The Son-in-law they never wanted

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The Son-in-law they never wanted

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"Just three years" He told his parents, "I'll avenge your unjustly deaths." *** *** After his parents' death, Ryan was went into hiding, changed his identity, getting married into a family that hates and ridicule him every chance. Much to their anger, he doesn't work, looks ugly and is poor. He is going to make them grovel on their knees and that time is now! Nobody knows, he's the son of Galvani, owner of the first ranking Company in the country.


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At the Cemetery
Ryan walked down the narrow path that lead to his parents, a sad smile on his face. The place is silent as usual, only a few people here and there, so he can talk to his parents as much as he wants without anyone eavesdropping. Just like the 21st of everyday, he had snuck out of the house to come here.Ryan stood in front of his parent's tomb, the designed tiles very neat, little colourful flowers grew around tomb. It's been three years now, three years since they were laid to rest and was made an orphan in the blink of an eye. Ryan set a bouquet chrysanthemum flower on his mother's grave and a bouquet of lily flowers on his father's. Both of them were buried side by side, not surviving an intended accident where only he manage to survive from, unscathed. He knew his parents death weren't exactly an accident, he could still remember the look on his mother's face as she gripped his arms three years ago, a small smile playing at her lips when she saw the blood on his body wasn't
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Ryan alighted the boss and hurried into the hospital. He met Alina in the visiting area, pacing around angrily. He swallowed and paused when her eyes caught his, the anger more evident in her eyes. Three years ago, Alina was forced to marry Ryan. She doesn't mind that he is stinkingly poor, she has her own money and can do whatever she wants but the fact that she can't boast of him to the world makes her really angry. Ryan isn't ready to work for money, he is perfectly content with doing house chores and idling away at home. Instead, she's the one that takes care of everything that is money related, including feeding, calling plumbers, changing furnitures and no matter what she tells him, Ryan wasn't ready to change. As the head of the family, their own family, he is supposed to work or find means to earn money for the family. Alina constantly thanks heaven that both of them haven't had children yet, else it'd be more than she can endure. She had on countless situatio
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We can't lose her
Grandma Joan stared at Ryan angrily, "Are you wishing for me to die?!" She half yelled. "Calm down mother, just ignore him." Mrs Bruce sys soothingly. "I've never felt this good since I felt sick and you're wishing for me to die? How dare you?" "Who's the doctor here? Huh?" The Doctor snaps, "if I wasn't so sure of the acupuncture and how I did them, do you think I should recommend it?" ",I can't believe you." Alina whispered harshly, ", Didn't I warn you not to say anything when we enter." "If it isn't harmful to your health, I wouldn't speak up." Ryan explains to Grandma Joan. "And he is still here, claiming his right. He has no respect whatsoever." Aunt Sasha says, still glaring at him. "Are you trying to prove a point here because you are the odd one out amongst them and don't deserve to be with the family?" Uncle Jeffery asks smugly. He had immediately hated Ryan the day he set foot in the family house and was even more angry when he married his cousin. He had a perf
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Please help
*** *** ***Mrs Bruce's face contorted with anger as she heard the doctor say the name, Ryan. "What did you just say?" she asked for good measure.The doctor kept his head down as she asked him, embarrassed that he had to resort to this. Not once in his life had he ever administered the wrong acupuncture treatment to a patient. Even worse, he doesn't even know where he went wrong so he can't devise a solution either.Alina on the other hand was just as puzzled as the others in the room as she didn't know much about his medical prowess either. Ryan has always been lazy with everything so she never expected a well-renowned doctor to acknowledge him or advise that he should be asked for help. She was puzzled but chose to keep her mouth shut as this isn't a bad situation either."Cat got your tongue?" Jeffery asked."Speak up, doctor!" Sasha yelled. "We are losing grandma with every passing second."The doctor let out a heavy sigh as his shoulders slumped. "I think you should call that g
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Please leave
