The Secretly Rich Guard

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The Secretly Rich Guard

By: Starr OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Richard, the domineering boss that had rocked the world with his business skills and yet still remained hidden is forced to repay a debt of life that he owed his savior from many years ago. What happens when the young boss has to pretend to be a bodyguard and even get back into college just to repay his debt while watching the whole world ridicule him? And what would happen when his identity is revealed as the Domineering big boss?


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182 chapters
Chapter One: An appointment?
Richard stood in front of the huge and luxurious mansion and he bent his head to cross-check that the address matched what was on his phone.After confirming that he was at the right address, he stared at the white towering building as he approached It slowly. It had large glass windows that reflected the morning sun on their sides. Each part of the building was more beautiful than the next part. Everything dripped of wealth and stupendous affluence. He hadn’t expected that after less than ten years of not seeing him again, Mr. Rodriguez would have gone ahead to do so well for himself.The high fence that surrounded the building had standard security equipment and barbed electrical wires fixed on its top.Although from the outside it looked like it was some tight security, he could already see some flaws in them. Richard couldn’t remember much about the man, but his master had ensured all through the years that he didn’t forget some man had saved him and given him, his little poor
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Chapter Two: Beating
“Pfft.” The taller man burst out laughing. With how cocky he had been earlier, who would have thought that the man was just here to be some low-end staff like them? A bodyguard? “Oh!” The shorter man exclaimed “I think he wants to apply for the position of a bodyguard here at the suite”A wave of understanding dawned upon the other man and they broke into a lot of cackling bout of laughter.The shorter man held his stomach and coughed, trying to control his laughter. His small round face reddened “You’re not good enough to fill in that role. Go back to the streets where you –“Richard did not allow him to finish talking when his fisted palms landed with force on the other man’s jaw, sending him to stagger back in shock.The man fell to the ground with a thud. The other security man immediately swiveled into action and headed at Richard with a loud cry of anger.Richard caught him just in time and lifted him a few feet above the ground. Then, he planted a neat punch on his bulging
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Chapter Three: His Savior
Richard stood a distance away from the men that were sprawled out on the hard floor, clutching their stomachs and writhing in agony.He had a nonchalant look on his face as he couldn’t care less about the men that he had just beaten up.He bent his knuckles and began to crack them in quick succession. In less than a minute, the big, black gate of the building was flung open and a tall , lean man walked with brisk steps out of the building.There were two uniformed men on both sides and both men clutched their weapons firmly to themselves.Richard smiled inwardly as he watched the man that walked out from the inside of the mansion. As someone who was good at reading people, he didn’t even need his master’s picture to know this was the master of the house. He had finally met his saviour again, he thought to himself.He stared at the man in a brown suit in front of him as he connected it to the picture his master had given him. Not to mention that he had been a little young then, he h
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Chapter Four: Little bratty Miss
The following morning, one of the home keepers knocked at Richard's room to inform him that Mr. Rodriguez needed his attention in his office.He nodded his head, rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower, and hurriedly got dressed.Then, he followed the staff out of the room and unto the long hallway that was illuminated by different light bulbs overhead.As he walked down the hallway, he kept stealing short glances at his reflection in the mirrors that there lined up in the hallway.Soon, he got to Mr. Rodriguez’s office.Mr. Rodriguez was seated at the head of a large brown mahogany table. There were several open files in front of him and he rested his head on the palm of his right hand.“You woke up late. Is that a habit or something new?” Mr. Rodriguez shot, not raising his face to look at him.Richard nodded. “No. It isn’t an habit. I was awake long before the messenger came for me” He lied as he returned the stare at Mr. Rodriguez.As a big boss, Richard was already used to wa
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Chapter Five: Taking The Exams
Mr. Rodriguez shook his head in amusement after his daughter left the office, with her friend going after her.He had expected that exact reaction from her. His daughter wasn’t someone that easily gave in to the desires of other people. She had always wanted things to be done her way.He gave Richard a calm and embarrassed smile. “Well, I need you to overlook that unnecessary outburst from my daughter, please.” He pointed a finger at the door absentmindedly. She’ll come around somehow to the idea of having a personal security guard. She has no other choice than to succumb to the plan” Her father said with a grave voice.Richard, on the other hand, was more intrigued by how she spoke to her father with as much disrespect as she could gather. She told her father that she needed to have a normal life and that having personal security personnel would stand in the way of enjoying life as a normal person.He pondered over her personality and told himself that he actually had loads of wor
