The key to another world

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The key to another world

By: Eprins OngoingGames

Language: English

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Noah keller, professional player and accused of using hacke in championships and without choices decides to leave and after having disappeared from the game world for five years returns in the launch of a new game Astralis, a virtual reality game where his objective is dominate worlds


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121 chapters
Episode 1
In the middle of an immense forest with trees that bent and formed various shapes with an immense amount of forests and fruits through it there was an explosion in the center of it in an area that was now a desert and with nine people each holding a gun they ran. towards the young man with black green eyes wearing a reddish coral vest under white armor with red and black details that crossed on the back forming a shield being crossed by a scythe "..."A black haired young man wearing a jacket with the same colors as his armor and black jeans sighed while in front of the computer looking at the screen with glazed eyes his fingers seemed to disappear to the young man looking beside him with blond hair and wearing the same clothes he"How can he have such apm" (Noah's team member thought) The young man with a simple and quick movement with dagger in hand defended himself from the swordsman's blow from the opposing team by turning the dagger blade to the side and cutting his neck the
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Episode 2
A week later in a cyber cafe in the middle of several tables with several computers a girl wearing a black skirt with frills and a red shirt written sister number one heard a known female voice coming from behind the counter"Evina Why did you ask for a job?and what is this shirt? ""well that was a gift from noah"The orange-haired woman with green eyes and wearing a yellow leather jacket with grey jeans"your brother has a problem... ""said the woman who owns a cyber cafe who seems to have only the same clothes ""hey I like this combination.'Evina put her hand on her shoulder looking with a smirk" so that's why twenty of the same jackets?"" i will cut your salary "Evina put the tablet with the screen on on the order tab of several customers with higher prices than normal the woman when looking at herself sighing sighing talked" who would say behind a pretty face there was a manipulator "" did you see? You can even withdraw the salary I will earn the necessary only from commi
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Episode 3
"I need to change my nickname"Noah spoke looking at the ground that was so white as to reflect his appearance being completely naked with a strong black light censuring himIn the reflection noah would see his name with gray letters on top of his head"noah keller did you research before you entered the game?The creature that proclaimed itself to be the tutorial spoke when a screen with two options appeared in front of noah[Do you want to skip the tutorial? YES/NO]"no "Noah would talk by clicking on the option not the screen would simply start to undo and disappear from the site" very well "The faceless creature with the gray body would strangle his fingers and a sphere would appear in front of him"Mr. player the first thing you should know and that all worlds are randomly generated and this is done based on your game history".Noah looking at the creature asked"the better I am the harder the world will be?"The creature picked up the sphere, not that it instantly begins to b
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Episode 4
Noah in the middle of several dead goblin bodies with some scratches and teeth marks through the body looked at a system window in front of him[Common Goblin = 10 experience = dead 32 = total experience 320][Experience required for level 1 = 280]"so they are really insignificant apart"Noah was talking tearing off a piece of Goblin's clothing wiping the sword blade he was looking to the side he would see two little goblins would be the size of a dog the two were crying and could not move with fear"Hey little ones"Noah was talking by sticking the sword of the Goblin leader on the Goblin's side with the robust body passing the hand on the Goblin's head with the thin face and that would have a weaker body compared to the other"Don't cry live and learn that in this world it can always happen"Robust body goblin took the sword to the ground striking noahNoah seeing the situation of the scene would see that if he deviated he would hit the other goblin(I can't believe I did that)Noa
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Episode 5
Noah jumped up from the paw attacks of the creature that slowly lost the electricity that enveloped his body"Let's see if you can do this after losing your defense"Noah thought about touching his foot and already jumping back after seeing a small figure of the creature's paw that hit the ground in front of him creating a crater where he hit"You're really not kidding"The creature would roar and all the cracks that were already made in the ground would become holes big enough to cause problems for noah the creature would smile with its dark blue eyes glowing a large amount of rays started to come out of the ground"What a son of a bitch"Noah thought of turning the blade of his sword and jumping up by releasing the handle of the sword for a few seconds making the attack that would be impossible to defend himself hit the blade of the sword making noah receive a small remnant of the attack on his shoulder making black this part of the armorFalling to the ground taking the sword throu