*** *** *** It was just like a miracle to everyone seated. Grandma, whose pulse had weakened significantly and her skin had already begun to become pale, was now breathing steadily and healthily even though she hasn't regained her consciousness yet. Her skin even became brighter than before and she looked more peaceful and without pain."Wow......" the doctor trailed off, amazed at the incredible healing speed that was taking place right in front of him. In all his years and experience, he has never seen anyone heal as fast as this or even perform the treatment as well as this. It was an amazing sight to behold."I knew you could do it!" Alex praised him, grinning from ear to ear. "I knew you were just putting on a show. You didn't have to scare us like that.""Yeah, that was too extreme. You might be confident enough to bring her back but you almost gave us a heart attack," Susan chimed in and soon the rest of the family joined in praising the doctor for his good work and rebuking h
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*** *** *** "My son," Eleanor's grandfather said again as he stood up from his seat to hug Ryan but he took a few steps back to put distance between them."Don't touch me," he warned."Hey!" Eleanor yelled. "You can't talk to my grandfather like that!""Tell him not to touch me," Ryan replied.Eleanor was about to say something but her grandfather raised his hand, signalling for her to stop talking."It's okay, Eleanor," he said with a weak smile before looking up at Ryan. He stared at him for a few seconds and then bowed. "I'm sorry for my rudeness. I hope you forgive this little transgression of mine."Ryan kept his distance as he still stared at the old man cautiously. "Just don't touch me.""Hey!" Eleanor yelled again. "He just-""Eleanor," her grandfather called. "I said it's okay. I was at fault in the first place."Eleanor begrudgingly kept silent after her granddad's warning. She was still mad at Ryan for being rude to him but she knew she had to respect his wishes."I think
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"Where have you been?" Alina asked as Ryan walked in. She had changed from her earlier outfit into pink bunny-decorated pyjamas and was now sitting cross-legged in an armchair in the living room. "Had to go somewhere," he replied. "Do you need anything?""Isn't it too late to ask that question?" she cocked an eyebrow. "I've been home for almost an hour now. Don't you think I would have gotten anything I needed by myself?""Sorry," he said and walked towards the room slowly as if expecting an order or anything from her."You haven't answered my question?" she said. "Where have you been?" "Someone took me to meet someone else and I was delayed there," he replied. From his reply, Alina already deduced that he doesn't want to reveal information about where he has been, and although she had an irk to prove further, she decided to let it go. Knowing him, she was sure it wasn't anything productive. He might have just been out drinking because of the way he was treated earlier."Go freshen
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More than meets to the eye
Back at the hospital, everyone had left Grandma's side since she was better now, leaving only Mrs Bruce to take care of her. Now that she was better, they were asked by the doctor to give her space to recover. All but one person apart from Mrs Bruce left to let her recover. That person was Alex who followed the doctor out to chat with him."What was that in there?" he asked once they were out. "What was the meaning of the stupid stunt you pulled in there?" "What do you mean?" the doctor asked, genuinely confused. It's been hours since Grandma was treated by Ryan so he didn't think that was the problem."I mean letting that good-for-nothing treat Grandma?" he hissed. "Do you think I am a joke? What did you do that for?" "I didn't do anything," the doctor replied. "That man was better than me in this case and he was the only one who could have saved the old woman. What did you expect me to do?""Find a way yourself!" he hissed."I couldn't find any," the doctor replied. "I didn't even
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*** *** *** "Where are you coming coming from?" Melinda, Alex mother stops him by the door, her hands akimbo. "Not now mum." Alex muttered tiredly, walking past her, fully into the house. "I heard Grandma Joan collapsed." Melinda continue, following closely behind him. "Yes, that's true." "And I also heard you called in the best Doctor." "Yes, that's right mum!!" "Why are you kissing those family ass?" "I am not the only one doing that." Alex retorted, plumping himself on the nearest chair. "I learnt from a professional." "Alex!!" Melinda screamed in horror. "I'm sorry mum, can you just let me be?" "I kiss their ass just so you won't have to and that's exactly what you are doing!" "I like Alina mum, you know that. Why are you stopping me?" "Last I checked, Alina is married." "Not for long..." Alex smirked, "I will make sure of that." "Please tell me it's not what I am thinking." Alex stands instead and disappears into his room without saying a word, th
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*** *** ***"You should drop by the hospital today." Alina said, drinking a cup of coffee as she prepared for work.She is working as a manager in one of her grandfather's company and under her rule, it flourished more than everyone's."The hospital?" Ryan raised an eyebrow, still in his sleeping robe, "Why?" "Because it is your responsibility, especially as Grandma Joan is your patient." "No, she's not my patient. I only helped with the little knowledge I had.""And because it is your job as a son in law." Alina continued, as if Ryan did not just talk."You know how much she doesn't want to see me."Alina smacked her lips together, making her lip stick even, "That never stopped you.""Yes, but...""No butss.... Also, stop by the market and get fruits for grannie.""I don't have money with me.""I left some money on the dressing table in our room.""Does that mean I can move back to the room now?" Ryan asks.Alina glares at him in response and walks out instead. "Bye." She added by
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