The Ultimate Sword break the game system again?!

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The Ultimate Sword break the game system again?!

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The story follows Kaede, a player in a fantasy online game, as she becomes incredibly powerful and starts to break the game with her skills. Along the way, she makes friends with other players such as Yuki, Clover, and Miyuki, and they form a guild together. However, they also face challenges and rivalries, including a confrontation with a dark guild known as the Raven Thorn. Through it all, Kaede learns the importance of choosing her friends wisely and the value of being true to oneself. Despite facing challenges and nerfs to her abilities, she remains determined to continue her adventures in the game world.


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95 chapters
Chapter 1: The birth of the ultimate sword
One night, Kaede Kishimoto sat in front of a new video game box that her friend Yuki Honjou had convinced her to get. The game, Fantasy World Online, was a popular virtual reality massively multiplayer online (VRMMO) game that required a special console to play. Kaede owned the console, but it had been collecting dust in her closet. The thing she bought out on a whim. "I'm not really into playing games, and I always do whatever Yuki says..." The game looks fun though maybe it's not bad to try it out. Kaede sighed as she gazed at the box art of the game. The cover showed several characters holding swords and staff, adorned with a colorful logo that read: Fantasy World Online. A VRMMO game like this was all the rage these days. Even Kaede owned the VR-Dive console required to play them, although she hadn't used it much. In the modern world, Virtual reality has many uses. Like being able to go to a live concert without going out of you’re house. Or experiencing new stuff, especial
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Chapter 2: This seems like cheating
“I was enjoying myself too much?"After the monster's demise. Kaede checks out the results of her level-up.“I got seven more skill points to level up my stats.”With these points, Kaede can say farewell to her zero status. This weird girl Kaede thinks things through thoroughly. Putting her hand on her chin, she contemplates deeply.It is true that she has become strong and attacking monsters with one hit felt good for her.“Hmm… Raising anything but my strength now seems like a waste.”Once spent, there was no getting these points back. Kaede had to make them count.“I made up my mind! I wanted to get stronger and stronger. The strength it is!”All of her gained skill points were then added to her STR, and she set off without a second thought to find another monster to defeat.Name: KaedeLevel: 5HP: 40/40MP: 12/12STR: 130VIT: 0AGI: 0DEX: 0INT: 0Equipements: Novice armor (+10 VIT)Weapon: Novice swordSkills: (Provoke) (Great Defense)Traveling deep in a forest filled with mo
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Chapter 3: Grinding
Continuing what she left yesterday. Kaede logged into the fantasy world online.“Let’s also do our best today! Lets’s go to the forest today too… I also want new skills.”Kaede wasn’t the type who is engrossed in leveling up. But still, she is attracted by the exciting feeling that you get when you gain a new skill. Like filling the collection with new items. This moment was very fun.“I should get skills that will raise my STR mostly right. More STR means more attack power right!”She is very simple-minded but she is not wrong for the most part. STR translates into strength. Raising her STR status sure grants her a powerful attack.With her usually slow walking pace. She went outside of the town.I wonder what should I try doing today.She thought like that, and the first thing that comes t her mind was sensory awareness. If you can be aware of the enemy's presence from the start, there shouldn't be a more convenient thing than that.I should learn it.Kaede seat down on the ground a
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Chapter 4: I want to look cool
“I feel bad for Yuki… She was told by her parents not to play games for a while to study. I wished I could be with her sooner… Fufufufu~ I’ll just enjoy by myself you know.”Just like that, Kaede was about to walk, but she had an idea when she looked around. Looking at the adventurers around her. She notices how fashionable they are. They are all wearing cool-looking equipment.“I-I’m still on beginner's equipment!”She a thin dull clothes and a very weak-looking short sword on her waist.That was it. When she looked around there are high-level players here and there, and those people are wearing good equipment with decorations.“She looked around for those kinds of people for a while and saw a man who equipped a cool large sword on his back.Walking she approached the man and called him.“That sword of yours is cool. Where can I get something as cool looking as that.”The man was in puzzled expression looking around man looked around her surrounding to make sure that Kaede was talkin
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Chapter 5: Poison dragon
Without caring about Kaede’s distress, a very deep violet was shot in Kaede’s direction. With that, the damage from the breath shot by the poisoned dragon passed through further.Every time she receives it was 3 damaged. Kaede's HP had been reduced by ! by the first breath shot. With that logic. It means, if it goes like this, she would surely be killed within 13 shots.Getting one potion bottle she was able to replenish her HP immediately and think for a moment.She indeed has poison resistance, but it’s obvious that it’s not working against the black poison dragon. She has the ring and the meditation skill. But that takes time before it heals Kaede’s HP.While she was in deep thought. The Black poison dragon continuously attacks her with its poison breath. Just like that she continuously endures, and by the time her HP is under 20% left, she has drank a potion.Kaede repeats that method over and over again.The amount of recovery couldn't catch up. Is it that potion running out, or