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Episode 6
Andreza an orange-haired woman with green eyes and wearing a yellow leather jacket with gray jeans was glowing with noah's chest"So this is the face of the god of the realm"Andreza spoke by placing both hands on noah's face moving them"You're prettier than I thought""So it's over?"Noah spoke with an inexpressive face looking at the woman in front of him"It's because you're like this?I've been here a lot of times""Plus you were all wearing a mask, you said you didn't want to have this behind you"Evina spoke pointing to andreza who let go of noah's face placing her hand in front of the face looking to the side spoke"I'm not a crazy fan, don't worry"Evina smiles looking at Andreza showing a picture of the room that would be crowded with shadow related things the character of noah"I still don't understand why you're still happy this way I stopped playing professionally five years ago"Noah spoke looking at the screen of his sister's cell phone and in front of him would see andr
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Episode 7
In the middle of a big city in a place where there was a lot of people running away and several people who would be selling almost any kind of item would run out knocking everything down after seeing a girl with orange hair and purple eyes wearing a white long sleeve dress with blue details by her clothes and the drawing of two stems curling up to the end of the sleeve containing two lilies one green and the other red"Get out of here"The girl was walking forward creating a transparent energy dome around her that would expand against a group of killers of players who were wearing the same kind of clothing a chorus armor and a black glued pants with a skull being dared by a video game control"Don't be intimidated she's only one and there are more than thirty of us"When the person who would have the drawing of the skull on his chest different from the others who had it on his leg who would probably be the leader finished speaking a group of seven people beside him would have his head
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Episode 8
In a strange place with walls of ice that contained several strange writings scattered in a random way in the place that contained a huge throne made of marble and covered by a thin layer of ice with a large amount of soldiers made of stones with black blade white weapons in the middle of the hall would have two people a young boy wearing an old cloth suit and holding in his left hand a wooden spear with a piece of red cloth tied between the spear and blade with black blue eyes hair would look at the girl in front of him who would be wearing a somewhat extravagant clothing "How mean to use a high level character with a rookie" Noah spoke smiling by spinning the spear and sticking the tip to the ground "Evil? You practically ended up with an army" Mirian wearing a sea green dress with the drawing of a bear on the cut part that would show one of her legs being with her hands constantly changing the color of the aura around her, with purple hair and orange eyes she strangled her fing
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Episode 9
One night Noah was accompanied by a young girl inside a cyber cafe that was already almost empty and all the tables that were occupied before would now be with only a small group of people in front of them and far away from them there was a woman behind the counter looking discreetly at the two Noah and Miriam who would be passing her hand in her hair curling her blonde hair that would have an orange tone looking at Noah her silly expression and flying disappeared almost becoming another person started to speak "It's not anxiety and just a little problem of mine that isn't of your interest" Noah listening to the girl speak changing the tone of her voice and look that seemed from a passionate teenager to a sad look and that would have just glimpsed a strong glow that simply disappeared with only one question "just tell me the flavor... " "Then it looks like I'll have to beat you again." Mirian who would be picking up her wallet looking at Noah "Wait what?" "Beat you again,
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Episode 10
In front of the house the huge orc looked infuriated Noah with a smirk smiling with his head raised to the orc standing still holding the sword he had stolen from one of the half wolves "Unknown creature if you give me the secret of your powers I will let live" "So you think I'm just like him? I'm just an ordinary human being". Noah spoke by passing his hand in his hair and showing the skin of his arm "saw I'd have lighter skin if I were him" The orc's gray skin became even lighter by staying in the gray tone his body mass diminished a few centimeters and his fingers that would have been cut off returned to normal by sticking his foot on the ground looking contemptuously at Noah talked "Then die a worthless creature" The orc was talking by hitting the ground where Noah would be seven times creating several holes in the ground plus when the dust was gone Noah was standing in the same place from the beginning with his hands in his pants pocket keeping his smug smile raised the
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