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Chapter Six: Overestimating capabilities
Since he had insisted on taking the exams, James who felt he was overestimating his abilities allowed him, after all, this was the last batch of admission, if he didn’t do well, he could still get them to add his name there. Richard was registered successfully for the entrance exams and was slated to take his papers the Wednesday of the following week.Upon hearing that he was going to be in her class so he could protect, Elise felt like she could accept such a situation after all, he wouldn’t have to interact with her outside being classmates.More importantly, he was also attractive which meant that if he wasn’t dressed like a bodyguard, she wouldn’t mind being seen with him. Yet, the moment she heard that he was planning to take the exams, she sneered in mockery, “does he think that our capital universities are something that he can just come and take and get into?” She asked her father before they both laughed about it. “He’s just overestimating his capabilities. I’ll make sure
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Chapter Seven: Disrespected
“This is the young boy you saved then?” Mrs Rodriguez asked as she looked at Richard with a dubious expression. Unlike the last two times he had been here, Richard had taken something from his own wardrobe and looked every bit stunning that Susan almost felt like she was looking at some supreme boss. ‘Was this really just some bodyguard for her daughter?’Unlike James who had been born into a humble background, Susan had been born as the last child into a family of long standing wealth. Although James was wealthy in his own right, she still constantly felt like she had married below her status because of the rough patch her family had gone through back then. “He was only a small boy then, but he’s all grown now.” James said with a chuckle, completely oblivious to his wife’s averseness to the young man. Richard also played the ignorant card and sat down by the far end of the seat. She nodded subconsciously as she felt like it was good that he knew his place at the very least. For
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Chapter Eight: School
Richard looked at the whole school that was bursting with activity. Since the last time he had been at his savior’s place for dinner, he hadn’t heard a word again and so even when he ought to have resumed there first, he had decided to come here first. “Are you really going to do this? There’s no point of getting some low level degree again with your accomplishments.” Niko said with dissatisfaction. Besides, he didn’t see the point of Richard repaying the debt by his own self.“If he didn’t sacrifice all that pain to climb the mountain top with another person for me back in that year, I would have died there. Not meeting master or even you.” “One must show appreciation to people that do deserve it. If they refuse this time, then I’ll step back and repay him some other way.” Seeing how resolute he was, Niko nodded and didn’t say anything. Although they had a very good view of the school from here, they were parked on the other side and some distance away from there. “So what would
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Chapter Nine
The mother and daughter pair were stunned the moment they realized that the reason why there was so much crowd was because of Richard. “Just from his charisma, you can already tell that he’s some noble man, I really can’t wait to know his identity.” “Do you think he would take the title of the school prince from Justin?” A second year asked rather loudly making a certain kind of calm do descend in the open space. “We still don’t know who he is.” Another girl mumbled, her voice however, was audible enough in the just quiet room. “Tsk. You people are so ignorant. Just some silly pretty boy can have you all acting like little kids with no knowledge of anything. If he’s someone we should know, we would know by now.” One of the third year student, Helene, said. It was no secret that Helene, one of the top socialite miss in the capital was interested in Justin. At first, the young girl had kept quiet but the moment she saw that he was affecting Justin’s prestige, she had attacked immedi
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Chapter Ten: School Prince or School Pauper
Are you already at the office?” Richard asks Niko through the ear buds that were connected to his phone as he walked out of the school. To anyone looking, from afar, they would hardly see anything as the buds were designed to be his skin color exactly and had no other trade mark. It made it easier to communicate with all the people around him this way. “Hmmm, your team is always better like always, everything has been set up.” Niko, who was currently looking at the new headquarters they had set up with a satisfied smile replied. He had his reservations about them moving the Country X headquarters to their capital. Since they started the company, the major thing they used to do was set up in a place with less bustle because he made it a point of developing places with lesser opportunities. Richard had however insisted on it coming here and since they were going to be here for the next few years, they could just develop it alongside. The both of them started to discuss some of the
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