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Chapter 6: Secret training
Wearing black equipment, sitting on the edge of the fountain. Kaede looks worried. Looking at her status she was worried about her level not rising.The first time she started the game she does level up quickly but as time passed she didn’t level up quickly as she was expected to.Kaede’s level is 18, and the top-level right now is 212 they said. Kaede had no interest in this game, to begin with so she is quite late on starting. If things continue like this the gap will only widen.For that reason, Kaede not having an easy way to level up her AGI was so low, that she couldn’t go to the place where strong monsters are in a short time.“What should I do?”She was staring at the information bulletin board thinking if there was a skill that would be useful.The reason why she is thinking about it seriously right now was because of the announcement by the game staff about an event.Right, after one week. An event will start.The event’s content is point value battle royale. Every participa
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Chapter 7: Rising demon lord
The day has come off the awaited battle event. After waiting for a while on the starting town plaza, participants continuously gathered.In addition, a gigantic screen appeared in the sky. With that, they should be showing interesting players. They will be watched by non-combat characters users and players that had not participated.“Wait no longer! The battle event! battle royale will be started!”From here and there, the noise like “Ohhhh!” echoed. Kaede also raises her fist though she was shy and shouted.There flows an announcement with loud volume.“Well then, the rules will be explained once more! The time limit is three hours. The stage will be a newly created event map! The number of plays defeated and the times being defeated, damage dealt and damage received. Using these criteria points will be computed, and will be ranked! Further, event items will be sent to the top ten players! Please do your best!”After the announcement, the countdown before the teleportation was shown
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Chapter 8: First event ends
There is only one hour remaining within the time limit. After one hour. The battle event will end and all rankings will be decided.Within that nervous situation. An announcer’s voice echoed over the whole battlefield.“Currently in number one place player Kaede! The second is Racer and the third is Blake! In an hour starting now, when the top three are defeated, 30% of the points they gained will be transferred to the player who defeated them. The position of the top three players will be shown in the man! Please do your best until the end!”“Looks very troublesome. But I was disappointed that I’m not the number one.” Racer said who didn’t feel a sense of crisis.“Such pain in the ass… Also, That Kaede girl is taking first place. She must be very strong.” Blake said and yawned.Meanwhile, Kaede smile and reached his ears. She was overjoyed that she became number one in her very first battle event.“I did it! I’m number 1!Kaede was very glad about the things happening to her but the
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Chapter 9: New equipment
The next day.Kaede was currently busy taking notes in front of her computer. She is currently researching better equipment for her character in the game.The money, she reive was a reward. She plans to use it in buying some new equipment just in case she lost the first sword in the battle. The sword is her primary weapon and her lifeline. Without her sword, she can’t do anything. That’s one of her prime and most obvious weaknesses.Sword user build is very popular and common. There are thousands of players using different types of swords. Each sword has its attributes and damage level. Because of its numbers, Kaede has it tough to pick one.“Buying a weapon is an option, but looks like the weapon that required materials are a stronger type. Hunting for materials calls for another adventure… I think it’s going to be fun.”It’s been three months since Fantasy world online was released. Together with that, there will be a large-scale update tomorrow. A few skills and items will be added
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Chapter 10: Friend
“Homework check… Notebook check… lunch box check… Well then… I’m going off!” She wore her uniform and went to school. In these few days, the sunlight had gone stronger and the warm sunshine feels good. It can be said spring has finally come. Kaede’s seat was by the window so if she let her guard down she might fall asleep. If it goes like this, Yuki who was two seats apart will be on a sleeping course in the afternoon class. And while thinking of that, Kaede was walking on the road to school. Kaede’s house is near the school. So she comes to school be a walk. That distance is only five minutes walk. The pleasant wind was blowing, and it is not a bother to walk. Because she didn’t suffer from hay fever, Kaede liked to walk during this season. “Yosh! Let's do our best today~” Passing through the gate, went toward her classroom and she arrived at her seat. After this, she would have started reading books, but when she started Fantasy world online, it was time to think of new skill
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