 1: Denial Of Inheritance!
“Master Alexander, please don't refuse the boss's request!""I not the last name Alexander, my last name is Jake.""But you still bloodline of family Alexander.""The moment they kicked my mother out of house Alexander, I had no relation to anyone in family Alexander."In the afternoon, in San Francisco City, X-A13, a luxury black Bentley car, stopped in the bustling city. They're like flamingos standing in the middle of a flock of chickens, catching the eye of passersby.In front of the bar, a handsome man is cleaning up the barbecue utensils and carts.An older man in a black suit came down from his Bentley, stooping in front of the bar, begging the man for something.''Master, you know, what the boss did that year was also forced by the situation. Although he made your mother suffer, he never kicked you out… More than a year ago, your grandfather was seriously ill, and your father sent us to find you for a year. We spend a lot of money and relationships looking everywhere for more
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Chapter 2: Intentionally Harmful!
The grand hall also has a red carpet, which occupies an enormous area decorated with luxurious ancient Western architecture.House Miller's precious guest has to sit into his seat.Dulcie carrying a sophisticated gift box, walked up to the bride, smiling: "Sister Jena, happy new marriage."Jena's eyes were delicate, fair-skinned, beautiful, and high-spirited, but she still lost a little compared to Dulcie's.She looked coldly at Dulcie, saying: "Put the gift over there.""Sister Jena, you can talk with me for a while," said Dulcie with a smile."No need. You don't have to be close to me; I know your purpose, your father's business, my family won't help." Jena replied coldly, without any respect.The smile on Dulcie's face was stiff, but the self-pity was hard to hide.She clenched her fist, and her soft body trembled softly.Before marrying Theophilus, she was favored by her father, the bright jewel of the Miller family. At that time, Jena was also very close to her, but why did Jena
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Chapter 3: Forced Divorce!
The Dulcie's house in the Groundswell apartment complex is a building that was built ten years ago, showing a simple old look. And not worthy of the Miller House of San Francisco. When he got home, Theophilus's parent-in-law were Mr. Anselm Miller and Mrs. Ariel Callum, the two of them were sitting on the sofa with serious faces. Mrs. Ariel laughed coldly: "Theophilus, are you even present about this house? What happened at the wedding today, Theophilus? You are the one who brings bad luck! What's going on is ruined by you!" Mrs. Ariel stood up loudly. "Forget it, Mom, don't talk anymore. This is not to blame Theophilus. Uncle family has no intention of helping us." Dulcie said. Mrs. Ariel heard it and got even angry and said in a rage: "Stupid daughter, has he been of any help to you? Isn't it enough for him to be so poor now? You should have married such a powerful man!" "Mom, why do you want to rely on others? Can't you rely on yourself?" said Dulcie. "By yourself? Well, y
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Chapter 4: Fight Back!
"What does he look like?" asked Magnus.The secretary replied, "It's a man in his twenties.""Let him come in and see me." Magnus looked serious, hesitating to ask again: "Is he a man in his twenties?"Five minutes later, Theophilus was led by his secretary to the president's office on the sixty-sixth floor.Theophilus did not express his shyness but sat himself down. The middle-aged man was dignified, with a severe look on his face."Who are you?" asked Magnus suspiciously, with a slight imperceptibility to the young man is kind of person how."Do you recognize this?" Theophilus took out a green Jade Card.The jade has a complex pattern engraved on it. In the middle is an evident James word."Is this?" Magnus' face was horrified at the Jade Card, and his mind dimmed.This is a Jade Card representing the identity of the James Family Corporations, and only a few people get it. Even if he's a spokesperson for James Family Corporations, there's no...It's just that when he was a child, h
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Chapter 5: Bankruptcy Risk!
"Theophilus, are you afraid of things aren't big enough? How dare you hit Orborne." Mrs. Ariel exclaimed: "Oh my gosh, you're hurting me.""You're too emotional, hitting people can't solve the problem." Dulcie slowly said."I'll take care of this. You don't have to worry about it," said Theophilus calmly: "Orborne won't do anything.""What can you do?" Mrs. Ariel said with a cold smile: "Where do you in when..."Theophilus looked unwavering at Mrs. Ariel.She was startled, suddenly feeling a little strange today. Theophilus, his eyes too sharp, Mrs. Ariel also had to stop when it comes to half the words that prepare to teach him to hold back.Theophilus' warm gaze glanced at Dulcie: "Don't worry, I'm here."Dulcie doesn't know what's happening, but she's warm inside. Today, Theophilus gives her an unprecedented, dependable feeling."Yeah..." She nodded quietly....At the same time, somewhere else.Miller House Jewelry Corporation in the X-Peak building.The building was more than twe
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Chapter 6: Humiliation Beyond Limits!
