Beneath the Rubble

“Chris, sir?” A man knocked on the door.


“Y-yes, sir.”

“C’mon in.” The man opened the door.


Chris shot him a dirty look.

“...Chris,” the man corrected himself.

“Get on with it, Clark.” Chris raised an eyebrow.

“W-well Chris,” Clark stammered.

“Before we came the other night to investigate the Labs, we set up cameras.”

Chris sat up a bit.


Clark handed him a camera.

“Well, this...this isn’t one of our men.”

As Chris pressed play, his eyes widened.

“Is that...”


A man wandered the rubble whistling, swinging his keys.

“Yeesh.” He sighed as he kicked a tiny piece of the ruin.

“Glad I wasn’t on shift during this shitstorm.”

The man suddenly froze. He looked around cautiously. There’s no way.

Before the man could take another step, something grabbed at his leg. Startled, the man dropped his k

JJ Dizz

A vital character debuts!!

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