Bonus Story 6 - True Strength

As Kari and Tammy arrived at the park the next day, a whistle blew.

“You two are late!” A voice exclaimed.

“Eh!?” Tammy cried.

“You said to get here by nine, and we did just that!” She frowned.

“Yeah, I even got up earlier than usual…” Kari muttered, wiping her eye.

“Well, you were two minutes late!” Rick exclaimed, trying to hide a smirk.

“Anyways, welcome to Mr. Summers’ training camp, girls!” He beamed.

Maru tugged on Rick’s shirt.

“Rick, I don’t have to do this, right…?” She whimpered.

“Of course not, silly!” He laughed.

“Just sit back and relax,” he assured, petting her head.

“Now then!” Rick blew the whistle.

“Ten jumping jacks, go!” He instructed.

“That’s not so bad…!” Tammy giggled, as the two did th

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