"Clean up? Eat up?"Eugene's face became highly unpredictable. Unexpectedly, the new chairman from James Family Corporations's representative was so arbitrary."President Joe, Orborne doesn't understand the protocol. You see if you can respect me..." Eugene begged."Stop!" Leighton threw a line, telling Eugene to shut up."Ten seconds." Leighton smiled at Eugene, then coldly saying: "If your son can't do it, Eugene, you can resign. You don't have to go to the X-Peak building tomorrow. I'll give people a good calculation for all the jewelry stores under your name at the department stores and the factories. The James Family Corporations only needs twenty-four hours to figure this doing."As the number one secretary of the James Family Corporations and a trusted housekeeper, Leighton's business negotiation and experience trade are prosperous. There's something big he's never seen before?There was a sudden incident this time, only about the momentum that forced the Miller family not to r
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Chapter 7: Shared Passion.
"The two older brothers have had a big problem in the past few years. Joining the James Family Corporations for its growth is not necessarily bad, but it's just a little regrettable. It's the family legacy my father left behind, from family corporation to public corporation." Anselm speaking slowly, the expression is a bit complicated.In his hand holding a daily newspaper, the news above is accurate that jewelry company of Miller House made a significant adjustment. President Joe announced that Miller House had grown under the new policy."You're such a distraught person. You're so worried about the Miller family. Did your father ever glance at you? Has he devolved control of the group to you?" Mrs. Ariel didn't give Anselm any dignity and straight said: "In the future, follow President Joe in office. Now he treated the small factories below the corporation very equally. You're also a small shareholder in the corporation's name, for many years, you've finally been able to return to
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Chapter 8: Turn The Situation!
Early the following day. At Dulcie's request, Theophilus must accompany her to the company. They call a taxi and run straight to the X-Peak building. Dulcie's mood was highly agitated, though this was the first time her jewelry design received approval. Besides, he's the president of a big corporation who personally responds! "It's urgent, and it's the first time I've had to talk to a big person like the chairman." Sitting in the back seat, Dulcie was at a loss, saying: "I don't know what he's going to ask me. I'm worried I'm wrong. They won't accept my design..." "Don't rush him, just tell him your ideas and thoughts," Theophilus said. "If there is a day of jewelry that I designed myself, being at the exhibition and receiving public praise, that would be so beautiful!" Dulcie's eyes were full of desire, which was the achievement she aspired to achieve. "Don't worry. Your design idea will come out soon," Theophilus said. "That's great!" Dulcie's face was excited, full of antic
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Chapter 9: General Manager Internship!
President's office.Leighton personally made two cups of coffee for Dulcie and Theophilus.This incident gave Dulcie a bit of joy and concern, thinking that her idea of jewelry design was already taken seriously by President Joe."Don't be rude. Just sit down." Leighton returned to his seat with a gentle face saying, "The 'King World' design you designed, I am delighted. I feel classy and highly qualified.""Thank you, Chairman Joe." Dulcie said, then actively introduced Theophilus: "The 'King World' is my overall design, and Theophilus, who is next to me.""Oh?" said Leighton indifferently: "Is this your husband?""Yes." Dulcie hesitated for a moment, then nodded.Leighton laughed, "This time, inviting you to come is to tell you the board has accepted your idea. The company will carry out the production. By then, I hope to have you supervise its research and development, which you will are in charge of.""Will I be in charge of supervision?" Dulcie was a little startled, then immedia
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Chapter 10: Ambush!
Go home.Dulcie parents got the good news on the phone early on. After the good times, Mrs. Ariel rolled up her sleeves and rarely went to the kitchen to prepare the meal for the two of them to return."Today, my daughter is promoted to a design director for the corporation, and she is also in charge of a billion-dollar jewelry project. Our family must celebrate a great meal." On the table, Mrs. Ariel spoke excitedly and opened a bottle of wine herself."At the moment, I am only the temporary director, and I have to wait until I wins first place in the group's exhibition to be officially appointed," Dulcie said very seriously."What makes the interim president, who is liked by President Joe and afraid that Jena will oppress you? This time our family is proud of, well, the design director of the corporation are you. Jena is just my daughter's subordinate." Mrs. Ariel had an enjoyable conversation.The look of Mr. Anselm also expressed his joy but said sternly, "Dulcie, it seems that Ch
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